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Should I join the Airforce or remain jobless?

I am 26, have a BA degree, and was working a little while in the hospitality industry for a while until it got too expensive to live on my own, with student loans/car payments. So I had to move back in with my parents and now having a very difficult time finding a job in my area, and it doesn't pay well. So my parents are pressuring me to join the Air Force so I can get rid of my student loan debt, car payments easily, and have a career path with job benefits, and not dead end like the ones I had before. I really don't want to join the military, but it seems like I have no other options and I am a burden on my parents. My degree is in History, but I went to Culinary School afterwards because I couldn't find a job with my History degree and Culinary was something I always wanted to do, but the wage is really low and I can't move out of my parents house or pay my loans back. I would very much appreciate it if you guys can help me out with this with advice. Thanks.

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you should join the air force

the amerikan air force has the power and ability to kill and incinerate people at long remote distance and spread the contagion of amerikan hegemony and imperialism around the globe at the expense of the tax payers. You too can be a part of that wonderful team.

Go for it.

Blow some pashtuns and heathen islamics to bits! Your countrymen will thank you for it!

pay your bills!

hyper-inflation isn't here yet. when ron paul is president, it may not happen. there are ways of consolidating your obligations into a single monthly payment. ask your parents. try your best to find some crap job (fast food) or mow lawns in the neighborhood. anything that will help you pay the piper. plus, it is the right thing to do to pay your bills. whether you agree with who loaned it to you or not.

Barter your labor, resell items on craigslist or ebay.

Or trade them for food or something you need.

Free includes debt-free!

Moving to North Dakota would

Moving to North Dakota would be too expensive and far, since I live in Florida. If I were to get a job there, the pay wouldn't be enough to live on, and pay my debts off. Don't know anyone there so that would not be realistic.


War is a racket.

Why be a part of it?

If you join the military

you lose you civil rights don't you? Think about it.

I'm confused about the issue

I'm confused about the issue of my student loans and other debts. A lot of you have commented that I should concentrate on paying it off, but if hyperinflation is supposed to come, wouldn't I just be wasting my money? Should I borrow more money for school since it's just going to wipe it out anyway? Please help me understand this, thanks.


Debt-Free = More Options, Less Risk

Being debt-free means less risk, more flexibility. If you didn't have debt payments, you probably wouldn't have had to move back in with your parents.

On hyperinflation: if you have to take a wheelbarrow of cash to the store to buy a loaf of bread, do you really think you'll be able to make your car payment?

You are presuming that hyperinflation will help.

It only helps the government and it's sanctioned counterfeiting cartel.

And those that have/keep their jobs. You can pay with cheep money, IF you can get cheap money.

Raise a garden or some chickens that's employment A pig east kitchen wastes and makes bacon, yum. My wife's grandparents kept a cow in Dearborn, MI during the 1930s Depression. My dad grows bushels of figs in mid-Michigan.

You have proven yourself capable of earning a BA by learning an arbitrary set of ideas. Now can you learn to survive and even prosper?

I believe you can.

Free includes debt-free!

Also, I don't really know

Also, I don't really know anything about starting a business, since my degree is in History and not business or finance. So if I tried being uneducated in that field, I'm sure the likely hood it would fail.


They didn't teach you anything in college

They didn't teach you anything in college, you paid them for the opportunity to learn.

You have proven your ability to learn. The library and the Internet are great tools.

Free includes debt-free!

I knew you wouldnt be able to get in.

The military these days can be very very picky. Its not like the days when me and bob 45 were in. I remember my first tour was a wespac aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

It was the early 90's peace time it was more like McHales navy. I remember one drunken riot in the Phillipines where the crew thru the whole shore patrol overboard when they were trying to enforce a curfew and I also remenber them retaliating with nightclubs and billy sticks. They were ordered to hit you over the head if you resisted arrest.

These riots were quit common and usually only resulted in a serious ass chewing by the skipper.Those days are over. If you join the service now you better sh#t tiffany tulops.

I remember also nearly every recruit went AWOL at least once.Nowadays they have these kids wound up so tight one drinking incident and your gone.I also talked to a kid that was in Army Intel and he told me he gets drug test every few weeks and every time they go on leave. Gosh I could never survive the service these days.

That sucks you couldnt join

The older you are, the harder it becomes to qualify. I actually was gonna try getting into the national guard and found theres a few things that disqualify me now. You have a history degree, why not try getting a job at a science center or natural history museum? That would be something right up your alley and you would probably enjoy it. You could do something like give tours or schedule events such as schools coming to visit and whatnot.

