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Q3 Fundraising. We can get to these numbers!

"Perry’s backers have pegged his target at $10 million to $15 million, although his success will be judged in part by how much he raises outside Texas, where he is governor. Romney, meanwhile, is expected to post a similarly substantial sum, but aides cautioned that he was unlikely to surpass the $18 million he reported for the last quarter."


If the two "frontrunners" are only raising $10-15 million and most of that being big establishment money, then we are difinately in this thing.

The way I see it Ron will probably raise $6-8 million.

500k Ames bomb
2MM Birthday bomb
1MM Constitution bomb
1.5MM end of Q Push
1-3MM from other fundraising

If Perry and Romney come in at 12MM and Paul does 8MM then it is virtually even, because they have staffs of hundreds to keep afloat, while Paul spends all his money on informing new voters.

This is going to get closer before we are done!

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8 million is within reach

...based on the email from the Campaign 1 hour ago.

If he can get to 8MM, then he

If he can get to 8MM, then he should transfer in the 2MM he still has in his house account. That way he could report double-digit millions. Last quarter the media said Michelle raised 4MM even though she only raised 2MM and transfered in 2MM from her house account.

Does anyone have a guess for a total?


Last night they charged $25

Last night they charged $25 per person to 1900 people for the event at Webster Hall. That is almost $50k by itself. Hopefully there have been a lot more of these throughout the quarter. (and hopefully some where $500-$2500 was charged.) that is where the others make all of their money. At least Paul has the backup plan of internet fundraising for $5-6 million that the other guys don't have.

Next Quarter

Next quarter we really need to top '07's 4th quarter. I am not sure of the total, but it had both the 4MM and 6MM dollar days in it. The goal needs to be $12-15 Million next quarter!

3rd Quarter 2007: $5.5M I Believe

4th Quarter 2007: almost $20M. We'll have to work hard to beat those, but it can be done. One nice thing this time around is the vastly increased name recognition. Factors inhibiting fundraising: The poor economy and a concerted effort (just short of a "conspiracy") by the PTB to stop our every effort to legitimize Ron in most people's eyes.

If the economy really gets bad (it looks like that is beginning) in the next few months, that may hurt fundraising but lend credence to our message and boost Ron's popularity.

More than 1.5 million form

More than 1.5 million form the end of quarter push I hope so. That will mean Paul will stay competitive in the eyes of many that are less attracted to him, for whatever reason.

We will know in a few days!

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stands at $396,000


more than 433K now!

more than 433K now!

Good estimate there, and

Good estimate there, and seems like ron had several small private events like the 50 per plate breakfast in florida, so good outlook. Perry will have trouble with that debate performance


that's right...he also had a $500 breakfast

in Simi Valley, the morning after the debate. that should help.

The Florida breakfast was $500 too...

...I think $50 was a typo. This must be standard operating procedure. I didn't count, but I think there was about 40 or so paying people at the breakfast. There was a free meeting with Ron directly afterward. -pb

40 times $500 equals $20K.

40 times $500 equals $20K. Just do that a couple of times a day.

He needs to many more of these in more places.

I can't afford $500, but I'd easily drive 2 hours one way and pay $100-$200 even for a "nose bleed" seat at a breakfast, lunch or dinner with Dr. Paul. And I could probably get a few friends in on it too.

People look for these sorts of "meet the candidate" opportunities. Money seems to flow when you make personal contact, even if it is slightly at a distance.