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Ron Paul at Webster Hall 9/26/11

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Wow - incredible!! This is a Ron Paul classic!!

A campaign to remember forever.


Ron Paul

This is an awesome video. They will NOT be able to ignore him anymore. His popularity is spreading wildly DESPITE him being ignored by the media! Latest Harris poll places ONLY Paul and Romney as R candidates who can BEAT Obama!!!!! GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!

What a night!

One of the best experiences of my life... right up there with the birth of my son and my wedding...
His speech was very inspiring and I loved seeing all the young people there clutching copies of his books. Our youth is awake and informed (not all, but we're getting there :)). I feel encouraged that the message is spreading and Liberty is alive and well, woot woot!

Oh, and I loved Dan Halloran's speech too, thought he was great...

Letter to Bloomberg Columnist

Margaret Carlson wrote a campaign story featuring mainly Perry and Romney, but of course reference was made to Christie, Candy Cain, Palin and would you believe it, even Huckabee. No mention of Ron Paul. Go figure.

How can we allow that to go unnoticed. I wrote her this letter. It includes a link to the above video and the CCN report of the Webster Hall meeting.

I then reminded her of Walter Duranty, the infamous New York Times' reporter in Moscow in 1933 who sent pro-Stalin stories home and deliberately sought to obscure the existence of the famine in Ukraine that killed 25,000 a day, mostly children.

No journalist wants to be linked to Walter Duranty. In fact, they probably think nobody remembers Duranty, except of course a Ron Paul supporter. Drat!

Ms. Carlson,

Your article would have been the real deal had you included a paragraph or two with information contained in the video below:


Fortunately for us, if Bloomberg fails to provide full coverage then we can always rely on CNN, and vice versa:


In decades gone by, the likes of Walter Duranty could violate the public trust and deliberately withhold information, but today we have the Internet. When we read a report that obviously omits any reference to the elephant in the room, we don't have to remain ignorant. We have access to other sources. However, it begs the questions: how reliable and fully informative are the other articles published on Bloomberg? What are we missing from the complete picture?


Albert Meyer

Plano TX

did pras make it?


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Rand Paul 2016

Yes, but he was so late that he couldn't go on after Dr. Paul

His flight from LA was so late that he would have had to go on after Dr.Paul, and that's a no no.

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"
- Patrick Henry

Peter had a good buzz going -

Peter had a good buzz going - hysterical. Came out talking with a drink in his hand...

Wasn't it

the good Dr. himself that said if you're not having fun you're not doing it right? Peter is doing it right!!!

Who's found

or recorded the rest of that night at Webster Hall?

Suggestion! (idea for Ron Paul to really further excitement)

Suggestion! (idea) Ron Paul should raise his hand or give a thumbs up after making a good point and exclaim, "Restore America!" or "Economic Prosperity!" or whatever would emphasize his last statement, "Personal Liberty!" for example... to really further Rally The People and further excitement! ;-) And if the crowd is already cheering, then wait for the right moment to explode things further! In listening, his speech has these opportunities all throughout.


he should ride around in a tanks also, with a big helmet

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"
- Patrick Henry


Amazing! If Paul could give the same performance and work the crowd like this in every debate, he'd probably win 99% of the votes in every poll!

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He doesn't have to work the crowd - these people get it, unlike

those at the "debates". Also, he doesn't have time in a "debate" format. He has to get his point across in 30-60 seconds at most.


great event

Did it actually make any news broadcast?

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Talk about enthusiasm. The energy to become president is here.

CBS News summary video of the event showing the guitarist, Peter Schiff, as well as Dr. Paul.[short commercial opener, sorry]


The headline of the story written looks great, but you'll see the bias therein. There is no doubt that they are scared of Ron Paul.

September 27, 2011 1:23 PM
Ron Paul draws enthusiastic response in New York
By Rodney Hawkins

that music guy should not have been there for the arm raising

Washington Post focused on Jordans attire, don't get me wrong, but I think only the suites should have been up there for Republican support.

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"
- Patrick Henry

We need to send this video...

... to people in the media...

Can anyone provide us with emails of Hanity, Levin, Caferty, Cavuto, O'reilly, Blitzer, Mathhews, etc.

Plano TX

I was there

last night, my friend is friends with someone from management over there and they said Ron Paul is a rockstar with the crowds and energy he brings in !

Why are we passionate?

I was just wondering. Whenever the liberal/neocon media DO mention The Good Doctor, they mention that his followers are passionate, but few in number.

Has anyone at all at any of those mouthpieces asked _why_ we're so all-fired passionate?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

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And he has 'followers'

The media seems to poo-poo the fact that Dr. Paul has followers too. It's like "well, he just won that straw poll/internet poll/phone in contest etc., because he has FOLLOWERS"

Why doesn't anyone else seem to have followers? Isn't this sort of the point in a way?

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We're passionate because RON is passionate (and right)!

An earlier thread explained this by way of a TED video (if you don't know about TED, you're in for a treat). It's a matter of passion, conviction, and principle.


They don't dare ask

We're all just CRAZY. That can be the only logical explanation lol

Maybe, just maybe, we're all passionate because he is RIGHT!

Every major city has venues

Every major city has venues like Webster hall, Why doesn't Dr.Paul do these event more often? These are the events that will make his campaign support EXPLODE! The energy, the speech, and the media can't ignore sold out venues with supporters in every city trying to top the previous city's support! I think if he scheduled a bunch of these across the country with a challenge to the grassroots to compete against each others city's we could see some real free market ingenuity at work! This is not a campaign for the President of the United States, THIS IS A REVOLUTION!

Well if there were a Nick

Well if there were a Nick Spanos in every city then Dr. Paul would. You need a guy like Nick to organize and sacrifice his time to make this happen. Why don't YOU step up and do this. The campaign had nothing to do with this. This was all Nick's Liberty HQ who made this happen.

Yes a guy like that.

He give the grassroots a $20,000 a month 5,000 square foot loft in SoHo for the LibertyHQ. He told everybody if they want to be ambassadors for Ron Paul they have to get haircuts and put on suits, and he is right. He tells the loud anarchists that LibertyHQ is for Republican Conservative outreach, and to act accordingly. Some people will never get it and think of their long hair as more important than winning a Republican primary, so they get mad at Nick and post crap about him on the web with anonymous aliases.

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death"
- Patrick Henry

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Wow, what a guy!! I never knew this, but I admire this guy so



We're in Philly...

and we can't WAIT for him to come back here!!

I totally agree with you..

... university campuses and venues like this... he had one in Nashville in 2007... it was brilliant...

Plano TX

OMG!! I'll bet the "powers that be" had to change their shorts

after watching this one! WOW, WOW, WOW.

Not THAT was a campaign speech! And the CROWD was AMAZING. I feel that the tide is turning and the momentum is building. I certainly have been glad to see those two very burly men accompanying Dr. Paul wherever he goes now! Things are gonna heat up REAL fast now!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Look Presidential

He needs to get a suit coat with better shoulders.

Freedom is my Worship Word!