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10 Year Old Girl Battles Reporters to Interview Ron Paul

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Two things beautifully displayed...

(1) Ron's commitment to "everyone" having a voice and (2) that little girl's PERSISTENCE!

And the fact she was sooooooo patient and polite also speaks to her parents' decorum as well :-)

Simply adorable


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

the question she asked was weird...

then again she's a 10 year old being instructed from a piece of paper to ask quest...

hmmm hey that reminds me of CNN.


That was beautiful.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

That was pretty cute

He kept on wanting to goto her but the stupid reporters kept butting in

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Notice that warm, ...

polite and sweet smile at 1:40...and at 1:50, she was jumping a bit as saying: "My turn, my turn please...". Then finally it was...

This video made me smile. Thanks for sharing the warm fuzzies...

"My arm is so sore," she said

as she finished holding up her microphone and walked away after asking her question!

My reaction to RP's answer to the little girl

I wept.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

"Here we go. What do you gotta say?"

I like how he asked her for her question. Kind of treated her like a grown up for a second, but in an encouraging kind of way.

How precious!

How precious!

does anyone notice she is

does anyone notice she is holding a huckabee paper that she is reading off of? lol

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

She's not reading off of it.

She's just holding a Huckabee handout. She has a pencil and notepad that she is reading off of.

Regardless of her parent's intent, which we don't know, Ron Paul turned the question into a home run answer about undeclared wars.

Fox news

Got plenty of time during the debate to ask questions to RP.

This really choked me up..and a little child shall lead them..

so sweet. Thanks to the good doc for taking her question..priceless!

Wow, did you see that ***** shove the girl in the beginning?

What the hell!! Find out who that is and tell her ass she needs to quit the business!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

As for the rest.. that girl is not as important as the other reporters I'm sorry, McCain and Romney were arguing who did you agree with? Silly question, she could have had a question about child labor laws now that would have been interesting!!

But its cute to see that and she will probably become a reporter haha!

What the hell? Do you know

What the hell? Do you know how hard it is to put an answer like his to a 10-year old? It's hard enough speaking to fully "mature", supposedly rational-thinking individuals!

I thought his answer to her might have used a little finesse, but her question? Silly?

What do you remember doing in 5th grade that wasn't "silly", wise guy? Who knows why she was there, what she was supposed to ask, or who put her up to it, or whatever...it doesn't matter.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

Im a wise guy?

Her question was silly and she wasn't "fighting" anyone.. she is a very young otu of place girl who from the vieo it looks like her mother is trying to help her build confidence and create good memories. The question was a dumb one, and thats my opinion. I used to be a daycare counselor for kindergardeners, i know all about kids. And just because i have this opinion doesn't make me some kind of evil person.

I already caleld out that wench in the beginning who pushed the girl back. I still think the question was silly, her mom clearly made it for hher but you never know.

na na na na na na

Okay, how do you know which

Okay, how do you know which of these short Q&A interviews made it out and that in entire lenght? You can't predict any of that ahead of time, therefore even the little girl can be an importen chance to promote Ron's message.

Child labor regulations would be only interesting to her if she would been there for profit - which unlikely at her age. Hack, as long as children in that age aren't hit with theses regulations they usually not aware of them either. The question of war, as her question indicates, was far more relvant to her at that momment. Who is to blaim her if she faces the risk of having an older brother, sister or parent shipped overseas to fight it.

And you anwser such a question with respect for several reason, the first a good mannors, second is to prove these by conduct, third is if your message is boycotted by the tradional media you got to use any chance to get it out to the people. This video reappeared after 4-5 years now on DP and had ~9200 views in the meantime. 9200 chances to get someone to support Dr. Paul. So that where 30 sec well spend.

10 years old in 08, 14 years old in 12....

she will be able to vote for Ron Paul for his second term!

2008? 2007?

We need more video/photos of Dr. Paul with kids. They're always great.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

very real . . .

very good, imo.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What's the point of the video?

I think it is trying to make RP look bad by waiting so long to answer the girl's question. Lol! At least he did take her question, and it's not like he wasn't being hounded by reporters.

I disagree

Don't think so - he was just being polite and answering to the fox reporter first, as she grabbed him first. And if it was an attempt to "make RP look bad" then whoever did that is an idiot because all you need is to clip off the first couple of minutes and go straight to the little girl's question and you have a great video of RP.

What I'm referring to is...

the very end of the video where it says "Mariam waiting 4:07 minutes before she finally got to ask her question." What's the point of that statement?

lol, i love her comment at

lol, i love her comment at the end

This could be a great lesson!!!!

I've not seen this clip before, but Ron's answer to the girl sure made me think about how he answers questions.
The general public are as dumb as a hammer...there's a very good chance that they just don't UNDERSTAND Ron's points, and that's why he lags in polls that we here on DP feel he kicked ass and was the clear winner. I suggest that Dr. Paul answer ALL questions from here on out as though he was speaking to a 10 year old. The other night in Orlando, for instance, his question was about the 10th Amendment...I seriouly doubt that 100 people in that live audience has ANY CLUE what the 10th is all about!!! He could have used his speaking time to be the teacher...the father-figure...and kindly educating the audience on what they're missing by being ignorant of their freedoms. Reagan did the father-figure role extremely well...as the elder statesman in the running, perhaps RP could wear those shoes as well!!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


Except that people are not naturally dumb, they have been dumbed down by government 'education' and propaganda.

Agreed, I'd bet RP would had raked in & zoom up more in the....

polls if he'd elaborate more on all these talking points on items like the 10th, Austrian School, etc in layman's, everyday (dumb) man's terms..

She's so cute....what a darling.

"Aawww...my arm is so sore"

Super sweet!

Super sweet!

"it's hard to be free, but when it works it sure is worth it." ~Janis Joplin

What a sweet moment!

Ron seemed so eager to let her speak. Priceless and heartwarming!