That is a decision that you alone will have to make.

But to make that decision you need to be informed that as a member of the military you will be instructed to kill other human beings, also known as the enemy. This seems obvious, but many who joined for college credit, didn't really realize what this meant. It does leave an impression on your soul or mind, if you will.

If you don't have a problem with that, and you are willing to work hard, and take direction, then a life in the military, can give you a lot. Discipline, honor, integrity, teamwork, leadership to name a few.

But you say that you don't want to join, well many days, I don't want to go to work either.

That's why they call it work and not play.

I am not trying to convince you one way or the other, but just expressing my opinion.

Head to North Dakota for the oil boom.

Truck drivers making $3-4k week. McDonalds starts @ $16hr. Go work it hard for 2 years, buy lots of G&S, change your life forever. Google it!

My Plan 'C'

I don't want to encourage you to do anything illegal, but it might help you come up with some good ideas to here my plan 'C'.

The hardest, most expensive and most frustrating part of running a business today is complying with laws and regulations. While considering various ideas to support myself if I lost my job and was unable to find another, I realized that an "illegal" business would have an instant advantage over any other. I also had just finished watching a movie about Ghandi who had done just this with salt, clothing, etc. Thinking along these lines, I decided that if things became desperate, I would start baking bread and selling it door to door.

A commercial bread oven can be had for less than $500. This oven can bake around 50 loaves at once. The ingredients for bread (as you probably know from culinary school) are simple and relatively cheap. All that is really needed is flour and a one time purchase of yeast to get started, plus butcher's paper and tape or maybe plastic bags to wrap it in. A few hours work each morning will yield amazingly fresh, delicious bread for very little cost. Since there is little overhead, I could actually undercut the local super markets while providing a better product delivered right to the customer's door. Gas isn't an issue if you walk or bike. I think selling 50 loaves at $2 each netted around $120 per day (~$2,600 /mo. or $31,200/yr with weekends off) - tax free ;) Baking and selling more will yield more profit, as will finding ways to reduce costs such as buying ingredients in bulk, getting a better rate for electricity or charging more.

This style of business would also give me a chance to talk with my customers about the onerous cost of government and the advantages of freedom. I may lose some people if I bring this sort of thing up, but not too many. Most people don't really care for the government these days.

Remember, this is a last resort sort of thing. If I were to actually do this and get caught, I would certainly face stiff fines and possibly jail time. I think that's acceptable if the alternative is being homeless, but otherwise I do things within the law.

The point is, don't worry too much. There are always options. You just have to think of them. :)

You might want to do some research

IN most states/counties any food for sale must be prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen. That takes your $500 start up cost and adds, oh, a quarter mil.

Do your research. You might not have a plan but a pipe dream.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

That is such an excellent

That is such an excellent idea, thank you for posting this. It's so so simple and easy....which led me to think of this...

Family members of mine have talked about the days back when the milk man used to deliver fresh milk...back before the government got its greedy hands in the pasteurized milking business, Americans were delivered fresh milk from local farms in a glass bottle full of fresh creamy raw milk.

Selling raw milk today is akin to selling pot. You may as well be some kind of criminal to the government....

But fresh bread can not be homoginized....

How about a "Daily Fresh Bread," delivery company?

That is essentially what your "underground," operation is.

OMG, quick...someone call the DHS. This guy is selling fresh baked BREAD without a permit!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Bread baking is a huge hobby

Bread baking is a huge hobby of mine, and was thinking about doing this. Glad you mentioned this. In fact I think I am better at the baking and pastry than the culinary side. In culinary we were required to take a baking and pastry class, which was my best class, I aced in. I was thinking about going back to get my baking degree, but the not sure if I should accumulate more debt. I was taught the basics at least.


My sister-in-law

made cakes at home and word of mouth she was quite busy and did this for years. She was self taught with no education, education is overrated. She then got a job with a bakery where she works now.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Why go to school? Baking

Why go to school? Baking isn't that hard. I'm dropped out of college 10 years ago and now earn $80k as a programmer. Maybe I'd earn more if I had finished, but it's more likely that I would be replaced with someone who had less experience and was therefore cheaper.

School is an okay way to learn something you don't know. If you know how to do something, get a job doing it or start your own business. That's what I did

Start your own business. If

Start your own business.

If you join the military, you will get a lot of vaccines, along with the anthrax vaccine.

When I graduated from high school, I joined the Marines...and then wished I had joined the Air Force for various reasons. The Fly Boys get the best of the best.

With a college degree in history (which is what I have) you can become an officer.

