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End of Quarter Push!

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Just made mine!

I just made my contribution - biggest one so far. Sure would like to see this thing climb faster, and hope that the base of contributers grows too!


Oh Goodie, goodie, goodie!!!

I've been hoping for these graphs! ONWARD!!!!!

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Viva La Revolucion!

We'll see

I'll be giving a few hundred this time..still trying to see how the week goes so maybe I can give a bit more hopefully.

BTW.. Thanks for the ticker!

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Thanks for getting the ticker up!

I love the graph.

We are only on pace for about

We are only on pace for about $750,000. Hopefully the last 72 hours, things really ramp up!

Head count for Donations..

I would love to know just how many ppeople actually donated to get this total for us and how it compares to the other candidates. I just know we have way more actual people donating in smaller amounts then the rest but what is that number? Does anyone know or can we just say alot? lol

Thank God for Dr.Paul!