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Straw polls sure are important unless Ron Paul wins them

I know that Florida is trying to vie to be an early primary state...but Cains win is on every front page news source on the internet...so looks like straw polls are really important unless your name is Ron Paul...also remember how important national polls were before Ron Paul was polling 3rd?

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If you google search...

'California straw poll ron paul' you get 3,700,000 results

if you search ' florida straw poll cain' you only get 1,500,000

seems like Ron has it on this.

i don't think that's how it works.

1.5m results in less than 5 hours. try looking at it in 7 days for a proper comparison. I bet the #'s will be different by next saturday.


I was just coming to the DP to post this exact thread you already started. Just look at drudge at 8:13pm CST. 4 articles on Cain's win and the one that says b/c of this Perry is going to crash and burn. If I recall Paul's straw poll win in CA was larger than Cains yet no talk of it. A 4 year old can smell the bias. Just lovely.