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Riff on Carlin--foreign policy

I was thinking about the great routine George Carlin did on war, and how that's our main business these days. Made me think of a great point Ron could make.

"Probably the main issue shared by my opponents is worry over the insinuation or imposition of sharia law and a caliphate in America. They are outraged that radical islamists would try to impose their culture and values on other people.

That's our government's job."

(Then go on to talk about spreading "democracy" around the world at the point of a gun, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people along the way.

Talk about the blowback that comes every time we treat those people in ways that would outrage us if we were in their shoes.

Point out that other people around the world make a distinction between the American people and our government. We, the people aren't directly to blame, our government is. Our guilt is in letting politicians get away with all this.

It doesn't matter if you agree with other societies and religions around the world. It doesn't matter that you're afraid of them. When you attack, you always engender hatered. If we weren't destroying everything over there, most Muslims would never think about risking their lives and families by participating in a preemptive attack. Al Queda (or whoever is really stirring things up over there) would have a really time getting followers.

People tend to be peaceful if you just leave them alone.)

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