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IDEA: November 6th Moneybomb

Note: Alright, so I posted this about a month ago just bouncing ideas around in this thread, and forgot about it until recently, but have gotten around to thinking about it more. So with the encouragement of Ja¢k Daw and anti_keynes Ω™, and a few other people in the chat rooms, I've decided to spin it off and see if we can't have a discussion about it.

First, I would just like to say that I know plenty of people have already suggest money bomb ideas that have gone nowhere before, and I'm well-aware this idea will probably go nowhere. Plus the folks at RonPaul Forums have saw it fit to schedule 4 more moneybombs through the end of the year, with a bunch more scheduled for next year.

This is where I first started to critically evaluate the current strategy. Since I first suggested the November 6th moneybomb here, preparations for "Black This Out" is just now ramping up.

I don't see why planning for this one should interfere with one that would happen a month earlier. If we remember than anything from 2007, Paul's supporters are more than able to have 2 successive superbombs and raise $4 million a month apart.

Let's face it, the moneybombs that are coming up are centered around some pretty weak themes. And after the last "major" moneybomb this past weekend was supposed to bring in millions of dollars but barely raised $1m, I think it's more important than ever that we have ample time to prepare for one that really excites people.

Some have wondered if the themes even matter anymore. I submit that they do, but that they must be tied to an important date. November 6th fulfills this criteria in a number of ways.

With that out of the way, here is the original post:

I say we cut out the nonsense bombs and consolidate the Veterans Day one with the Tea Party one. Hold it on November 6th. Why?


  • November 6th is a day after November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day, which marks the 4th year anniversary of Paul's first game-changing moneybomb in the 2007-2008 campaign. It'd be a great reprisal and we could market it as a "direct sequel" of that moneybomb to follow up on.
  • November 6th will be exactly one year away from Election Day in 2012, meaning there will be a secondary meaning behind this date, which will be even more useful for promotional purposes.
  • Numerous web traffic analysts and SEO firms have proven, in terms of social media influence, that midweek is the best time for such a moneybomb, since 5PM Eastern Time on Wednesdays constitute the peak amount of web traffic on social networks: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/science-of-social-timing-1/?wide=1
  • Promoting this as one of the "main event" type moneybombs, as done for Paul in his last campaign and his son, Rand, in his Senate campaign, will be much better than 4 smaller bombs in terms of the press generated. Some people have suggested that consistent, smaller moneybombs are better, and to a degree, they're right. But this only really matters near the start and ends of a presidential campaign.

    During the heat of primary season, when media coverage is that much more valuable, which do you think will garner more attention? Another "Paul raises $1.7m in arbitrary moneybomb" headline or "Paul raises first $5m+ haul of 2012 season".

  • In addition to a better overall theme for the moneybomb's promotion, we could also emphasize smaller, "themed" donations as well, and various specialty merchandise. Smaller donation amounts like $6, $11, $20.12 could potentially expand the donation pool by a ton. Also, making it so donations could be accepted by adding on to people's cellphone bills would help too.

    Come on, are you really THAT lazy or cash-strapped? $6 is about the price of a premium app on the iTunes app store, and we could even get someone to code a custom app for this (and future) moneybomb as well, so that it auto-donated on that day. Just pledge it and forget it.

  • We can (and should, IMO) dedicate the final amount of funds raised to a particular cause in the campaign, like the Iowa Straw Poll fundraiser did. This will also reinforce the notion that the money is being spent on a particular purpose.

    According to the list that cero posted, there will be at least 2 other money bombs from now to December, with which to supplement the expenses of Paul's campaign in other ways. But for things like ad buys, or private speaking engagements, a concentrated purpose for all the donations is once again, another advantage of a "mega-moneybomb", because it has a ripple effect.

    I didn't plan on there being 6 reasons, but overall, there really is no reason (as other people are already saying) why we shouldn't have at least one EPIC moneybomb. I'm sure even the people who have already maxed out can donate to Revolution PAC if we coordinated with them. All those fantasies of raising $10m? As improbable as they are, this could make them a tiny bit more likely.

  • To better illustrate this concept, I'm thinking of making some mockup promo materials as well.

    Since I brought this topic up again, some people have added on other ways to make this moneybomb even suggested we could run the moneybomb on both the 5th AND the 6th. Or at least start it early. I don't think this is that bad of a strategy actually, even if it lowers the sum total of how much is raised in one day. I mean, is that even the most important metric anymore?

    If anyone else has some other advice or suggestions to throw out, I'm happy to hear them. Let them fly. And of course, constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.

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    Great idea!

    I have really never been a fan of the every other day money bomb. I can make donations when it's once a month or so, but constant money bombs certainly remove my desire to always shell out the cash that I have left. While my support on any day is just as strong, days with more significance as you outlined carry more meaning and weight for people because of the emotions stirred. I completely support your idea and I hope others do as well

    Unfortunately, I guess, we

    Unfortunately, I guess, we are in the minority.

    Never forget:

    To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

    - Barry Goldwater