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My email to Sean Hannity

Dear Sean,

In your recent post-debate interview with Ron Paul, you "called him out" with a hypothetical question regarding whether or not we could have stopped Adolph Hitler and NAZI Germany had we not been "isolationist" prior to World War II. I feel I can tell you this because both my wife and I are handicapped and NAZI Germany carried out extermination of the handicapped with an even greater zeal than that of the Jewish people. http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/focus/disabilities/

The US was anything but "isolationist" prior to World War II. Although we were not a member of the League of Nations, we were thoroughly involved in the Far East, actually having US gunboats patrolling the rivers in China. It wasn't US "isolationism" that encouraged Hitler, it was "international appeasement". TIME magazine actually named Adolph Hitler "Man of the Year" in 1938, as he, England's Neville Chamberlain, France's Edouard Daladier and Mussolini carved up Europe into each's "spheres of influence". This occurred again in 1945 when FDR and Churchill appeased Josef Stalin at Yalta. Today, we appease Israel by recognizing borders created as a result of a war they started in 1967. No excuses, Sean, right is right and by every measure our unquestioned support for Israel is appeasement of aggression. Just as the Versailles Treaty set Europe up for World War II our "nation building" and "special relationship with Israel" is setting us up for World War III. Both Israel and ourselves would be better served in letting Israel and her neighbors work out their differences. That is neither "isolationism" nor "appeasement," that is the wisdom of history.

[Thank you all for your kind words; Ron Paul is a hero for all of his great accomplishments, which dwarf anything I could accomplish in several dozen lifetimes. However, I am really inspired by another post and may I suggest it be our mantra? "I am Ron Paul."

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You have a way with words

You have a way with words Bob-45. I envy the way you presented your argument, incredibly informed, articulate, educational.

No doubt Hannity's ego won't allow him to recognise this. But nicely done anyway!


While you were addressing "Isolationism"...

... I would like to add a few other comments about the rise of Hitler.

You have mentioned the Treaty of Versailles, without which Hitler would have gone nowhere. I recommend others interested in this to do some reading on who financed Hitler. He did not run this from a tin cup on his street corners speeches for very long. Remember that war is what enriches the central banks, who live off of government indebtedness and nothing creates that quicker and deeper than war. As soon as Hitler was recognized as a lunatic by the central banksters, they began contributing to him financially. Other elites, like Henry Ford and Joe Kennedy also supported him, saying that Hitler would bring prosperity due to his ability to run the economy (a ridiculous claim, no central planning has ever worked, then or now).

Probably more important than this was FDR breaking his 1932 campaign pledges, one of which was to maintain the gold standard. By outlawing private gold ownership here, but allowing foreign banks to trade U S paper notes for gold, every paper "dollar" that went outside the U S was redeemed for gold. Hitler used this effectively.

More poor U S policies in defiance of the Constitution and of the laws of common sense understood clearly by the American founders 150 years previously, having a central bank and outlawing true money, enabled the blowback known as World War II.

BTW, the "Coinage Act of 1792" outlawed debasement of money (meaning gold or silver). The penalty for this was "death". Yet the mechanism by which the Federal Reserve operates IS the debasement of our money. FDR should be included with them as the worst of villains. Some say that he led us during wartime, but it would be more accurate to say that he led us INTO war.

Excellent. Gives Hannity a


Gives Hannity a history lesson that he probably didn't learn in our Dept of Education run schools.

Or if he went to private school he was more than likely absent the day this subject was covered.

What else would explain his total ignorance of how and why we get ourselves into so many wars?




Ron Paul? Is that you?? lol..


WOW. LOVED this letter. It is

WOW. LOVED this letter. It is so totally terrific!

bump for excellent info

bump for excellent info