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End of Quarter Push!

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Win or not

He started something that will not be undone!

We've got to STEP IT UP!

mittromneycentral.com is less than $1000 away from their $7500 goal for today!

Eh...seriously, though, I wonder how many new supporters and how much funds his actual campaign brought in this quarter...with most of his donors last cycle hitting near max and Perry jumping in, I'm hoping he'll be much less significant on the fundraising this time.

Hmm...that's nice. I guess with every donation of $5 or more, you win a chance for a day with Mitt. Joyous...maybe I should go drop a fiver for a chance to ask him some real questions?

Enter for FREEEE!

No purchase necessary.


If I win, I will wear a Ron Paul T-Shirt and try to convince him to quit! ;-)

OMG, I thought you were KIDDING!

but it's true! Mitt's big end of the quarter push has passed $6500! Boy, we should be ashamed of ourselves. I think I'll go over there and donate so that I have a chance to win a day with Mitt! Oh, wait! I accidentally donated to Dr. Paul instead!

We'll see how it goes

I'm wondering if that's just them tracking on his supporter site, since I didn't see a ticker on the official campaign site. They might just be pledging or reporting donations for that community, so may not have anything to do with actual campaign receipts for the day.

Funny, though...I'm pretty sure if we knew what the deal was for fair comparison, we would still blow it out of the water.

G'night, and let's see if we can get another +$140K to get us to goal by Hawaii midnight!

Don't tell my wife :)

It's now or never...

Amount: $177.60
Transaction ID: xxxxx338
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 19:12:30

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Well Done!! We will keep your secret!

: )


Good to see the donors

Good to see the donors putting the pedal to the metal. Just put in another.

This fundraiser is critical since New Hampshire could possibly be in December now.

We Now Have.........

4 Hours To Raise......$269,987 Dollars To Meet Ron's Goal Of 1.5 Million!!

C'mon everyone. We're sooooooo close........


Just curious...

If you've already maxed, then would you be allowed to purchase stuff from the official campaign store?

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Friend, wife, parent, sibling

Ask someone to donate for you and reinburse them

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that is a good question

I would say try! I think that is different

Turn Copper into gold http://UgetGold.com and see what it is all about!
You will need it if we dont get a President!

Store is Donation

When you add something to your cart and go to checkout, you see:
Purchases made from the Ron Paul 2012 PCC store are considered contributions to the Committee for Federal Election Commission purposes and will apply to an individual's $2500 per election limit. If you have already reached your maximum contribution level of $2500, please contact us for assistance.

Here you go Dr. Paul

Thank you for your generous donation!

Amount: $20.12
Transaction ID: 311151458
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 18:42:17

I'll be able to toss more next time.

Ron Paul is my president


The Time is Now -


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

100 bucks

For the Doctor!

Ya know...this has got to be gratifying

for the good Dr. When he first put this graph up, he was hoping to get $1.5M. He's got no big corporate buddies, ya know. We're all he's got. So then after a week, it only had about $600K, so he dropped the graph down to $750K. AND NOW....the thing is shooting up like a ROCKET!!! His peeps are coming through for him! Man, the guy is laying it on the line and we're what keep him going. I'm just saying. It's gotta be gratifying, since he's relying on us solely for his support, to see us coming through for him like this.

I don't think the campaign site graph ever dropped it

to $750K. The graph on this page is controlled by DP Mods. However, I remember seeing the campaign graph on www.ronpaul2012.com always at $1.5M...guess we won't know unless someone took a snapshot early on, after they donated.

I'm sure it is.

I feel the same way though about having a voice now, someone who stands for what makes America a special place.

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Midnight in Which Timezone?

Has anyone heard from the Campaign when exactly the End of Qtr Push Ends???

Is it Midnight Eastern Daylight Time or does it last until Midnight on the West Coast or even the Hawaii time zone?

A clear answer would sure help in promoting the final stretch this evening across the internet.....


I think they go by central time, don't they? TX time?

it is midnight in YOUR timezone. the website knows

because of your IP address, from what I can tell.


Donated $300.. Wish it had been more.

Got a question.. Are these early reports counting as the ticker moves up? I wonder. I hope it's 5 mil plus this mil!

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

i hope he gets 1.5 mill

whoooo whooooo almost there just a few more 100ks to go and he's still got time to get it to

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Only $300,000 to go! PUSH!!!

If RP only

has 2 or 3 thousand followers, then they must be rich sumbitches!

nevermind ...

... that pesky $2500 limit per person....hmmmm....someone's math is off Mr. Levin....

More important than Oct!

I was saving up for a big (for me) Black This Out, but it makes more sense for now!

Thank you for your generous donation to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee. Your contribution to Ron will help fuel the fight to return this country to the principles that made it great.

Here are your transaction details:
Donation amount: $50.00
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 17:47:52

I'll still muster up some for the Black This Out money bomb!

Go RP!

same here

gave another $50!! felt good

Now is a great time to give what you can

+$50 for the campaign

+$85 for all the materials I've been meaning to buy (tee shirts, slim jims, etc.)

Now is a great time to order up campaign materials folks. It helps the Q3 total and gets you RP stuff early enough to influence hearts and minds.