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Ron Paul TOP U.S. Story on Google News!

I frequent Google News


Not sure how long it'll last, but for the first time I've ever seen, Ron Paul was the top ranked "US" news story. Related to his appearances in NY yesterday.

We're getting there!

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Please fish out & use a permanent link

You featured story disappeared into the ether? I found a probable soucse for what you & Google are referring to. It on one of the Google News front pages.
http://www.CBSnews.com/8301-503544_162-20112268-503544.html (includes very nice 1 minute video)

CBS includes newsreel & press report about Ron Paul's large event in New York City, .

This is perhaps what you want for your forum. Google points to it with a small photo, brief & links. The article is fairly upbeat. It mentions 1,200 attended the New York rally. It links directly to the Jon Stewart, Comedy Central Interview earlier that day.

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nobody crying censorship here...

last week, however:

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