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Should I join the Airforce or remain jobless?

I am 26, have a BA degree, and was working a little while in the hospitality industry for a while until it got too expensive to live on my own, with student loans/car payments. So I had to move back in with my parents and now having a very difficult time finding a job in my area, and it doesn't pay well. So my parents are pressuring me to join the Air Force so I can get rid of my student loan debt, car payments easily, and have a career path with job benefits, and not dead end like the ones I had before. I really don't want to join the military, but it seems like I have no other options and I am a burden on my parents. My degree is in History, but I went to Culinary School afterwards because I couldn't find a job with my History degree and Culinary was something I always wanted to do, but the wage is really low and I can't move out of my parents house or pay my loans back. I would very much appreciate it if you guys can help me out with this with advice. Thanks.

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C-span Okinawa Chalmers Johnson books

There's a congresswoman who reads mail from raped service members on c-span sometimes in front of congress. C-span is basically the only reason I still own the TV.

I've personally known female service members who were raped. Look at the island of Okinawa where we have 4 bases. There are literally 100s of rape cases reported there a month, at committed by service members. Ever hear about the pre-teen that survived an encounter with 3 members the navy? One of them being of high rank, after raping her they threw her in the ocean and left her for dead.

Ever heard of an author named Chalmers Johnson. He was the auditor for the CIA who coined the term "blowback". Please read his books at least Blowback, Nemesis and edit your post to say "gee lies you sure like to f*** with us some times but I see where you are coming from on your post here. "

Run for State or Local office

You can kill two birds with one stone this way. ie. spreading the message and representing the public.


Btw, since you have a

Btw, since you have a culinary degree this will definitely interest you:


I have a friend who lives in FL who knows the owner of that company... The guy started cooking meals out of his own kitchen and delivering them himself to his customers. Now he rents an industrial kitchen and hired a few chefs...

His cheapest meal plan is $99/week... He has well over 150 customers and he only started a few months ago... You do the math.

Get creative and create your own path. Don't expect to get hired by anybody.

Why would you sign your life away for a "job"?

Anything is better than indentured servitude...

Heck, I know a guy who asked a store owner if he could use a small portion of his parking lot for a car washing service... He makes over $10,000 per month.

An old neighbor of mine has ONE hotdog cart in front of a Home Depot and he makes $20,000 per month! He buys all the hot dog ingredients at Costco... It's a no brainer.

Don't listen to your parents. Be creative. Move to a friends house if you have to... Sleep on a couch! Whatever it takes to get you to do something creative.

In today's economy, nothing will be handed to you... You have to go and get it yourself. That's the only way to succeed.

The government won't help you... It'll own you and put your life in danger. Life is too precious to risk dieing at war... Stay away man!

Don't join the killing machine

You will be working for heartless banksters who kill people for fun (I know that is not how it was supposed to be but they have taken control now).

You could go to NH and join all the free staters. Google "the free state project" and join with people like you and learn to live a peaceful life with others who enjoy liberty and freedom.

Is this free states project

gonna provide job and a place to live? Just wondering.

Don't know

Just thought I'd mention it.

double post

I'm a 22 year veteran retiree and I say...

stay as far away from ANY service can you possibly can.

Good with your hands, have a truck and live in a fairly large metro area? Pick up old lawn mowers and small appliances (not microwaves), repair them and sell them. You may be able to get some apartment complexes to agree to let you pick this stuff up. Remember, some city police will ARREST you for picking up "trash" sitting on the street, so BE CAREFUL.
You can repair a lawn mower for $10-$15 and sell it for $50-$100.

Join AF?

I separated from the Army 30 years ago. There were good things and not so good things. I had the opportunity to be stationed with some AF guys for a year, and it was one of the gooder things. A few things about the AF

They have an nice variety of stations.

The girls are prettier than in the other branches (personal observation, ladies!).

The AF needs cooks, too.

It will instill some measure of discipline in you, a measure of confidence in yourself, and you should also improve physically.

When Ron Paul becomes president, our country is going to need military personnel that understand that their oath is to the Constitution of these United States. Your services may be called upon to fight against our enemies, foreign or domestic. I am particularly concerned about the latter.

Get more information than our opinions, and give the issue some critical thought. Do what is right for yourself in the near-term, and one which you can live with later on. The fact that you bring it up already indicates that you are a thoughtful individual soliciting input. Best wishes on whatever you decide.

Just a little something to consider:)


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if your going to the Mil,

if your going to the Mil, then AF is the way to go. Deployments are 3-6 months versus Navy and Army 9-13 months.
SINCE you are here, and somewhat awakened, it depends on your mental strength to tolerate the buisiness of the US GOV. Airforce by far is more like a buisiness. Proffesional, good accomodations, and good duty stations, Germany, Japan, Florida, SUCKY is ALASKA.

