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Dr. Ron Paul's 11-Point Plan That Could Save America

I think it would be hard to find an article published that is more thorough and respectful.

Have Americans read Dr. Ron Paul's written plan for the country? Are Americans ready to upset the apple cart in a controlled and methodical way for the betterment of the greater good? The main source I am referencing here is Dr. Ron Paul's website, so that we can debate his priorities and proposed approaches. I have paraphrased items from his site; however, I encourage the reader to thoroughly review all the links.

Here is Dr. Ron Paul's 11-point plan:


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Overview of Dr. Ron Paul's plan

It is important that Americans get to accurately hear what Dr. Ron Paul is proposing without it being twisted by those it threatens. Any ways that people on this site can facilitate that outcome is very valuable.
Laura Trice, M.D.
Author Dr. Ron Paul's 11-Point Plan that Could Save America

Laura Trice

Is this what you have in mind?

It's not our fault if we don't understand the complicated issues that face our nation!

If we have a process that allows only a little more than 4 minutes in a national debate for Congressman Paul to explain his position in a clear and understandable way, not just on one issue, but on all that he's asked, there is little wonder that so many don't understand his concept of liberty, or war, or domestic programs.

The Congressman does his best to be everywhere he can to meet with people and explain his positions as well as appearing on every broadcast possible, often for a minute or two soundbites. Still, people struggling every waking hour to support themselves and take care of all their other responsibilities leaves little time to reflect let alone research these complicated issues. Nevertheless, it is incumbent on people in a democracy, particularly a struggling one, to inform themselves on tough issues to make the best choice or in the absence of that not vote their ignorance on everyone else. It is also incumbent on those who do understand and have the time to make a real effort to explain these concepts in a clear and understandable way in forums or town hall meeting or even in the media if possible.

There is a lot of criticism about Paul's views on regulation or lack thereof. Put simply, asking people to pass a driving test before driving cars on the highway is regulation. There is little doubt that the Congressman doesn't mean we should give up important and useful regulation that insures public safety. There are, whether you know or not, countless regulations aimed at businesses and individuals that have nothing to do with your safety. Many are aimed at protecting one business from competition or often times they simply justify the existence of the regulators themselves or raise money for politicians. Some of these are destructive to the economy and to consumers. One thing we should discourage, whether it comes from the media or from politicians, at this critical time in our nation, is contempt without investigation. I have heard the federal government alone pumps out as many as 80,000 new regulations per year. That's in addition to the regulations that come from local governments. No reasonable person on earth could believe that all of those regulations are necessary to protect American citizens from businesses or each other. It's important for all of us to understand the practical affect of needless regulations. If businesses have to hire expensive experts or legal assistance to comply with all these regulations at least two things are bound to happen when price competitiveness is an issue; One is that any employee that is not absolutely necessary will first be eliminated in order to fund the cost of compliance and two; If the competition is from abroad where they would never consider imposing these regulations on their businesses then there jobs are saved and ours are lost. There is only one exception to that concept and that is if your company has a complete monopoly.

There is one well kept secret that many people in the game of politics don't want you to understand and there is a good reason they don't want you to understand it‒all, and I mean all, regulations, fees and taxes are paid by the consumer. You can put “windfall profit taxes” on oil companies all day long, make them $50.00 per gallon and soon, very soon, the price of a gallon of gas will be $54.00. Simple as that, no two ways about it. This must be understood clearly by everyone who still has a job or would like to have one some day. Money only grows on trees when it comes to our federal government. With that in mind I'm going to try to bring this concept home to everyone in, what I hope, is a way that everyone understands clearly because I think ultimately this is a question of our survival. If I live in a house that costs me $1000.00 dollars per month for the rent or mortgage and I spend another $500.00 a month for all other expenses, my employer must pay me a minimum of $1500.00 per month or I can't accept the job or I have to downscale. If I am the only employee in a pencil factory and we make one pencil per month, how much does that pencil have to sell for to pay my wage? I'll only take that question one step farther and ask how much does that pencil have to sell for to pay my salary; my employer's salary; the rent and taxes on the factory; the utility bills; the accountant and lawyer to keep the business in compliance with regulations and health care insurance? The solution to this problem is clear. Stop making pencils and buy them from China. I know that insulted the intelligence of anyone with an economics degree but I honestly don't think many employees understand that very simple explanation. Having dealt with accountants and lawyers in business, actually I don't think many of them understand that the “consumer pays for everything”. I can say this with certainty; most politicians don't or they just don't give a damn and many voters, feeling pretty well set themselves, may well have the same attitude.

