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Weekend Meditation: Home … of the brave,

… Just Come.


sliding home … safe/out?


Another Day In America


- A Poem by Whitney Albright


You look at me each day of your life
And remember the men who sacrifice

I am what you make of me, nothing more
Yes, I’ve been to distant shores
I’ve been worn as a soldier’s cape
And I’ve been worn as a soldier’s drape
Wherever there’s honor, look to me
With your hand on your heart in the land of the free

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A Question of Morality by John V. Walsh

"The question must be asked, what is to be done by the antiwar Left? This question may be put in a variety of ways. The Left often acknowledges its obligation to those in developing countries, people of color over the planet whose standard of living and life itself is held back by the depredations of the U.S. Empire. If the Left acknowledges such a primary obligation, does it not need to support an antiwar candidate like Paul when there is no other around? Look at Libya with thousands killed by NATO bombing and the infrastructure of the African country with the highest Human Development Index being systematically destroyed. It is a war that is undeclared by Congress, therefore in violation of the Constitution and thus an impeachable action. Or Iraq where a million have been killed and four million displaced. Paul takes an unequivocal stance to stop this killing. How can the Left justify withholding its support for him?"


Braving The Day