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Possible Government file on internet?

I've been researching stuff relating to comets lately and came across something that is very weird.

Follow these steps:
Go to google.com
type 'Elenin site nasa gov' in the search bar
Click on the 11133 - GCN link
Copy the '11133' number
Go back to the search bar and type in '11133 site nasa gov'
Click on the '11133.kml - NASA' file and open with Google Earth

Leave a comment about what you see on the map and any opinions on the agencies listed on the bottom.

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I'm not quite sure I follow.


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take a file with zero context, and...


How can a document with zero context provide you any evidence for anything?

I mean, there's also a:


Which just quadruple the area. You've connected and shown nothing.

"But Jon! If I go to Mars and load these KML files, it says they're not for Mars, it says they're for Earth!"

That's because KML file documentation isn't the clearest on how to specify something for a planet.

"I don't buy it! You're just an Elenin denier!"


Ok, fine. Let's open up those KML files in a regular handy-dandy text editor. What's this I see? Jpeg references? To images? Why, I'll just find those now, here they are:


And wouldn't you know, they correspond exactly to the terrain on mars where the "X"s are overlaid.

Please don't help them make the case for information secrecy.

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You always act as if I support everything I bring up. I pointed something out to discuss. I said it was weird and you somehow interpret that as evidence? You seriously need to get a grip.

And for your information the 11133 - GCN link is about Elenin. Read the actual text. It appears to be an email from the actual person who discovered the comet and he provides a link to images of the comet getting closer.

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But where's the logic in:

Search "ABC"
Find a result about Elenin.
Now search "ADE"
Another result from Google shares "A".
Therefore this is also about Elenin.

The hysteria's already quite ripe around this.

I mean, what about all the other unrelated links Google returns? Why aren't they related too? Because they don't sensationally paint red X's over the Earth if misinterpreted?

The email has no connection to the kml file.

You're saying that because you've found a number that appears in both an email about a comet and a linear image series set that describes martian terrain, that there's a connection, when literally all context suggests otherwise.

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