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Fox News Poll

America's News Room has a Poll this morning check it out:

The Republican candidate who'll end up running against Obama will be:

O Rick Perry or Mitt Romney

O Someone else

They think they can avoid Ron Paul threw these kind of methods but I say, let them. At least we can let them know we want nothing to do with Perry or Romney.

Last I checked Someone else was over 70%, lets make it over 90%!!

Here is the Link to the Poll:


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82.86 at midnight.

82.86 at midnight.

btw...what happened to the Bill O'Reilly poll

he was supposed to announce the results from that poll ?
the one where they did not show the results, but just said ur vote has been counted ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

On that note...

What happens to most of these polls? Is there anywhere that they store the results online?

now at

When are they going to remove this poll ? lol

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

82.39% Almost there



Notice how Fox News, and

Notice how Fox News, and other mouthpieces for the globalists and special interests are telling us that our choices are to either vote for Obama, or chose between these to clowns.

now at




and climbing!


Someone Else: 80.55%

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

He who shall not be named

Let's roll with the media black out. We should now refer to Ron Paul as "He who shall not be named"

In a sense it is true. They don't say his name because they are afraid of him. They are afraid that if they say his name he will come.

Almost 80%

Almost 80% someone else. Keep it going.


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We all need to

vote up Ron Paul in EVERY internet poll we can find. Please join the Facebook group 'Ron Paul Polls' at: https://www.facebook.com/RonPaulPolls

I vote in every poll posted, every day!

Latest update per time of this reply post..

Rick Perry or Mitt Romney 21.06% (639 votes)

Someone else 78.94% (2,395 votes)

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

List of places most out of touch with reality.

News stations.



Capitol buildings.


If someone else wins the poll it will be used to show that most voters want someone else to enter the race.

Good I hope they do come in

Good I hope they do come in thats the point. spread the establishment vote


You know it!

I'm hoping they do too.. The more the merrier! Water down those votes for us. :)

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Now at 78.16%

Keep it going!


You think Fox would learn

You think Fox would learn their lesson and stop putting these polls up on their site. They know they aren't going to get the votes they want.

Is This Your Poll... F U Frank?... Oh, I bet it is

Your a sick Bastar$ Frank...You know that..Only a criminal mind like yours could think of this idiotic crap..

who is frank?

who is frank?


Frank Luntz. A professional pollster.

Frank Luntz Focus Group Picks Winner of First GOP Debate!

Penn and Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Luntz and Fox News

SteveMT's picture

Goofy Fox defys logic. No wonder they don't like RP.

Rick Perry or Mitt Romney 22.81% (620 votes)

Someone else 77.19% (2,098 votes)

C'mon, let's get "Someone Else" above 90%

Just for fun.

The Virtual Conspiracy

oh my, what a goofy poll

suppose they'll have to take it down soon


It makes my wife and I laugh so hard at these kind of Polls, they think just because they don't put Ron Paul's name up there we will pick Mitt Romney LOL....

now at

76.47% someone else.

Come on People!

Rick Perry or Mitt Romney
24.23% (619 votes)

Someone else
75.77% (1,936 votes)


SteveMT's picture

Perry is toast.

Rick Perry or Mitt Romney 24.45% (619 votes)

Someone else 75.55% (1,913 votes)

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Rick Perry will self-destruct within 30 days
By Brent Budowsky - 08/16/11 01:17 PM ET

Rick Perry talks treason about the Federal Reserve Board. Treason is a capital offense. Is Perry suggesting the death penalty for Federal Reserve Board members?

Rick Perry says Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke will have a tough time if he goes to Texas. Is Perry threatening that violence might happen to Bernanke if he visits Texas?

This is sick stuff. I can think of several nations Rick Perry is fit to lead, but the United States of America is not one of them. With his latest comments, perhaps Rick Perry wants to be the running mate of Vladimir Putin in the coming Russian election.

Perry will self-destruct within 30 days. It has already begun.



Rick Perry or Mitt Romney 25.18% (616 votes)

Someone else 74.82% (1,830 votes)

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