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Another Shot for 'The Industry' to open for a famous band. UPDATE: Got the most votes but shot down!


Thanks to everyone who voted for us, "The Industry", to open for "The Parlotones" this Friday here in Atlanta. The good news is, Thanks To You, That we got the most votes. However, their agent sent this message along today.

From Agent:
due to prior support bookings there aren’t any spots available.

So we will not be opening for them this Friday after all. Which is pretty lame if you ask me.

If anyone is interested here's the Agent's email address:

and his assistant's email: JoeFucigna@theagencygroup.com

Thanks again to everyone who voted. Maybe if they get enough emails they'll honor their own contest but either way we're thankful for your support and all the votes you cast to make us the winner even though there was no prize.

For anyone in or near Atlanta we're playing at Vinyl on Saturday October 22nd. We'll see everyone else on the Rock The Revolution Tour early next year!


Rich Clarke


Hello Again DP,

As you know my band "The Industry" opened for Incubus last week thanks to votes from DP and we were able to dedicate a song to Ron Paul in front of about 8000 people. Here's a video of that:


We have a similar opportunity to open for Parlophone from South Africa at the their sold out show at Smith's Olde Bar on October 14th. It will be a smaller crowd, only about 200, but it will still be fun and of course we'll be plugging Dr. Paul again. If you want to vote for us just go to this site and see below for instructions: http://thrillcall.com/artist/the_parlotones
The sign up is on the right with big red letters and a purple grey-ish backdrop. (It is kind of incognito)

Enter in:
Band Name : The Industry
City Name : Atlanta
and your email and you're done. Just as a side note you can vote once per day per email address. Tomorrow is the last day though. Once again here's the URL: http://thrillcall.com/artist/the_parlotones

Thanks again DP in advance. I also got in a plug for Daily Paul on the stage with Incubus. I'll be uploading a video of that later this week.

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That SUX! Maybe you should go

That SUX! Maybe you should go anyway and play AFTER they do..ask the guy who did the contest if THAT is ok..lol

See above update on this

See above update on this thread!


Voting still appears to be up

Voting still appears to be up if anyone else wants to pitch in... It was supposed to be taken down today but I guess someone dropped the ball.
If you've already voted please vote again as you can vote once per day!

Last 3 hrs to vote

Just 3 more hours to vote. Thanks in advance...


Thanks for all the votes

Thanks for all the votes folks. Today is the last day so share it around. We got a late start on this but I'm sure we'll come out ahead with DP!


Work email and personal email!


♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫


I actually like your stuff, and I'm hipster/picky as hell. Good luck guys! & voted.

Ha thanks! I'm a snob too.

Ha thanks! I'm a snob too. Guess it takes one to like one! You can find us on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/theindustry and we just put up a new website at http://www.theindustry.us


Keep rocking the Revolution guys!!!

Daniel Fortune

I know not course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty, or give me Death! ~Patrick Henry

Done and Done



is this just for one of their shows? Or for all? or for several?

Thanks for voting!!

Just one unfortunately... In Atlanta.

hit it up with my 4 email addresses

I heard ron paul say that 2 key things you need for a revolution are young people, and music. Glad to be fighting this fight with you guys!




Good Luck!

I would feel better about it

I would feel better about it if you said VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012 rather than we dedicate this song to Ron Paul.

If you agree to do that I will send out a big email asking people to vote for your band.

Lovin' it! Blast away! :)

Lovin' it! Blast away! :)

How is this band anything about Liberty?

Please let me know how their dedicated song even sounds like liberty? I don't think this band even understands what the R3volution even stands for. I could be wrong please clarify if I am.

Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N 2012!

There is a saga to this


While our songs might not say "Ron Paul" or "End the Fed" or "register to vote" in the lyrics that song in question would have never been written had I never heard of Ron Paul. The lyrics are posted under the video. All the members of said band are supporters/activists. Last night after I watched Dr. Paul on Jon Stewart I stayed tuned into Colbert to see my favorite band of all time, Radiohead, perform. Unfortunately, despite loving their music, they are hard core global warming guys and they talked about it on the show and talked about evil oil companies and they are supporters of carbon taxes and the like. That's a big mouth piece they have even as musicians. We could use someone like that on our side. There are folks our there like Vince Vaughn, but not enough. We're very much outnumbered. Yes, it helps our band greatly to win these contests and get the gigs etc. with the help of the Revolution. We will never forget that and will deliver back in kind at every opportunity. That, for lack of a better word, is our bargain (an easy one at that for us). We'll never change our personal philosophies of personal liberty and individualism. If the Revolution propels us anywhere we will accept the responsibility which comes with that. Many (Supporters, even here on DP) have pointed out to us that it is at our own professional peril that we advocate Ron Paul at this stage. It is my belief however that the Revolution is even stronger that the music industry. If we follow Dr. Paul's example and stay true to ourselves, our principles and by proxy our music then we will win out in the end. If we can help spread the word and maybe even help change the world in the process I'd very much like that. I hope this helps.


I got the whole not wanting to be political yet at the same time up holding the values of our cause.

My request is that with all the talent your band has, I believe you can make a song that is rebellious and snide about the establishment. I want to listen to it in my car or gym and get pissed off then go out and hand out Ron Paul flyers! Speak to friends, family and strangers and tell them we are in a !!!R3volution!!! We are changing the country!

I want to tell people this. "That when you are old and fat you will remember this moment." Your children will ask you where were you when you joined the R3volution! And you will say "I was part of it and we changed the course of our country! And when I was doing my part bringing awareness to the masses "The Industry pumped me up!"

thats just my two cents.

Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N 2012!

Try this one on for size


It is completely about the establishment


I just don't get the lyrics?

You Take In Everything, and suddenly awake,
Just to see it so clear
I climb the castle walls, as the ramparts crumble down
and I know, yes I know
That you can't keep this up
I've learned too much
The dream will let us go
With no new place to grow
Come to me, Follow Me
Cause you can't give this us
Your sun's setting, you never learn
To Save Your life, You've got to see the lies
You can't erase it now, No you can't erase it now it's fallen apart.
Can you embrace it now, can you embrace it now? It's come undone... Yeah
For your wives, for your sons, for the years left undone
To Save Your life
You've got to see the lies.

Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N 2012!




And taking this to fb!

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Just voted...

It might help ya that I have a few email addresses lol

done....good luck

done....good luck

Thanks for the vote!

Thanks for the vote!

Another vote for The

Another vote for The Industry! Keep up the good work my man. I hope you all had a great time opening for Incubus and I'm glad we could help make it happen :)

Go for it dudes!

Keep on rockin' in the free world!

alan laney