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Ron Paul wins the election. Then What?

Lets fast forward too Ron Pauls inauguration, he gives his speech orders the troops home drastically weakens the fed and then what? Can he fire everybody in the DOE, or IRS or any of the other unconstitutional, unlawful, unhealthy government agencies?

Are we going to elect hundreds of liberty congressmen and dozens of liberty senators, so that the federal government can save us? I said that to say this, from what I understand philosophically ron paul and most of us are for government that is from the bottom up, or local first. SO my question is what are we doing at the local level to change stuff. If we believe that government should be from the bottom up then we should as best we can change it from the bottom up. That said I dont think government is meant to manage us at all, so when I say change government from the bottom up I mean shrink government from the bottom up.

For instance one of our biggest complaints is how much money the federal government spends, but lets be honest your local school board probably spends tens of millions of dollars a year. In fact in every state it is the number one expense. How difficult would it be for us as individuals to get together in a meetup or in our local churches and find people that are absolutely disgusted with the school system and get several of them together to run for every seat on the school board? If a majority wins then it will take a couple of weeks to get the system from red to black and cut out fifty percent of the expense and not take anymore money or mandates from the FED gov or State gov.

Another example would be what if we could get our guys to run for sheriff all of this country? who would then arrest tsa agents for several charges of possessing child pornography from the body scanners and or charges for groping people?

Or maybe get into some of the county councils and get rid of the red light cameras and add a couple of seconds to the yellow light to reduce accidents.

What I am trying to say is this, if Ron Paul wins (and chances are good) the best we can hope for with just that is a four year stop gap for stupidity from all the bills he vetos. But if we add in a lot of local government rejecting big government and top down government (particularly with our guy in the white house vetoing anything that the other top down government guys send up to keep it that away) Things would get better a lot faster. In military terms we would be flanking our enemies. Ron Paul on one side as president, us on the other side as school board members, sheriffs, county council members, etc reducing the side of government.

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Here's the to do list for the 2012 Senate elections.

Not a keeper in the bunch.

4.1 Democrats/Independents retiring (6 seats)
4.1.1 Joe Lieberman of Connecticut (Independent)
4.1.2 Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
4.1.3 Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico
4.1.4 Kent Conrad of North Dakota
4.1.5 Jim Webb of Virginia
4.1.6 Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
4.2 Democrats/Independents seeking re-election (17 seats)
4.2.1 Dianne Feinstein of California
4.2.2 Tom Carper of Delaware
4.2.3 Bill Nelson of Florida
4.2.4 Ben Cardin of Maryland
4.2.5 Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
4.2.6 Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota
4.2.7 Claire McCaskill of Missouri
4.2.8 Jon Tester of Montana
4.2.9 Ben Nelson of Nebraska
4.2.10 Bob Menendez of New Jersey
4.2.11 Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
4.2.12 Sherrod Brown of Ohio
4.2.13 Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania
4.2.14 Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island
4.2.15 Bernie Sanders of Vermont (Independent)
4.2.16 Maria Cantwell of Washington
4.2.17 Joe Manchin of West Virginia
4.3 Republicans retiring (2 seats)
4.3.1 Jon Kyl of Arizona
4.3.2 Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas
4.4 Republicans seeking re-election (8 seats)
4.4.1 Richard Lugar of Indiana
4.4.2 Olympia Snowe of Maine
4.4.3 Scott Brown of Massachusetts
4.4.4 Roger Wicker of Mississippi
4.4.5 Dean Heller of Nevada
4.4.6 Bob Corker of Tennessee
4.4.7 Orrin Hatch of Utah
4.4.8 John Barrasso of Wyoming

Free includes debt-free!

If RP actually wins the

If RP actually wins the election, I think a lot of his supporters will be much more willing to step forward on other issues. After all, an RP win requires an electorate very different than a Romney win.

Much of what is holding RP back, is the belief, even amongst many of his supporters, that he represents a distinct minority. That most of America is hopelessly lost in admiration for the snake oil salesmen, who have been putting together win after win for a century or more.

If RP wins, it will be a wakeup call even to his supporters. Many of whom will get bolder, both at the national and local level. Just think about the impact of a Paul win, on the prospects for congressional seats for other Paul like candidates going forward.

Locally, we would also benefit from the removal of what is currently the major pain point in people's lives, the Feds. Assuming RP is, just for argument, able to abolish the income tax at the federal level. This will make the contrast, between 0% state tax New Hampshire and 10% tax Massachusetts, relatively much more significant than if a 25% federal tax is added to both. Which will put added pressure on the overtaxing states to shape up. Pressure that will then filter down to localities.

A similar effect will become evident with the removal of federal education standards, via abolishing of the DOE. Left to their own devices, states and localities will be forced to perform, if they want anyone with options to come there with their children.

Initially, I suspect the biggest effect on states and localities of a smaller Federal Government, will be very much a race to the bottom in terms of public expenditure and taxation. There is simply so much waste and graft to cut, and competition between states and localities will put that into stark relief. Anyone who wants to attract profitable business, will simply have to stop leaching so heavily off of them.

But then, once the dust settles, I do believe there will be plenty of room for localities with a stronger focus on public vs. private, and on the common vs. the individually owned. Once competition has shown how things can be done efficiently, there are likely enough people, particularly highly productive people, who prefer living in more communal, and less starkly individualistic, communities, and who are willing (and absent the enormous drag the Feds represent, much more able) to afford the possible loss of ultimate efficiency that may go along with community rules and institutions they consider more just.

