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The fear of the unknown

The fear of the unknown drives many to seek safety and security in the status quo. That we have the status quo, have had for many years, and that many are unemployed, lost a great deal of their wealth, and fear collapse of the world economic system seems to escape many. That many of the GOP candidates are proposing new versions of the status quo with a little tweak here and there, a new constitutional amendment to ban something or other, a new “contract with America” cause the last one fixed nothing, or a new tax scheme that will not pass the Congress, also seems to appeal to some. The only appeal must be for those who can't say, “been there, done that.”

It's not that Congressman Paul's common sense ideas are unknown, it's that any common sense ideas are unknown and feared.

There is one thing that is well understood in American politics and isn't doubted, Ron Paul supporters stand firm in their support and the media, other politicians, political operatives, and even many other Americans simply can't understand that.

It is good for Ron Paul supporters to continue to attempt to help people understand liberty, the Constitution, and personal freedom, for god knows these are extreme ideas that are difficult to comprehend. Equally important is that all who support these concepts and know we are on the wrong course should make it clear their fundamental resolve.

I want to go to bed one night in America with a president who believes in, not just talks about, liberty and individual rights and the Constitution of the United States rather than the rule of one man. One man who declares “We are ..Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming The United States of America”. What he didn't say is “Whether you like it or not. Whether it is constitutional or not.”

I understand the need for the Republican party to try to produce a candidate that can get elected and preserve the establishment power structure. That is their right. Mine is to vote for the candidate that I believe best represents me regardless of the Republican party choice and I live in a write-in state. Voting any other way, regardless of party, is a “wasted vote.” That is integrity and a tough concept for most politicians. This is my appeal to the entrenched power elite of the Republican party to abandon the approach that lost the last election. My vote is already decided.