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Ongoing Talk Radio Blitz for Ron Paul to Educate Americans on Issues; Get him Nominated

Let's use the media to get Congressman Paul nominated. Let's do it by using the talk radio shows but rather than starting out talking about Ron Paul (which we all know just immediately puts the talk host on the defensive where they start attacking the caller and hang up on them), let's play dumb and ask the hosts leading questions on the issues.

Here are some approaches. We can start out by saying something like this to Sean Hannity, for example:

I know you care a lot about the country Sean and you consider yourself a conservative and you were a staunch Bush supporter who got elected based on a platform supporting no nation building. Tell me this. I'm having a trouble with labels. Are conservatives these days still for a conservative foreign policy like G.W.Bush first ran on are they for starting wars and sending troops into harms way at the drop of a hat like Obama seems to be doing? (Then let him wrestle with that one.)

You could end the call by saying, it just seems to me that since Bush was elected on as no nationbuilding platform and Obama was elected on a PEACE platform (and bringing the troops home) that PEACE and no nationbuilding and no offensive wars are good ideas that should be in any candidate's platform and except for one or two candidates, I don't understand why the others aren't campaigning on this.

There are lots of issues we need to get people thinking about again. Liberty,Freedom, illegal searches and seizures and EVERYONE including the TSA agents having to obey the law... is one of them. We can start on that one by asking these hosts what they think about the TSA? Were they aware that our TSA style of Security is only used in a few countries besides ours? What does that say about our country? Why aren't candidates all in favor of abolishing the TSA?

How do they think candidates like Cain, Romney or Perry are going to restore our Freedom?

We can ask them, if they are pro Freedom, how can they support any candidate who would not repeal the Patriot Act?

Another key issue to discuss is the economy. Obviously we can say, government programs are not the answer to creating jobs. Just look at all the failed programs where AGAIN the taxpayers have ended up paying as Congress and our President have been so foolishly generous with our money bailing out industries that don't deserve it. Look at Solyndra! Even look at Cash for Clunkers! People gave up perfectly good cars to get into debt again to buy newer cars???? Peter Schiff gave testimony to Congress recently to say how he was actually FINED for hiring too many employees? Depending on who you ask, in an economy where unemployment is in the double figures, how does FINING businesses for hiring workers HELP AMERICANS get jobs???
Government has proven itself to be completely incompetent when it comes to having a clue about jobs!

Shouldn't a red flag go up in our minds when any candidate tries to tell us that if he is elected he will create jobs?

Isn't the best example of a President who did the right thing during a depression President Harding and NOT President Roosevelt? During the Forgotten Depression, unemployment was worse than in the "Great Depression" but President Harding SHRANK government; allowed businesses to fail and lowered taxes and the so called depression was over in short order which is why hardly anyone remembers it and the reason it is called "The Forgotten Depression"! If the truth be told, shouldn't we be looking to support for candidates to do what he did?

It just seems to me that by using talk radio, we can educate and get the general public thinking about the more important basic issues. But we can't be confrontational about it. They say that in a sales presentation or a job interview, it is the person asking the questions that is
in control. I think just by calling these shows and asking pointed questions to lead the listeners and the host to where we want them (to the belief Ron Paul is the only candidate with the solutions and the right approach for this country that we really need), before we know it he'll be the front runner that none of the other candidates can touch.

What do you think?

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