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Jon Stewart is hosting Ron Paul on Monday. What will he ask him?

Jon Stewart has said Ron Paul hasn't been given his fair share of coverage by the media. On Monday he is hosting the GOP candidate on 'The Daily Show.' And there is lots to talk about.

Jon Stewart has accused the media of unfairly ignoring GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul – and now the host of "The Daily Show” is putting his airtime where his mouth is. The inevitable meet-up is occurring: Stewart will host Rep. Paul on his Monday show.

What’s Stewart going to ask him? We think a couple of questions are dead locks. First, Stewart’s mentioned several times Paul’s contention that a border fence with Mexico might be used to keep Americans in, as well as illegal immigrants out. Don’t be surprised if Stewart tries to figure out what the heck Paul means by that. We can hear it already: “So congressman, you’re saying that US workers might flee south for jobs in the booming Latin American lawn care sector?”


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Same stuff he asked last

Same stuff he asked last time...

Racist Privatized Prison System

Another poster asked about Ron Paul position, and I did a search, and found very little, and not enough to come to any conclusion about Ron Paul's position. Here in California, some small towns have 4 or five prisons. A entire community can be made up of people who work for a prison and others who are there becaue it's to be close to the person in the prison.

In addition, California has more prisons than colleges.

So I'm curious, if Ron Paul was to be our next president, what would he do about the private prison industry? I would hope he would eliminate it, as he suggests to end the war on drugs, and legalize choice, so non-victim crimes won't need prison.

hey, are we doing the sign wave in SF on Tue or Thur?

waiting for your meetup announcement so I can plan other things (for myself)


sonoma meetup.. making signs, santa rosa jr college, oct 1st for sign wave. I'm in Mendo.

Ron should keep it simple,

Ron should keep it simple, stay on message and not be afraid to ask for donations.