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Should I join the Airforce or remain jobless?

I am 26, have a BA degree, and was working a little while in the hospitality industry for a while until it got too expensive to live on my own, with student loans/car payments. So I had to move back in with my parents and now having a very difficult time finding a job in my area, and it doesn't pay well. So my parents are pressuring me to join the Air Force so I can get rid of my student loan debt, car payments easily, and have a career path with job benefits, and not dead end like the ones I had before. I really don't want to join the military, but it seems like I have no other options and I am a burden on my parents. My degree is in History, but I went to Culinary School afterwards because I couldn't find a job with my History degree and Culinary was something I always wanted to do, but the wage is really low and I can't move out of my parents house or pay my loans back. I would very much appreciate it if you guys can help me out with this with advice. Thanks.

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I would fight for my country

But you don't need to join the military to do that. I would rather be homeless than join the military and be at the mercy of this government. If your homeless, at least you are more free. Just my take on it. :)

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My mother forbade me to join the military

She was not strict about anything else. Don't give yourself to those unnatural men, with machine hearts and machine minds. If you don't like being a debt slave, you're really not going to like being a slave slave. I like the start your own business idea. Maybe you can cater (weddings?)or make meals for people in their homes. Some people have made fortunes just by making salad dressings in their kitchens and selling it to gourmet shops. I know the government likes to step on the entrepreneurial spirit so do some research before you start. What kind of people live around you? Old folks? Deliver dinner to them. Young folks? Midnight food cart. Yuppies? Cook their dinner parties in their homes for them. Maybe you can get your parents to join in the business (doughnut shop?).
How about selling your car and getting a job on a cruise ship? That gets you out of your parents' house and lets you see the world. You could work in the kitchen or somewhere else.
My friend started her own pet sitting business and she was really scare to do it. What if no one wanted her service? What if her phone didn't ring? I told her to have faith, people a lot less intelligent and organized than she had succeded. So she did it. And her business was a success. So many people do not have the courage to open their own business. Have faith in your ability to make something from nothing. It's been done for centuries.
Good luck!!!!!

Drive a truck. Working on my

Drive a truck. Working on my second year. You get to see the country, and have an understanding that when crap hits the fan, there are plenty of places to go. Plus, all I do all day is listen to political podcasts, and enjoy the scenery. You'll make better money and won't be owned by the government. I just quit and now am doing local work. Got to see all but 4 states. Whenever news happens you get to say hey I've been there! Plus, you won't be using stolen money, and if you speak out you're not going to get killed in some made up way by the military. Look at Bradley Manning. Do you really want to be in that hero's shoes? A lot of companies will pay for you to grt your cdl as long as you commit fo work for them for a year. I did all my crap with swift. It also affords you opportunities to talk liberty on the CB radio. More truckers understand liberty, probably because we get harassed constantly by the gang called govt, and well, trucking is freedom!

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

AF isn't like the other

AF isn't like the other branches, they ask people who wants to deploy where i am at. It's not that bad, but not great. I don't know what they mean pay off your student debts cause the military doesn't pay that well. The one thing i found I didn't like was all the idiots in charge. People right out of high school that joined up and don't have any common sense will be in charge of you. And they are scared to make a decision on a lot of issues for fear of getting a talking too... Benefits that are good, 30 days off a year and all the federal holidays plus CTO days off from the commander. Averaging about 45 days off a year.

You want a job

You like to cook and you need money. Well here is something simple that could maybe pan into larger things. Cook something like breakfast tacos or tamales, and drive around to the local bars anytime after 12 and cater to a hungry drunk. I am a musician and gig for a living. I see two guys do this at the bars I play in. One sells beef jerky and the other sells tamales and they make a pretty good amount of money at night. It might sustain life, it might not, but its an idea! .

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul

You want a job

You like to cook and you need money. Well here is something simple that could maybe pan into larger things. Cook something like breakfast tacos or tamales, and drive around to the local bars anytime after 12 and cater to a hungry drunk. I am a musician and gig for a living. I see two guys do this at the bars I play in. One sells beef jerky and the other sells tamales and they make a pretty good amount of money at night. It might sustain life, it might not, but its an idea! .

"Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security." - Dr. Ron Paul

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I hope you

labor all your pain and struggles to the one person in the world who can help you. It's worth your time for sure.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

Remain jobless

that's just the way i see it, our government today does not appreciate our returning vets and sending them to fight for the powerful elite bankers of the world under the guise of the UNITED NATIONS ,so no i would not recommend anyone joining our military today

Go Navy

But seriously, if you re going to join, take a good look at the Navy. You may find they have more opportunities available. As to whether or not you should join at all, let your conscience be your guide.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Depends on the job.

Cooks don't intentionally kill anybody. I pulled 22 years, get a great retirement, but I got out after barely stomaching George Herbert Walker Bush and I could not have honorably served the last three. That will change when Ron Paul becomes POTUS.

Spend 10 minutes previewing your new career

Watch this: your Air Force in action.

Many people here have commented on the practical pros and cons of a career in the Air Force. I'd like to suggest that a "career" which consists of murdering people (or supporting those who do the active murdering in some other capacity) is not worth considering, if you value your own moral opinion of yourself. I make no apologies to any active service folk who read this: you are not defending your country; you're serving corrupt politicians and war profiteers to the DETRIMENT of your country.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Seems like good idea..

Multiple benefits: Serving the nation, learning important life-skills, loan-payment taken care of...etc

And to top it, donate to Dr Paul's campaign so our war-chest with active duty military climbs up even higher! :)

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why was this post getting

why was this post getting down voted?

Get your CDL. A lot of

Get your CDL. A lot of companies will pay you to train and work for them. I had to bite the bullet and drive OTR. Jobs for truck drivers are a dime a dozen..and u wont have rent to pay. I've been drivin for a year, and will soon have the experience to get a local job, home every night, and not a bad salary either. I am close to graduating college, but put it on hold cuz the major im going for has a dry industry right now. Plus, trucking is cool, you get to see the country. Don't give you life, and your soul for that matter, to the state.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

No, find out what you are good at and create your own business

Hell no... unless you like expierimental vaccines, and serving the New World Order, this is not your grandfathers military.I would live in a ditch and eat out of a garbage can before I would serve, but thats just me.

Who wants to get yelled at?

Giving kicks to some drill instructors so they can feel good about themselves? ie. because someone gave them the gears when they were coming up. Doctors get the same crap and no one wonder a bunch turn out the way they do lol

People should only be yelled when they really screw up imo.

Adults should behave like adults to each other. I almost did join but that recruiter gave me really bad vibes.

Can't tell you what to do but I did not volunteer.

Yeah, things are more boring but you can play weekend warrior if you still want.

I do have a suggesion, learn Mandarin. I am thinking about it.


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Hazing builds character

but there is a difference between yelling at someone for no reason and properly hazing a group of people to come closer together. The yelling and discipline thing is used replace bad habits with good habits but it is mostly theater. Real hazing is all mental; the main goal is to bring the younger class closer together by pitting them against their instructors. It's more or less a big game.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

don't serve the State

uhh...goodluck with that college degree...

If you got the culinary thing, then find a restaurant. if you gotta move, MOVE. get the job.

I'm 25/college dropout. I stuck with my job over the years and make a decent wage now. I make more than the college grads I know. (though I admit I need to move up soon to compete long term, but I'm looking beyond just having a "career"). but the college grads I know can't get good jobs.

youtube: peter schiff college

Start your own restaurant! clearly your community doesn't have good ones if they aren't hiring.

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

Would you get that much of a

Would you get that much of a sign up bonus for joining the Air Force?
I have heard recruiting quotas have been more than met because the economy is bad. So the bonus may be smaller than it used to be.
Would it really put that much of a dent in your student loans?
It seems your main motivation for joining is for financial reasons.
Run the numbers, and research, research, research before you sign up.
Also my father was in the armed services for many years. He was trained in his field of choice, and much to his surprise after training was completed they stuck him in another field that he was not trained in. They stick you wherever they want is my point.
Remember recruiters are like used car salesmen they promise you a lot of things some pan out some don't.
Another possibility is to marry a foreigner for cash, or start a medical marijuana dispensary out of the basement. With your culinary skills I bet you could make some mean weed brownies. j/k :)

I was an Air Force brat

and I couldn't do the yes sir no sir salute stuff but I do admire people that serve.

