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End of Quarter Push!

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I donated again.

We gotta get to 1.5M Come on guys!

Me, too..just where are we

Me, too..just where are we gonna find $400,000+ in the next 10 hours? Take to the streets? !! I can see us standing with plastic donation buckets on streets, then divvying it up between people who have not maxed out, to donate it in..LOL

Hi Crickett, I am a little

Hi Crickett, I am a little confused. Does the fund raising end at 12 midnight Eastern time or 12 midnight California time?

Hi. that is a good question.

Hi. that is a good question. To us, it is always Pacific time, but I don't know how the government does it. Anyone know?

Hopefully it is Pacific time

Hopefully it is Pacific time that way we should hit our goal.

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Nah, it's the farthest timezone that has US military bases

so, noon tomorrow, some time.

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Hawaii Time?

It's still in the US.



I beg U

to consider taking out some money from your IRA or 401. Doesn't matter if you get penalized. TAXES WILL GO UP, YOU WILL PAY MORE LATER. The whole idea of IRA's and 401s was somewhat of a scam. "What the government can give, the govt. can take." They will steal this money later. Please consider for your own sakes, taking 10% to 15% out. Buy some gold or silver for yourself and make a major donation to Ron Paul. Best decision you could ever make.

2nd Admenment under attack

This is another reason to donate and spread the message. Once America is unarmed we will be slaves to the system. I know I sound paranoid and crazy but you will either have to bow to the views of the system or get locked away. The time is comming everyone, when our government will become stronger than "we the people" and I pray that it doesn't happen in our life time or my childrens life time.

Go here to sign the survey that Rand paul is leading to defend our 2nd admendment and make sure to donate to Ron Paul
Rand Paul says-


Jacob Dixon

fightapathy...too funny

Pathetic indeed

Anita Perry sez "Help Rick Get 18,000 Donations By Midnight!"

Anita Perry sez, "Help [my stupid husband] Rick Perry [who can't do anything I tell him] Get [more than Ron Paul's 18,000 Donations] By Midnight! [And that's tonight, you jerks! Don't make me regret shoving Rick into this embarrassing skidmark-of-a-race! Cough up the dough, now!! C'mon! Before that fat bastard from Jersey belly-flops into the race and wrecks it all for me! Damn it, I want to be in Michelle's place. I deserve the 30 ladies-in-waiting, not that b*tch! I told that moronic slouchy husband of mine, 'Get out from under Gestapo Dewhurst's shadow, and get me into the godd*mned White House! But Noooooo! Rick can't do that! He can't take down that Mormon Moron from Massachusetts, can he? He can't even squash the little doctor from Galveston, who made him look like a complete fool in the last few debates! Uhhhhhh!!!!!]"

Well, maybe I'm paraphrasing a bit. But that was the gist of Perry's facebook push to get ahead of Dr. Paul before the end of Q3.

Pretty pathetic.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


can't stop laughing! hahahahahaha.... thanks

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Viva La Revolucion!

We Have Now........

11 Hours To Raise.....$474,760 Dollars......To Meet Ron's Goal Of 1.5 Million!!

Reach Down Deep Everyone...And Give!!!

End of Quarter Push banner on all the cool alt financial sites

gonzalo lira
market ticker
etc. etc.

Pretty neat to see the ron paul fundraising banner on all those sites.

bought a tshirt

that says "ron paul for president" "defender of the constitution" and it has the constitution on the back

Wish I could buy from their store

but foreigners cant. I wan´t that blue cap.
Been looking all over the place for a blue one.
I got a black from another place but it was a bad model fit, so I ordered a plain black and will move the Ron Paul mark to it.

Check ebay

Check ebay

Ron Paul raised $5 million in the third fundraising quarter,

According to CNN Ron Paul raised $5 million in the third fundraising quarter,
Dr. Paul is likely to be the lone candidate to raise more this quarter than last. It is also worth noting that Ron Paul doesn't take huge corporate donations like some of the other (corporatist) candidates do. Mitt Romney, for instance, receives more donations from wall street than any other candidate. In contrast, Dr. Paul receives more from active duty military than all other Republican candidates combined.

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That's it! Make this "Wall Street vs. Main Street"!

It's becoming clear that Romney and Paul are the top two Republican contenders.

Based on their donations,
Mitt Romney = WALL STREET

(Obama is also WALL STREET)

Who are you going to support, America??????

Ann in Florida

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In for $50

I like what one poster earlier wrote "I can't afford to donate, but I can't afford not to"

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just donated $20.12

just donated $20.12 weeeeeeeeeeeee


Half my paycheck donated ...

The rest I will, no doubt, foolishly spend on food and shelter. Forgive me Lord - my flesh is still weak.

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

You rool

You rool

Just donated

But this time I got issue cards, a t-shirt and signs so I could go canvassing in proper attire. I see it as a win win as they get cash and their merchandise is now out in the streets and I'm out and about looking for more supporters.

Issue cards should be sold in combos

I wish they sold packs of 5, 10, 50 or more of each Rather than only 100 of a single issue. I tried to suggest it, but got no reply. anyone else want this?? I can't afford 100 of each!

Good idea we should all

Good idea we should all contact the campaign about this

Could get

multiple people to buy different ones then trade :)

Ron Paul Surging, Perry Heckled by Protesters..Ha!

Looks like Perry is in deep trouble..Ron Paul cruising to GOP nomination..Anti war liberals are registering for Paul in mass.

Look for Obama to bow out by end of January and Hillary to run in his place..

Your gotta love it!



Content Junkies like I said below, need links :)
I wanna see Perry get heckled