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Penn & Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Fox News & Luntz

Frank Luntz is a propogandist tool, who knows the ways the select 25 were acquired in that room and who knows what they were told before Luntz tries to discredit the text message poll Fox had.

Video is taken from Penn + Teller Bullshit: Numbers. Frank tells them how he can manipulate what people think by simply asking the right question the right way. Based on the final clip it sounds like he's pro-Hillary.

If we want a Republican that can actually win against Hillary or Obama we need Ron Paul!

Every time you see a poll that was 'scientifically selected' keep in mind that tha questions themselves may be biased and that Ron Paul wound actually polled higher if it was issue based, not name recognition based.


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Funny how RP polls at 10-12%, but out of 25 people in Frank's live audience there is never a RP supporter. This guy is a tool.

That's because they're supposed to be "undecided voters."

That's how he tries to figure out which candidate performed the best in the debate. You don't want anyone who is solidly behind any particular candidate, because they're almost always going to say their candidate performed the best. Sign up for his focus groups on his web site. You'll get a survey form in your email if there's a focus group in your area. They only way for a Paul supporter to get in would be to lie and say they're an undecided voter.

Sorry, but not a conspiracy.

I would like to kick his ugly fat A$

F U Frank...

No doubt Frank Luntz is a tool

and so are most of the people who watch the MSM. Good thing in this country is the media and polls don't decide elections. You want Ron Paul to win the GOP nomination, it is all about getting involved with the GOP and working to become a delegate.

The electoral college decides the president. I wish RP supporters would pay less attention to polls and what the MSM says or doesn't say about RP.

Stupid conspiracy theory that's been circulating forever.

Frank Luntz has no vested interest in turning people away from Ron Paul. In every interview with Luntz I've seen where he mentions Ron Paul, he speaks very positively of him.

Penn/Teller uses this video of Luntz out of context. He's just showing how pollsters can get answers to the questions that they want, so that you can look out for that. He's trying to teach people to be suspicious of polls!


if he has no "vested interest in turning people away"...why would he use actors in these supposed "Focus Groups"? Why do the same people appear in "random" collections of people across the country? I take it you are a FAUX junky. How sad.




Focus Groups aren't SUPPOSED to be chosen randomly! If you choose randomly, you're going to get an unrepresentative sample of the population you're trying to study. Luntz is trying to study people who haven't made up their mind about who to vote for. If you pick people randomly, you're going to get people who already have made up their mind, you're going to get people who aren't Republicans, you're going to get people not registered to vote, and so on. They aren't actors. They are people screened to meet the criteria of having the characteristics of the larger population they're trying to mimic. If someone meets those criteria, then there is no statistically valid reason not to include them in more than one focus group.

Take a college class in statistics and polling.

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you tell yourself whatever you need to...

to allow yourself to sleep at night!

that yellow toothed, toupee wearing luntz is a propagandist and a leeching tool of the "powers that be" at the time, who happen to be signing his pitiful, fat arsed paycheck

he thinks he is smart? not smart enough, however, to figure out that MILLIONS of Dr. Paul devotees are real...REAL and they will continue to build and roll like a powerful steam roller towards this "michelle malkin, ann coulter sucking leech" until he is flattened by its size and scope

luntz will not be missed when the rloveution moves on

conspiracy theory? you amuse me...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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