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Looking forward to the Daily Show Monday

Hey I know that I am a bit disappointed with the FL straw poll results today, but just think - RP didn't even speak there today and still got 10% of the rich party-line old person vote. Let's keep focusing on spreading the message of freedom. Push hard to get everyone in your sphere to watch the Daily Show Monday. I think it will be a great and positive interview...perhaps one of the best of the year. Don't be discouraged, we are the tortose...slow and steady wins the race! 1250 showing up to see RP at LSU isn't half bad either! =)

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First Daily Show since the debate last Thursday


Jon Stewart will spend the first 10 minutes covering the debate, and possibly the second half as well (based on past episodes). Ron Paul having done nothing but look good over the weekend, will be walking into a Ronpaulothon on Mondays Daily Show.


yeah, RP was amazing with the

yeah, RP was amazing with the 4.5 minutes he had. Very, very good. I only wish that he explained the bust-boom cycle. Many don't understand, and he saying that the Fed causes it is not enough. He needed to explain why and how the fed actions cause the bust-boom cycles, etc...