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Come Take It!

Why have a straw poll in Texas without the GOP?

This election cycle is critical to the survival of limited government and the constitution. With this in mind we Texans need to bring a voice of truth and legitimacy to this election. Unfortunately the GOP decided that it could not financially support a straw poll this year since the first straw poll was held at a loss also the party sited a lack of interest. It came as no surprise that the GOP would do such a thing after all the dirty tricks they pulled at the 2007 straw poll (see Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll video below)

The question now remains WHO NEEDS THE GOP to have a straw poll right here in the lone star state? no one! Who needs there permission. We don't! With the help and input of grassroots supporters we can have a Texas straw poll that is fare and open to both supporters and candidates alike without the fist of the party crushing public option.

The GOP gave up a cannon here and now we Texans are here to exclaim once again


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Well, I disagree, even if I

Well, I disagree, even if I am the only one. TEXAS NEEDS DELEGATES. It is a huge state. The GOP (in truth or a lie) is saying they are weak and underfunded. If indeed this is so, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY for us to go in there, work with them and build rep. Show them how to do a straw poll that makes great money even if on a lesser scale than they are used to, and work hard with them. Then they are so happy with you you get to be DELEGATES. If they are lying and just not wanting to do it so Ron gets little support..WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! To go in there and blow their minds and keep trying to get them to do a fundraiser where you have plenty of people and a free hall or somesuch and they can not deny you without showing that they are crooked. I say..get with them and get connected and blow them away!

"Come AND Take It"

I like the effort...but ihe Gonzales flag rally cry is "come an take it."


There needs to be some kind of Texas function to let the supporters express who they believe is the best in Texas, the second largest state in the union I believe. Texas has a two candidates running and the idea that they are out of money is totally absurd. What happened to Rick Perry's great booming economy he has fostered?

I think it would be great, the only problem is... it has got to be organized. It would be great if the Texans would say, screw you GOP we know what you are up to, we'll do it ourselves, of the people, for the people , by the people.