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Here's an idea

I ordered food at a take out place in Hollywood and when they asked for a name I said "Ron Paul"...so when the food was ready they said "order for Ron Paul", people turned to look and saw my button...may be something we can do to at least make sure the name gets heard.

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Hand them a Rx For LIberty Card at the Window...

All these people in the fast food joints don't have any prescription insurance and have to pay full price at the pharmacy.

When you hit the window, hand them 15-20 free Rx For Liberty Cards and tell them to pass them out to all the workers to save them the next time they have to go to Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, etc. to get an Rx filled.

See what I'm talking about here:

You can also order bulk cards for our cost. $55 for 5,000 delivered.

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I did this at a restaurant in Chester, CA

They didn't call the name. Left the food sitting on the counter until we went in to ask what was taking so long.

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Good idea of course:

There was a thread about a month ago where we had a brief discussion about it. I have been doing it for a long time. Some other good ideas there too.


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Nice! Yet another idea only

Nice! Yet another idea only the grass roots can come up with

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I'm going to do this when I put my name down on waiting lists for a table and the such as well lol!

Just simple name recognition

I am always amazed when people say to me "who is Ron Paul?"

People in-the-"Who is John

People in-the-"Who is John Galt?"-know, or others?
Can be interpreted either way... ;)
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