For, while it is obvious that the Federal Leviathan is nothing but an inhuman oppressor to those preferring to be left alone above all else; it is also true that by imposing a set of "solutions" so egregiously bad, the Leviathan also gives an unnecessarily bad name to goals and aspirations, that may not by themselves seem so bad to many; if only they were gone about in a less corrupted manner.

Then What?

His secret service protection must be hand picked and identify Mossad as a domestic enemy.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Answer for what he can do as president

1. Re-write all federal regulations to be compliant with the constitution.
2. Bring the troops home, no declared war then no troops abroad.
3. Bring back competing currencies, meaning gold and silver coinage per the Kennedy executive order
4. Rescind all unconstitutional and other executive orders that are not in the spirit of the constitution.
5. Weed out the waste and misuse of funds in SS, Medicare, DoD, etc.

He can do all that without congress and more. Then he can start working with congress for other major changes.


I saw this a while back here on DP and I've been pasting it every time this question comes up here or elsewhere...

How will he get rid of the departments???

He will just stop sending them money. It's as simple as that! Cause we are broke and the government can't afford to pay for those departments. The QE#(Quantitative Easing) Bills will be vetoed, and so will all bills to bail out the government so the government will have to cut spending. When it cuts spending then they will have to cut down on the departments.

Ron Paul is the Front Runner, We are not giving up, Go and give a donation to show he's the Front Runner!

That's when the real work begins

Ron Paul will not be able to bring about most of these changes on his own as president. He will probably appoint a cabinet of like-minded individuals that will work toward reducing departments to their constitutional limits (which may include elimination of the entire department in the cases of Energy, Education, and Homeland Security). He could probably undo a number of executive orders almost immediately and at least bring troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

As much as he would like to, he would not be able to abolish the FED or the IRS. To do that, he will need a like-minded majority in the House and Senate. Same thing goes for all our military bases around the world. It will require holding their feet to the fire and making sure that if they aren't going along with the freedom agenda that they lose the next election. I watched an interview that Congressman Joe Walsh gave on our PBS station a while back. He sounded great at the beginning and then the subject turned to Israel and he became completely unhinged. I'm sorry, but last I checked that picture of the Knesset on Wikipedia lacks a 51-star U.S. flag.

Drain the swamp!

Its a 3 step plan

First we educate the people to understand that government is evil (6 years)

Then we change all local representatives (schools, local government, police etc. etc. (6 years)

Then we reduce government at both local, state and federal level to its correct size (6 years)

And there you have it, the 6-6-6 plan!


Then we somehow try and build him a Tony Stark Iron Man suit. Because I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of the status quo that aren't going to like the sound of Dr. No's veto gavel ringing from sea to shining sea..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

It is just a start

If people think that if or when Ron Paul is elected to the presidency that everything will magically be made right then they are sadly mistaken. If anything people should by now have learned to be actively engaged in their local and state government before they engage in a national government.

A good question to ask individuals that you come across in political conversation is if they voted for or know their local or state representatives.

Another question to ask others or yourself is if you do not vote for your local or state representatives then what right do you have voting for a national one. Isn't just voting for the presidency of the United State and not your local/state representatives the same as voting for an elected king or dictator?

Why is it people think that the president is the savior or blame all for the solutions to their problems? What would the founders think of you just voting for the presidency?

hope for the best

Agreed, but

I agree with you totally - people need to get engaged in voting for local and state representatives more. They are the ones making the laws.

However, I disagree that Ron Paul (or any other president that truly wants to change things) can't do much because congress sucks. He can do quite a bit actually.

First - he can talk to the people during state of the union and tell them that both sides basically are working against the nation and that they need to be voted out. People tend to listen to the president and POTUS going out on TV and saying something like this would have a great effect I believe.

Second - if I am not mistaken, all these bills need to be signed by the president. Therefore this president can simply refuse to sign any bill that contains funding for FDA, DOE, DEA, EPA, TSA or any other alphabet agency. He doesn't need to abolish them, just "starve them to death".

Imagine This!

Ron Paul Gets elected. Do you think that the powers that be or people that are effect will sit on their hands? No they will not and they will fight very hard to discredit the liberty movement!

Ron Paul's presidency starts to pull people that are dependent on government off its tit. These people will not be happy to be pulled off the tit that feeds them an will kick and scream to be put back on. They might even cause some problems to be put back on it.

Ron Paul disengages in the Middle East.

The powers that be will not be happy. They might through media manipulation,congressional pressure, and manufactured events will try and or succeed to get the congress clowns to declare general war in the mid east. Not impossible.

Will this not put The Ron Paul's presidency's back against the wall?

Ron Paul getting elect will not be a cake walk of liberties ideals. It will be a start to a fight that you should be prepared for.

Do not get discouraged by this but understand it and be able to deal with it!

hope for the best


thats why I am suggesting to give them more things to think about.

But How?

I recently looked into running for State Representative of our district until I found out how much they make. $18,000. After paid expenses, maybe $30,000. How am I supposed to live off that? They said I'm supposed to have a part time job. What business is going to hire me and let me off for the several months during session and any other committees I get on? This is what is wrong with the system. I don't see how anyone outside of the rich, or someone supported by big business can run for office. That's why those types are usually our only choices. How does someone like me, who would like to run for office and change my government at the local level, manage to do so?

Hey, we are not meant to

Hey, we are not meant to change the system.

the phrase to describe it is:

"pressure from above and pressure from below"

In this case, it must be us liberty lovers doing the pressing.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.