Now let's talk about wars. Once we have abandoned the idea of not creating products in our nation what we have left to support ourselves is suing each other; offering new innovative financial schemes that end with collapsing bubbles and a lot of bankruptcies; opening stores to sell Chinese products or working for the government who doesn't have a product to sell except for war or new regulations and taxes, but they do print money. If you believe that our wars are to protect us from people who don't believe in our values I'll grant you this, they probably don't believe in our values but they are attacking us for what we do not what we think. Government printing money has the exact same result as the example given about windfall profit taxes. If a loaf of bread costs $1.00 today and the government prints twice the money then that loaf of bread will soon cost $2.00. If your wage didn't double then it will soon cost you twice as much to eat. There are few, if any, exceptions to that rule.

I have been an employer and know the high cost of health care and have thought about it extensively even years before I knew of Ron Paul. I won't go into what I know about the solution to what is clearly a crisis and has only been made worse by recent, selfish, legislative attempts to “fix” the problem. They won't. Period. What I will say is that there are better ways to deal with these high costs and one way or the other they will come to pass out of absolute necessity. I hope it's not “the other”. The recent legislative solutions are only designed to increase political power by making more people dependent on government. There is 100% certainty that it will increase the cost of health care while reducing the quality.

As young people, struggling now with some of the huge issues facing all of us as individuals and also facing the nation, many of you are on the right track. Continue to support individual liberty. A few things do become more clear when you are older and the one thing that stands out most to me now in my senior years is that I used to think setting out to make people dependent is immoral. Now I believe it is evil and that, my friends, is what our government does most. Let's begin again with the idea that we all need to give others a hand up rather than a hand out. If we put half as much energy and effort into that task in our personal, business, and political lives, we would, no doubt about it, have a nation that even our enemies would respect and have a lot more properity for everyone.

I'm going to end this the same way I end every communication with the Republican party. You are only offering one candidate that I will ever vote for and that is Congressman Ron Paul. Offer me your choice of a faithful party operative and I will use a write-in ballot. To everything there is a season and the season for integrity is NOW!

Why do you post articles on HuffPost?

Based on their wide open mindset, you seem to be preaching to the deaf. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is not king. The one-eyed man speaks jibberish. HuffPost is Nirvana for the blind.

Perhaps, I am answering my own question here. I see your point that you're trying to further disseminate Dr. Paul's message. You sure went after the biggest tree in the forest to chop down! I wish you well in that endeavor. Is there any other, more "centered" publications you could link your articles to? I think you'd have greater effect there rather than something to the left of Pravda or The Village Voice.

Thank you for your efforts. I enjoy your work!

Welcome to the DP Dr. Trice!

And Thank You for writing such an eloquent outline of Dr. Paul's platform. It is easy to read & understand and I look forward to sharing it with as many people as possible! Can't wait to read more of your stuff! :)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Can we get the guy that took

Can we get the guy that took out a full page ad in one of the big newspapers for Ron Paul in 08 to put this in one for 12? I think this is something everyone should read! :)

I have already posted...

... asking readers to watch the You Tube video of Ron Paul's meeting at the Webster Hall last night. If would do no harm if other post this information as well, throughout the night, as these comments get lost after a while. That speech just lays it out brilliantly, plus the energy in the crowd enhances the message.

Plano TX

War on Drugs

We need to try and help people understand the reasoning behind Ron Paul's stance on drugs. Sharing this infographic which really drives home how insane this war is from a financial perspective!


