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Help Me with an Email Campaign

I have what I feel is a good idea and would like some help getting it going. It will not cost you a dime and just a few short minutes of your time. It is an email campaign. I sent this out to everyone in my email box and hope that I can get some of you to copy the below info and do the same. If you like the idea please help me flood the emails of 1000's of people with this info.

Here is the email I sent just copy and paste in your email (please let me know by comment if you are in):


Who would know better about the wars we are invovled in and the way to approach them than our own Military personel who are activily involved on the ground in so many of these countries or some Washington beaurocrat who is 1000's of miles away out of harm and without the daily input of the locals. Who does the military support? Check out the lastest issue of The Ranger. The Ranger is a weekly newspaper published for military personnel at Joint Base Lewis McChord in WA. Support your military personel by supporting their choice. You trust them to protect us everyday from an attack now it is time to trust them when it comes to their knowledge of what is going on.

Here is the cover

Read the article:

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