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Great Tool To Capture the Older Voters Attention (Works for Everyone Though).

Here's a great, free, grassroots tool to reach the older, pill-popping voters from 45 to death (but they work for anyone) - the "Rx For Liberty Card". On one side it outlines the prescription for America (in abbreviated form) from the good doctor. On the other side, it's a prescription discount card that instantly saves an average off 28%, but as much as 75% off, at 58,000 pharmacies nationwide including all major chains as well as most smaller independent stores. It works immediately, requires no personal info to get, and never expires. And it works for pets too!

See www.RxForLiberty.com

Print out and give them this free card at www.RxForLiberty.com/print. They can use the card immediately at the pharmacy to save on their prescriptions.

The card accomplishes a few things.
1. Name recognition. Get's Ron Paul's name out there.
2. Gives a few of Ron's planks to wet someone's whistle.
3. It will save them money - and they'll not only hang on to it, but they'll tell others about it too.
4. When they hand the card to the pharmacist, it exposes the pharmacy people to the Ron Paul message too.
5. It works anywhere in the USA.
6. It works for pet's prescriptions too - do you think there are any "older voters" out there with pets? And do you think that they spend money on getting their pets to the vet?
7. Money saved is money on the table for other things, including donating back to the cause of liberty.

Ok Daily Paul. I dare you. Use one of these cards yourself and report back here on how it worked...the good, the bad, the ugly. Oh...did I mention it comes with 110% money-back guarantee? Yep. If you don't save money using the card - if you're not 100% satisfied, they you can return it for 110% of your money back that you paid for the card - NOTHING!

By the way, prescription discount cards are all over the place, they really work, and they've saved consumers billions. Why not use this as another tool in the arsenal to get Dr. Paul elected?

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