Visit Ron Paul U.S.A. at www.ronpaulusa.blogspot.com
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... Thanks!

Plano TX

Facebook Blocking the Article?

Try sharing that article on facebook... it is stripping out all the content and just leaving a generic link with no information for me... I can share it if I link the digg.com link but not the direct link... all other links work fine.

Some sort of ploy to keep people from sharing it maybe?

Go to the article and copy the link from the URL space up above and just paste it into your status. It will show like it should with content and picture but as soon as you share it - gone.

I think people can only grasp

I think people can only grasp about 3 new ideas in any presentation.




"Energy Independence: Eliminate the federal gas tax of $0.18 per gallon and eliminate the EPA"

How will you pay for the highway system, then?

"allowing prosecution of polluters to answer to citizens"

What do you mean "citizens?" Do you want mob rule? If you mean the courts, the courts are also government. And the courts are just as easily manipulated as the government is. The courts have repeatedly shown that they don't hold up private property rights like you would want them to.

"He proposes and intends to give parents a $5,000 tax credit per child for kids K-12 to help with all the costs of education."

That would cost the federal government 250 billion per year approx, about 5 times the cost of the current Department of Education.

"He is supportive of home-schooling and will veto legislation that interferes with parents choosing to home-school their children."


"Workers' Rights: Dr. Ron Paul is against forcing workers to join unions and pay dues if they do not want to, citing the $8 billion that union leaders bring in annually that is often given to political candidates."

Interesting use of the phrase, "worker's rights". If he is concerned about the money unions put into Washington, what about the money spent by corporations?

"He does not want workers forced to belong to unions or to be under union control against their will."


"Protect Gun Rights: Protecting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms."

As if there is a real threat to gun ownershipo.

"Heath Care: Dr. Ron Paul will repeal Obamacare, allow for tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses and not allow money that belongs in Medicare or Medicaid to be misused for other purposes."

Very good, but no money "belongs" to Medicaid. Medicaid has no dedicated revenue stream. Cut it.

"He will protect the privacy of American citizens' medical records from the federal government"

Not a real issue. Protecting from state government is a much more real threat.

"remove barriers for all citizens to have HSAs and keep the FDA out of vitamins and alternative treatments."

What about fradulent alternative treatments and vitamins? If a company is falsely marketing some alternative treatment (using smoke and mirrors to trick customers), does the FDA have no role?

"Also, he wants to provide payroll deductions for terminal illnesses and caregivers."


"Pro-Life Issue: Here is the one fact all Americans need to know. Dr. Paul is the only Republican candidate who has said, 'So while Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid.'

I appreciate the thinking of the doctor. This is true, and fits in with his belief. However...

"Dr. Ron Paul may be personally pro-life; however, his voting record indicates that, even if a bill attempting to make abortion illegal federally in the U.S. were passed by the House and Senate, Dr. Paul would veto the bill as unconstitutional".

This is what is slightly wierd to me. Ron Paul believes that abortion is murder. So he believes that the federal government doesn't have the authority to criminalize murder nationwide? He's also against a constitutional amendment banning abortion. If you believe it is murder, why would you be against that? After all, even staunch libertarians agree that government should prevent murder!

Secondly, if Ron Paul were president, what he thinks is constitutional does not matter. What the Supreme Court thinks is constitutional is what matters. That is how the Constitution itself is set up. Therefore, he could not repeal Roe vs. Wade via executive order. Legislation could not repeal Roe vs. Wade. Either a new court decision or an amendment would be needed.

"The current Democratic President has recently placed two women on the Supreme Court, and new Justices are appointed only when a Justice dies or retires"

I doubt RP would get a chance, even in 8 years, to put more than one more two justices on the court. And in that case, economic views will take precedence over social views. Six Republican Presidential candidates have already signed the Susan B. Anthony List 2012.

"He wrote the We the People Act, which, if passed, would render Roe v. Wade invalid and return powers to the states."

