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Bill O'reilly online poll . Go vote now!


go vote for Ron Paul on this online poll now!

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Debbie's picture

I do not care about Bill O'Reilly.

Not one bit. I would not dignify his poll by voting in it, besides the fact that as the poster below points out, they don't tell you the results. I've never seen any other poll that does that.


SteveMT's picture

Question that no results are shown.

We have to trust O'Reilly to report the truth, so I'm not holding my breath about the result.

Billy Jack's picture

Three Concerns: 1. They do

Three Concerns:

1. They do not display the running vote tally.

2. They have what could be construed as a disclaimer, in bold type, at the bottom: "These polls are not scientific."

3. That establishment s---b-- can't be trusted.

Somehow I don't think RP is going to "win" this one.

Cos Cob, CT