But are the risks worth the rewards from Uncle Sam?

After I earned my degree in history, I was faced with the option of going for my Master's degree, or finding a job.

I found a decent job, making $11.50 an hour with health benefits and vacation time. I liked the job, but it was still difficult to save any money.

So instead of taking out a giant loan to go back to school, which did not guarantee me anything at a cost of over $30,000....I decided to open my own business.

Either way I was going to blow at least another $30 grand, so I said to myself, "why not?"

Ironically, I was 26 at the time. My mom and dad kicked me out when I was 24, thank God!

Now I'm 32, and financially independent.

If you can make a better sub than Subway, or produce a better pizza than Pizza Hut, it's not too difficult to find your niche in the food business.

I have a Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Tim Horton's, and Subway restaurant all within a 5 minute walking distance from my shop.

It's not hard to manufacture a better product than the junk those businesses produce above.

Keep it simple, and be unique. I'm serious when I say this....I based my business on the simple concept of a ham sandwich. Why? Because I could not find a simple ham sandwich that was not premade 5 days ago sitting on a shelf at some gas station.

I was not the only one thinking the same thing.....

The RISK you take now will be well worth the reward if you succeed. And if you do not succeed, it is your own fault and nobody elses....

But the RISK you take with Uncle Sam is different. You are literally risking your own life.

America needs more small businesses! We literally drive this economy....about 80% of it.

Of course people will say, "this is the worst God aweful time to open a business."

It doesn't matter if you produce a better product!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

ADD? Had I been placed in

ADD? Had I been placed in the wrong school system, I too would have probably been diagnosed with ADD.

After I got out of the military, I switched my major 6 times!!!

Meteorology, Geology, Elementary Education, Dietetics, Political Science, and I finally settled on History because it was the only subject that could embrace a little bit of everything to hold my attention span.

And now that I run my own business, there are SOOO many things going on at one time....and I love it. There's so much to do, every day is a different kind of day.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Join the Coast Guard

If the next President isn't Ron Paul and our Military is sent overseas to fight another unconstitutional war, you'll be stateside the entire time.

I have been in the Coast Guard for over 13 years and have yet to go to war. Although it all depends on your specialty if you'll be fighting another senseless war back here at home....the "War On Drugs". I.E. We fall under Homeland Security now.

But since you have worked and enjoyed the Culinary field, you will most likely become an FS which stands for Food Services Technician. They deal with cooking, prepping, managing a "Galley", inventory and ordering of food items. To get a better difinition of what an FS does, go to the Coast Guards website.

AND lucky for you (providing you join the CG and become an FS) you can get a guaranteed A-School for FS School. This means that instead of graduating from Boot Camp and going straight into the field and being a "worker bee" (mopping, waxing floors, cleaning toilets, painting, etc.) you can go straight to FS School because it's what we call a "Critical Rate"

This equals quicker advancement (higher pay) since you would be advancing up the Pay Chart a lot faster than a new recruit that went into the field from Boot Camp. If I were you, this is the way to go IF you are indeed thinking about joining the Military. It's the "least" Military of all the branches of the Military.

Go talk to a Recruiter in your area. You can always back out up until the moment that you raise your right hand and swear to Defend the Constitution.

Good luck!

Lots of great suggestions

and alternatives...

If you like cooking food maybe you'd like growing it. Check out www.wwoof.org - Better than being homeless and you could find somewhere far away if you didn't want to pay off your debt.


Dont listen to these ninnies who are complaining about the military. JOIN! Air Force is cool, laid back, lotsa fun stuff to do! You won't be disappointed! We need good freedom loving DP'ers in the military! But dont do it for me, dont do it for your parents, dont do it for anyone other than yourself. Its an experience you either want.. or dont. My advice is JOIN! Because if you dont like it.. just dont re-enlist. But if you wait, you might never join. Put the uniform on..

However.. if you do join.. you gotta become an Oathkeeper as well


Semper Fortis

Maybe he wants to be a maker and not a taker.


Free includes debt-free!

There are lots of alternatives...

No doubt the economy is tough, but there is always opportunity. What unique set of skills, perspective, interests do you have? How can you help other people in a way that no one else can? What do you have to give to the world to make it a better place?

Focus on that, and then start today to DO something that is exciting to you:
- write a book, make a video, record an audio
- start helping people, then start a business
- join a campaign
- find a need and fill it

The job you are seeking is seeking you!

Best Suggestion,

right from the heading - to the last line, all very positive, lets hope that Ryno and others hear, the Calling.

I even like the negatives below, the "Dont"s.
negative X negative = positive.