Again, has to go through the court.

"He signed the Susan B. Anthony list, which describes federally defunding all abortions and Planned Parenthood."


"Immigration: In Dr. Paul's own words:"

Complete agreement, though if we restrict Saudi's from coming into this country, they will get angry at us.


One million percent agreement.

"Taxes: Dr. Paul would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolishes income and death taxes. Ideally, he'd like to close the IRS. He would seek to repeal capital gains taxes and reduce then abolish taxes on Social Security. Before a flat or fair tax would be implemented, Dr. Paul would ensure that the 16th Amendment, which made income taxation legal, would be repealed so we don't end up with both."

Fantastic. Now how would be balance the budget?

"End the Fed:"

Agreed, though we do now know where much of the money has gone, right?

"Economy: Dr. Paul's plan is to audit the Fed, veto any unbalanced budget and refuse to raise the debt ceiling."

RP, you haven't balanced the budget yourself. So I think this is a bogus claim.

"He is also committed to getting rid of self-dealing and corruption in D.C."

No, he isn't, because he is against campaign finance reform. That is the key to getting rid of corruption in DC. Get the money out of the equation.

"America's debt did not come out of nowhere. In 2008, the U.S. had spent $3 trillion on the war in Iraq. The current costs are at $3.2 to $4 trillion."

The Bush tax cuts cost us three times that much. Perhaps a little bit of austerity then could have saved us now? After all, two years of a budget surplus before Bush.

"Here is a great 10-minute video with Dr. Paul clearly stating how, if elected president in 2012, he would balance the budget in one year."

No. He doesn't clearly state how. He gives no hard numbers. He just says he would save billions by cutting our military budget, then he would cut some discretionary spending, etc. No HARD NUMBERS! That isn't being clear at all. With a 1.6 trillion dollar deficit, you have to be clear! You have to say where you will get the money and how much you will get from it.

Lastly, in the linked interview, he says the problem is that one side doesn't want to cut military spending while the other does not want to cut entitlements. But it isn't a fair comparison. Entitlements are called that for a reason... you paid into it. They have a dedicated revenue stream. Medicare has been going over budget due to unprecedented rises in medical costs, but social security is still highly solvent. Military spending has no dedicated revenue stream.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Great article!

Very well written article and makes it easy to understand for the dumbed down masses...well at least most of them...after reading some ad hominem attacks on Dr. Paul lol. Submitted the article to Drudge for consideration.

Great article!

Submitted to Drudge - we need millions of Republicans to read this!

Excellent Article!

Really lays it out plainly so it can be understood even by those unfamiliar with the issues.

And it doesn't conclude with the usual "...but he's unelectable" line.

Way to go! Thank you for sharing.

Well said

Great article and it should fill in some of the reasoning behind his message.

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My mom

My mom is an avid reader of the huffington post. She repeatedly avoids researching just a little bit of Ron Paul's positions and ideas and will not listen when I try to explain them. She vote's a solid democratic ticket every time, a real blue dog democrat.

I hope she read this article.

Excellent article.

What a refreshing piece to read and share. Thanks for posting it.


Man..that was some good work

Man..that was some good work and an awesome article!!!

Lets Plaster All The Major Newspapers with This 11 Point Plan

Times a wasting..lets get on it!

This article is

This article is fantastic....I'm making copies and posting it everywhere.....I will walk through my neighborhood and pass it out....lots of older folks who only watch the TV propaganda machine and don't even know the Good Doctor's plan!!! AWESOME! :)

Excellent Article

Thank you so much for sharing this article. I put it on my facebook and will tell everybody I know to read this article. Major Bump! Although I actually think that outlawing abortions would be a great thing, not "an acceptable risk" as the author puts it.

reedr3v's picture

I am amazed by the number of

supportive comments on this article at Huffpo

That was incredible!

I don't think I have seen more fair press.

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Very nice, share this with

Very nice, share this with friends and family.

great article

we should direct those on the fence to this, it will do them some good!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions