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INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem?


The youth who seem to support Obama, are the same that will carry the debt/spending burden. They appear to be unconcerned about the consequences of excessive big GOV spending.

I am surprised the youth, who are usually pushing the right to choose, be free and make their own decisions at home with their parents, choose to have big GOV micro-manage and dictate their lives. This also goes for Democrat's, years ago they were so into FREEDOM and navigating their own lives and now -- they have handed over the driver's seat to BIG GOV politicians.

NOTE: Recently, I went to a college class and mentioned to students that Constitution Day was on Sept 17, I offered any student interested a FREE Pocket Constitution Booklet--- out of 36 students only THREE accepted the gift BOOKLET.... now I see that perhaps, the youth (at least in this classroom) care very very little about the financial well being of America, their future tax burden and/or liberty. I thought to myself,are these kids who are old enough to vote JUST too blind to see, that the words in that booklet offer them a safety net that contains --- freedom and LIBERTY. I often wonder if the voting age should be raised to 21, simply because most 18 years are too immature to vote without being lured by politicians. Obama has the flashy words that often do not reflect his policy actions -- and the youth step into the "snare trap" more often than not.

Now -- my feelings about the youth be tossed the heavy long term tax burden does NOT weigh so heavy in my mind..... if they vote for a PROGRESSIVE in 2012-- then they KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY opened the door to the problem even though the last couple years of OBAMA -- they were forewarned and years from now -- will pay the price for that urge to support BIG GOV EXCESSIVE $PENDING.

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public school brainwashing

what do you expect?

I wouldn't be so quick

I wouldn't be so quick to blame one generation. There are lots of ignorant young people who voted for Obama once, they may not again. The youth is also Ron Paul's best demographic, whereas many more 40-60 year olds are neo-cons or rigid social conservatives who believe the government should regulate what private citizens do with their bodies on their own property. The older generations are the ones who've been voting in people who had rampant deficit spending the past 20-30 years. Obama "campaigned" on balanced budget. The first time I could vote for president in 2004 I voted for Badnarik (libertarian). How many older people on here can say that? I bet a lot of them voted for Bush.

there are young people who

there are young people who are waking up. The problem is with parents and the public school system. Once they are able to unplug and get to college or out of the house. They can see different things. The key is to reach them where they are.

Debates are nice. But I always bug people at work if they are going to watch the Debates. Guess what, young and old most don't care. They have their own lives to deal with.

Finding ways to get the message out is what we need to do.