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Good move by the campaign

On the day of an over politicized straw poll, the Ron Paul presidential campaign made the conscience decision to play a smaller role in the Florida Straw Poll, and it worked perfectly.

Perry lost, and the alleged "third place candidate" Bachmann, was in dead last with 1.2%.

Instead Dr. Paul was at a sold out auditorium, riling up college students, the constituency that was responsible for getting Obama elected in the first place. Whenever I witness the subtle mind games the MSM plays against our guy I get really frustrated. Although sometimes I feel that there blatant bias is working against them.

Today was a great day for the campaign.

+1 JB

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I missed the memo on this one

What happened and why is Florida suddenly "unimportant"?


"made the conscience decision" should be "made the CONSCIOUS decision" and "I feel that there blatant bias..." should be "I feel THEIR blatant bias..."

And you thought you had seen the last of your English teacher ;-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Politico is reporting Cains win. Straw polls are only important if Ron doesn't win. So fed up with their shit.

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I agree, it was a good move indeed! It would have been a waste

of his time to have stayed in FL. It's true Herman Cain won and Rick Santorum placed higher than he usually does, but they were the only one's there! (Gingrich and Huntsman don't poll high anyway). Bachmann, Perry and Romney were not there. So four out of the 8 didn't consider it worth their time and effort.


Politico typo: Ron Paul in 4th Place ahead of Santorum :)


Never thought this would happen in our favor

Sweet! Milk it for all its

Sweet! Milk it for all its worth. Heh,heh, take that Santorum!

at LSU on Friday not Sat


The Cain win was not good for the campaign

Ron Paul just said in the Thursday night debate that he was probably in third place, so what happens? Cain wins and is now perceived nationally to be in third place behind Romney and Perry.

The media is pushing Cain to take the third RINO place with the only objective to displace Ron Paul in the race. Make no mistake about this win, it is calculated against Ron Paul.



Cain wins a straw poll in Florida, Ron wins one in California. They're good organizational events, nothing more. If anything Perry lost out bad on this one, because he was tooting his horn about how it's really important and that he wanted to win it.

Now he's lost it, it's backfired.

He would have been better off going with a cautious approach like Ron did in Iowa.

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I don't think winning this one straw poll makes Herman Cain

suddenly take 3rd place nationally. By the way, a lot of these counties only had a few delegates there, like 5 or 6.


do what? Herman Cain??? This

do what? Herman Cain??? This guy is like the bizarro republican version of Al Sharpton. I mean, please?! Cain? He's the black, male version of Sarah Palin!! How in the HELL are people voting for some douche like that guy??? This nation is sunk.

It's a straw poll

Not the general election.

Glad to hear

the campaign made use of the time and place and had a great day!

I think Ron Paul will inform the people on Cain when the time is right, no doubts.

The Cain win is a great monkey wrench for us

it makes the establishment have to scramble. Now the establishment may push Cain for a bit, and simply don't know who to put their weight behind now. If not a Paul win, a Cain win was our second best option in my opinion. This at least let's us know that Florida sees through Romney and Perry, and is actually using their brains slightly better than most. Cain really can be seen as non establishment by the folks down there, eventhough we all know differently. We need to educate people on Cains Federal Reserve job, that's all. Not everyone knows the Fed is nonfed, so I say this is definitely positive, not the results we want, but I would say still in our favor.

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Wasn't that rally yesterday

Wasn't that rally yesterday on Friday and the poll on Saturday?

you are correct

ppl keep posting that RP was at LSU "today" (Sat) but he was there on Friday.

Cain win is neutral for Paul

A Perry or Romney win would have hurt Paul - a Cain win (while not as good as a Paul win) is still fairly neutral - it still leaves the field open.

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It WAS a good move

Dr Paul was at an auditorium rallying the folks that are the backbone of the Liberty movement, young people. With the loopy rules for Florida's straw poll, you knew Dr Paul would be at a disadvantage. He probably knew this as well which is why he went where he could get his core supporters rallied.

Thomas M. Gallion

at LSU on Friday not Sat


We actually WON Louisiana

We actually WON Louisiana last time. There was voter fraud. There is a huge base there and growing exponentially. MUCH better for him, and he opened another HQ there and 800 more came, so he surely did the right thing..