MAY I sugguest another route to utilize ALL your skills and degrees. Join a Yacht as a chef/assistant chef. Listen, you don't pay for anything except your partying. Housing food and fun in the sun while getting paid. EVEN if you make 2500 a month, its all takehome minus your drinking. Even in bad economic times, these yachts are staffed pretty well, and I sugguest getting on with a vessel that is not for charter.

You may have to take a course STCW 95 for basic crew emergencies, which cost 400-1000 bucks which the boat might be willing to pay for.

Winter in the Caribbean, summer in the mediteranean. Think about it.

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

They chose the AF for me

They chose the AF for me because of the high survival rate. Isn't it considered safe compared to the other branches?


I spent 5 years and I learned how to get drunk really well.

Take your time and pay down your debts, use the skills and knowledge you already have. The military is the easy way out, but it won't do much for your future if going to college didn't. I wouldn't sacrifice my freedom for anything. I would not support a war machine because it would make my life easier. You have everything you need to make it in civilian life. Start using your smarts, and don't be too fearful of the future, it has a way of working out. Besides the pay sucks.

Have you actually checked with the AF.

Ive heard that even the military is full right now particularly the AF. With a BA degree you should be able to get a job at least a substitute teacher and usually you can work every day..There is always a need for HS and elementary teachers.I dont know why everyone want to discourage someone from joining the military we need those who will uphold the Constitution in there.

it's like being a

it's like being a Stormtrooper cuz only the Empire pays you well. Just work on the evaporators on Tattoine.

it will all work out later if you do. :)

Ok thanks there Luke Skywalker

some of us still have to live in the real world.

Go to North Dakota

I read there are all types of jobs. A short order cook in a convenience store pays $1500 a week. It is because North Dakota has a state bank that the state is booming, while the rest of the country crashes.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."


If that's the case, I may have to take a trip there.

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studio apartment- all bills paid. lose the car if you can. until you find a 'real' job.

I can't lose the car. I need

I can't lose the car. I need it to commute to work. It will ruin my credit and piss my parents off. I bought it in a different state.


Don't join the military. It

Don't join the military. It will eat away at you. Because you are on this web page is proof you ate destined to do so much more than join the military industrial complex.


I was in a very similar position a few years ago, so I can relate. I made the mistake of joining the service when I was 19, and it's one of the few things I regret doing. Not saying you'll come out feeling the same way, but I'd advise against joining.

If you're the adventurous type, I'd say get in your car and relocate to somewhere you've never been before. If you're going to be jobless, you may as well go sightseeing while you're at it.

Go around talking up random people too--you never know who knows who and it can lead to some surprisingly pleasant jobs/experiences.

If that's not your thing, learn how to create websites, programming/coding, or even a bit of freelance writing. None of them pay very well by themselves, but at least you'd be have some FNRs coming in. (Or, you could combine the two; hitting the road with a laptop)

If you happen to live in or near a city, there are ALWAYS ways to make money. Gotta do what you gotta do, after all.

I'll end by saying that I blew off my (federal) student loan, because 1) I paid back the amount I borrowed and no matter how much I was giving them, the amount "owed" would always increase, 2) they kept "losing" payments, contrary to what my bank statements would say and 3) they've stolen enough of my hard-earned money as it is.

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I hope you don't join the military...

since you have Culinary Schooling I would see where in the U.S. is hiring and you could also look abroad, find the cheapest way to get there and get interviews. Use www.couchsurfing.org to find free places to stay while you are interviewing.

On the side see if you can be a private chef for dinner parties or something like that, where I live it's a lot cheaper to hire a private chef compared to taking a lot of people out especially when you add drinks to the tab. Anyway people love to show off their homes and wine collections.

With your history degree see if you can offer private tutoring lessons to kiddos or homeschooling groups, you could also teach cooking classes too. Hope that helps.

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dang qwerk, that is some

dang qwerk, that is some thread..LOL lots to read..

In my opinion at the moment,

In my opinion at the moment, it is better to have a dead end job than a dead whole self. I think you should take any job you can get at a hotel or big restaurant and say you are an apprentice to the chef or something. You can work your way up. You can stay in the US and serve people here. Maybe you can find a roommate and learn how to budget your money. You can live VERY cheap if you have to, for awhile, if you can find a roommate. War is NOT good for you to pay your bills off if you come back with PTSD or maimed or in a box.

Ps. Once I had a job that paid like $15,000 a year. Since I knew employers were not allowed to tell your salary, I told them in my next interview I was making $30,000. I got the job, but they told me they could not meet my last salary, but there would be the ability to get raises. I was started at $25,000.