Dude there's so much opportunity here. Advertize your services. Just an inexpensive classified ad will bring in work. Craiglst ads are free. Look at Gary Johnson -he started a handyman business an built it into 1000 employees.
Yellow Page ads will bring in more work than you can handle.
If you're in a two horse town move - the west is much better than the common weath east. Best of Luck Bro!! The streets are still lined with gold. -it's so easy to provide a better product or service than sheep...

Real estate is the buy of a lifetime right now if you can put together investors.

Take some time to envision a path forward. Persist when you find something to commit to and believe in

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Hell No! Don't Go, Ryno! And you don't have to remain

jobless either. You have more choices than that. So pick yourself up, get out there and do what you want to do. The money will come - things work out the way they are supposed to. Stop setting yourself up for failure and you will succeed.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. - Anon.


Yours is the best post in response to this dilemma, in my humble opinion. Couldn't have said it better..thumbs up.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I wouldn't trust it...

The problem with joining any of the Military services is that even if you are a well-intended person, you are always under their orders, and they might either assign you do terrible things, or make you stay silent while others do terrible things.

If you follow your conscience like Bradley Manning and become a whistleblower, you can have your whole life ruined.

In the last 10 years we've even seen the individual State-by-State National Guard kids be thrusted into Military Combat situations overseas, and be used as cannon fodder (when they were supposed to only be used for domestic peaceful purposes).

So you take a big personal risk signing-up for these fascist World-wide terror outfits (wrapped in a big flag). You are not protecting The U.S., or the Constitution -- you are protecting David Rockefeller, the Rothschilds (Bankers), the Bush dynasty, and the real planners of 9/11.

I think Cindy Sheehan's son (Casey) signed-up for the same reason: promised education and job benefits. He started out as a Humvee mechanic (which would seem like a safe place), but yet was sent to Iraq and killed.

I don't think you can trust anything the Military of this Country says or does.

Ever since WWII this Country has become the very thing that we fought to defeat.

Ryno.t -

Unfortunately, this question can only be answered by you, because at the end of the day, you don't want to blame anyone but yourself or give credit to anyone but yourself pending the results. I wanted to join since I was 13. I even remember trolling the USMC website and telling my dad one day, "I'm going to join the Marines when I get older!" The response I got in return was, "No, you're not.." in a concerned stern expression. After I graduated, I was working in a box factory, if you can believe that, and I HATED it! I had a serious 3 year relationship going with my high school sweetheart whom I was absolutely crazy about spending the rest of my life with and yet, I felt so miserable and unfulfilled at the same time. At my girl's family get together another year later, I again mentioned how I really wanted to join the Marine Corps. I was shot down with so much negativity, I immediately regretted opening my mouth. With it constantly in the back of my mind, over the following months, I eventually had to decide, risk losing the woman I love and possibly, quite literally my life, or live with the shame and regret of not doing something and wondering where I would be had I done what I so passionately wanted to do for myself. I decided I couldn't live with myself if I didn't and if me and my girl were truly meant to be together, it would work out in the end. Needless to say, it was the hardest, most hurtful experience I have ever gone through and my girl (now my wife) would agree, but I don't have to live with a "what if" scenario for the rest of my life. And in the end, even if things don't go according to plan (and they won't) and as long as goals are set and one makes it a priority to achieve them one way or another by living up to their expectations, then there won't be any regrets. It was the worst 4 years of my life, but worth every second of it and I don't regret having served. I'm happy where I ended up and can now only imagine where I might be if I hadn't joined and it's a scary picture. The decision is yours that you will have to live with. Sorry about the novel I just wrote, but figured It might help sharing my experience in making the decision. Good luck with whatever path you choose.


If I could go back...

