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The Ron Paul 9-9-9 Plan

Today, in Florida, Herman "9-9-9" Cain won the P5 straw poll.

To give our congratulations, r3volutionary-style, let's unveil the Ron Paul 9-9-9 personal pLan pizza. The only pan pizzas made with a big dash of "L"ove.

Thank you!
Thank you for your generous donation!
Amount: $99.90
Transaction ID: 310029021
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-24 20:33:58

My 9-9-9 personal pLan pizza is to contribute $99.90 to the campaign every day from tonight (seen above) to September 30th. That'll be just shy of $700 over 7 days.

So, make it $0.99, $9.99, $99.90. Whatever you can afford, that's YOUR 9-9-9 personal pLan pizza. Make it fun, every day. And let's make our campaign look really good during this End of Quarter Push.

To unleash your 9-9-9 personal pLan pizzas, go to:


And if you've already reached the maximum contribution limits, or just want to eat somwhere else (or both places), go to:


At R3voLutionPAC, your personal pLan pizza can also include toppings of $9,999 and/or $99,999...etc. No limits on toppings there.

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Day 2 - I wasn't kidding!

Thank you!
Thank you for your generous donation!
Amount: $99.90
Transaction ID: 310072803
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-25 10:13:17

That's there is funny, I

That's there is funny, I don't care who ya are..

Cain needs to go back to making pizzas or the fed

Let ron help us get our REPUBLIC BACK.

I am done playing nice.

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Debbie's picture

Great plan - I like it!!

This should go front and center!


Ron's 999 plan

I think Ron's 999 plan would go something like...

repeal 999 regulations
repeal 999 tax codes
remove 999 lobbyist

That would be a good start.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

Ya..or he can practice his

Ya..or he can practice his German..
Patriot Act- NEIN
Federal Reserve-NEIN

How about, we give Ron Paul

How about, we give Ron Paul $9.99 for every time that Herman Cain says "9-9-9" in the next debate.

Now there is a plan I can get

Now there is a plan I can get behind. :)The campaign really needs money by Sept 30th and I had no idea what you were going to say when I first read this but this is GREAT! :)


the Ron Paul none none none plan.
-It's "none" of my business what you.
- Its "none" of your business what somebody else does.
- Its "none" of our business what the rest of the world does.

just leave them alone..

Live free or DIE!

I don't think he feels like

I don't think he feels like he would not censure someone who was doing bad things in another country. I think he would try to talk to them. Just sayin'.

I like it



great work

The only one we can trust ~ http://youtu.be/ohKz9OeiI0g
Database of Ron Paul resources: http://bit.ly/qLXMjc
"Ron Paul, you either love him, or you don't understand him!"


Let's hope others catch on to this.