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The Great Rick Perry Flub on Mitt's Flip Flops. A Howard Dean Scream moment if I ever saw one.

Even I cringed as this was coming out of his mouth.

As I watched this again - I couldn't help notice how he strung/slurred his words together. It was as though he fought his exhaustion from his all night cram session on memorizing quips on what he was going to say to bring down Romney.

This is why I love Ron Paul so much. None of this stupid sound byte trash prep in his itinerary. Even when he (Ron Paul) is tired - nothing but pure knowledge and wisdom pour forth from the mountain of knowledge, study and understanding inside of him (from the heart doth the mouth speak.)

Watch this 50 second clip enjoying the fact you don't support a two bit media (##edited##).


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The 10 Minute Dean Scream

How many seconds of it can YOU handle?


The sound of this coming out of my laptop made my dogs very uncomfortable....8)

Perry is trying to wipe some Kerry all over Romney

nice tactic, but his delivery was ineffective.

"Nice try."


Painful to listen to

This version with the background music sets it off nicely - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_9WxAEGY8c

But yeah, ouch. Although I definitely agree with what he was trying to say...it was very poorly said.

I agree...

There's actually quite a few takeoffs with music you could do with this... Very funny.

On a broader scope though - this whole thing brings to a head how everything is being done with marketing and focus groups. There is no honest discussion anymore.

Dr. Paul cannot and will not cowtow to the marketing requirements. Therefore - it's going to take harder work to get the full story out. Nothing but good can come of it though - whether the election is won or not.