I would have chosen an NROTC program instead of enlisted. But in any case I'd join the Navy again. I enjoyed my service. My brother was in the Air Force. Deployed to Egypt once, but spent most of his time in South Dakota.

One of my good friends was furious when his son joined the Marine Corps, and didn't even demand a school or anything. Man, how time flies. He's home already after finishing multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a Purple Heart, but no disability, except anger. I don't think the VA is providing the mental health services men returning from combat are entitled to.

I'm pro service. If my daughter (only 6 now) decides she wants to join the service, I'll be totally supportive.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

This is kind of an old post...

I thought you might have already served your time in the Air Force by now...:)

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey

Upon reading this post..

I have taken several views from comments and put them into a neutral minded perspective.

Having served in the Marine Corps infantry as a rifleman from 2007-2011,
1.) I'm a killer/murderer who must be 'whacked' out in the head.
2.) I am in fact not considered a Christian by God because I served in our military.
3.) I'm a libertarian sellout to the military industrial complex.
4.) America should in fact have no military AT ALL because war is evil.

Don't get me wrong there were a few neutral and pro joining Air Force comments but for the most part, I had to stop reading because the posts were so bad.. I mean, we judge Grinch, Romney, and Santorum followers and call them misinformed, sheeple, and zombies etc. But let me just say, having read this blog about an issue concerning our military/foreign policy, it's no F ING wonder we have to CONSTANTLY defend Ron Paul's foreign policy stance to everyone and their mothers! Come on, now. It should not be considered a dishonor to ANYONE wanting to join the military unless their intentions are to go destroy human beings in foreign countries. Not every job pertains to sending bullets down range into foreign national's body cavities. Am I a little messed up in the head? Sure. Have I seen and done some things I prefer I hadn't? Absolutely. War is evil and ugly and I happened to choose a job that PERSONALLY partnered me with it. I can honestly say I have lost about 70% of my soul. With the 30% I have left, I dedicate to God (not Satan which is what one post suggested), my family, and now Ron Paul and the fight to restore America. And guess what.. 30/30 % is 100% and as long as I'm giving it my all, to tell someone not to join our nations military and fear mongering them with mostly propaganda is just as bad as the treatment we receive from the other candidates and the MSM and what I took from that comment is the faith of Ron Paul getting the nomination does not exist in a lot of Ron Paul supporters' mentality. If the military hadn't given lengthen skin, I'd be offended and hurt right now. I'd feel like an outcast for what I considered honorable (fighting to protect the Marine to the left and right of me's life). The fact is, America needs a military. The problem isn't the troops, soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc.. It's the abusive military industrial complex and it's leaders who have hijacked our military and a history of weak presidents who have allowed it to happen. I don't know if I'm the only veteran who has felt this way after reading the posts in here, but I have a feeling many would agree. ..*cricket, cricket* ..RON PAUL 2012!!


Murder is a Sin

You know, thou shalt not kill. I am convinced through my study of history that early Christians were killed because they would not join the Roman armies. It was only until Constantine, when the Roman state and Christianity merged, that Christians changed their minds and said "Hey, killing is A-freaking OK now." This was a subversion of the Christian Church IMHO and it goes on till this day.

The blood lust that is evident in our churches and the fear mongering that goes on is proof to me that they are in league with Satan.

Now, Jesus said "do not cast stones". I don't know you and I don't know what you went through. However, if you killed in a foreign land, you know if it was self defense or not. I suspect that it was not being that we are engaged in aggressive wars. Even if you did murder people, you can be forgiven by God if you understand the truth. Regardless of what I said in my previous post, that is between you and Your God. I, as a Christian, must not stand in judgement of you as only God can do that. So, I am not casting any stones your way. This is just a discussion and I am offering what I personally believe.

I really feel sorry for those that serve in these aggressive wars because their souls are being lost. All human life is precious, regardless of faith, race, or creed. We are the children of God.

you do know the bible says

you do know the bible says thou shall not murder... killing is different. if some cracked out drug addict is going to murder you in an alley and you have a knife and kill him protecting yourself that is not a sin.


Everytime I read one of these 'should I join the military' posts, the comments disgust me.