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The most annoying taxes

Hello everybody! What are the most annoying taxes you're paying in you country, besides the income-tax? I'm from the promised land of high taxation, Finland in northern Europe and here's my top 5:

1. Inheritance tax
2. Tax on transfer of real estate (1,4-4%)
3. Gas-tax (about 4$/gallon)
4. Car-tax (>20% on the salesprice)
5. VAT (8-23%)

The we of course have real estate tax (0,4-1,5%) but I'm not paying it for the moment. And let's not forget the TV tax of about 200€ a year, I'm not paying that either.

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Ad valorem (personal property) taxes

Talk about a stupid tax. After paying a sales tax for a vehicle, in most states the cost of tags is based on a percentage of the "fair market value" of a vehicle. If you are going to have a tax, why not base it on vehicle weight, as that largely determines road wear?
Unlike most libertarians, I oppose tolls, as this is a very inefficient way to collect revenue, as the resulting congestion pollutes the air and wastes fuel.

However, I am more interested in cutting spending. Why not start with pensions for elected officials?