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End of Quarter Push!

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Alright paulbu I'll make that pledge

Josh from California here. About ready to give the good doctor another $100.


Here it goes... :)

Thanks for taking my challenge!

Done, and now go and challenge someone else, please! :) But before, make sure to post your $50, we are so close to getting cool $1.5 MB(ucks) tonight!


Paul B.

Thank you for your generous

Thank you for your generous donation to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee. Your contribution to Ron will help fuel the fight to return this country to the principles that made it great.

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $107.32
Transaction ID: 311174601

Thank you,
Ron Paul 2012 PCC

Thanks, friend!


This is my second time challenging others after donating, and yes, both times were quite successful! hint-hint... ;-)

We are passionate people, are not we?

Thanks again,

Paul B.

Wow! Someone has stepped up to the plate...........

.................since this morning...the ticker went up 500k.

I'm a Canadian so I have no legal way to contribute to the campaign, unless someone knows a legal loop-hole. I have some cash to spare for liberty and responsibilities.

Cheering liberty on.

send it to the DP.

Michael will know what it is for.

Must be lots of old-timeRRRRs...

... still playing it as a fun game (no problem with that, I'm one of them!) -- let's really make it a BOMB!

See my previous comment -- anyone up to pledge $50 before midnight Pacific for me to match it? ;)

Come on, RP guys and gals! Let's give Good Dr. what he asked for, another $80K in contributions (and we get good Karma, or good Tao, in my personal case, just for being there and contributing!)

Paul B.

The Brits funded Clinton and Obamas campain?......

...............................maybe that's why some of their banks and one of ours got bailed out with your tax money.... this might be the loop hole.

I'm proud of Texans.

I've been watching the ticker.

MY name :)

Just saw my name on the web site :) oh yeah!!

first time donor? ;)


I have some treasured screenshots with my name against the ticker laying around since 2007! ;)

Just documenting the rEVOLution as it was happening...

Feels good, is not it?

Paul B.

P.S. Who will match my another $50 (already did $150 tonight)? You reply, our good Dr. gets another hundred, half from you, half from me!

Thank you!

Done my second donation tonight, feels good! Even if we do not get cool 1,500,000. we are close enough for the media to report it as such!

Thanks again!

Paul B.

I'll match your $50

And raise you $150.
Amount: $200.00
Transaction ID: 311174619
Transaction date/time: 2011-10-01 00:48:34

Bummer: it's only 10:48 P.M. here on the West Coast, but the time stamp for the donation reads 12:48, on Oct. 1. Too late to count?

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I Just Dropped a Bomb on Oreily and Fix news..

Bombs Away..

Thank you!

Thank you for your generous donation!
Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 311173259
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 23:43:54

Lets put it to them California!

Tonight! Ron Paul Breaks Loose and Into The Stratosphere..

"Never let it be said that we did nothing, that no one cared"


Parabolic! ;-)

actually, the mathematical term is...


e^t is way, way bigger than t^2, and the look at the graph makes me think that we are getting above 1.5M tonight!

Paul B.


Rocket science wasn't one of my better subjects. ;-)

I picked up that "parabolic" chart talk from silver forums.

Let's just say "To The MOON!!!"

Thank YOU! (I am assuming that you have donated already, right?

Actually, parabolic is much more useful notion in rocket science, this is what you get if you do not pump up your rocket with enough gas to make it to the orbit!

Exponential is what you get when you tell just one other person about Ron Paul (and continue working for him!) -- eventually, everyone will know and most appreciate him! ;)

Take it from the guy who have been arpund the real rocket scientists,

Paul B.

Bill Orally Dismisses Online Poll Because We Flooded His Site..

Bill "Orally" O'Reily dismisses Ron Paul because he said Ron told us to flood the website..That makes no sense..

Guys we are winning and "Baby Bill" doesn't like it..Can you say wah, wah, wah, wah, wah..

Hey Bill, if you are reading our mail, then keep up the BS because you and the rest of those losers are going to eat Ron's dust..He, he, he ,he,he...

We are here!

It is so reassuring, especially on days like these when the whole establishment turns against Ron and the movement - when you begin to feel doubt about how many people really understand liberty - to watch that little graph shoot straight up toward the sky.

It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss story "Horton Hears a Who", when the small but determined community of Whoville bands together to assert its presence to the world. We are here! WE ARE HERE!!

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

An Email From "Uncle Ronnie" : We Can Dot It!!

He said we are in reach of 8 Million..The checks are flying in to the campaign by mail..Woooooohoooo!

Don't forget....They have to count the checks as well..

Lets Go So-Cal..We Won The Straw Poll For Ron Paul..

We can do this!

Make It So..Joe

Make It So..Joe

Come on west coasters!

Only 100k to go! We can do it!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

I promised myself

If the ticker could get within ten grand of 1.4M before midnight, I'd go in again to give some grassroots momentum before the west coast pushes the for last 100k. Looks like I'll be eating pb&j for the next month... all in the name of liberty!

We Have Until 12 Mid PT

We have 3 hours to go...We can do it!

Is PT the official

Would love for it to extend to Hawaiian Time

Just a thought.