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End of Quarter Push!

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just crossed the 1 mill mark.

just crossed the 1 mill mark. now it up 1k. looks like the push is pushing harder


Just in case anyone wasn't

Just in case anyone wasn't sure, when you buy from the store, even the shipping costs go towards your donation total! =)

Ohh Nice!

That is the only reason I didnt buy yet is because I was donating but its time to buy some stuff.

Thing is that all that money

Thing is that all that money can't actually go to what they want to spend it on.

Just added another $50.00

Everyone, we need to donate like never before the presidency it is right there for the taking.

Yes, and...

...I've just added a store purchase to my previous cash donations today.

Can't wait to get my items.

From the Ron Paul Campaign Website...

Many of the top headlines beginning next week will be about how much money the various presidential candidates raised during the 3rd quarter. Right now Ron Paul is in second place at over $5 million behind Mitt Romney at reportedly about $11 million.

The last quarter push ends at midnight tonight and we are already at almost $1 million. The goal for this final push of the quarter is $1.5 million

Read the rest here:

really can't afford to

really can't afford to donate, but just put in another $20.12- that's about $150 so far...

I'm supposed to find out today if I got a job I recently interviewed for this week... otherwise, once I get employed, I'll be sending a bigger donation...

You are a generous soul.

I truly wish you the best of luck in finding employment!

well- thanks for the wish- it

well- thanks for the wish- it seems to have come true- just got offered a job... it'll require a long commute, so now I just have to decide...

..probably take it. If it

..probably take it. If it works out you can move closer, later, and end that hassle that way. GRATS!

well, I believe in this

well, I believe in this cause, and I think this could be our shot/moment- especially this next month or so... it's worth the sacrifice.

Things are tight, but I'm sure I'll find a good job soon....

Money is tight...

Money is tight and I wasn't going to give today. But I gave another $50 anyways.

Ron Paul 2012!

This makes it $500 so far

Amount: $250.00
Transaction ID: 311003131
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 10:46:25

When he gets $1,500,00 it will make his total campaign coffers equal half or more of Mittens campaign. This way the media will not have the option of saying 'Ron Paul raised less than half of what Mitt Romney has on-hand.'

Word is Mittens has ~$11 million. The good doctor could use our support when the media gets around to reporting on it, last I checked the rumor was he has ~$5 million on-hand now.


but we gave $1000

ye rawk

ye rawk

It Not Just the Amount You Give

It is the number of donors that is also equally important. The more people that give will also show the growing grassroot support willing to give their hard earn money for Ron Paul Campaign.


25 for freedom

Lord knows I can barely afford it, but Ron needs it more than I do.


Amount: $201.20
Transaction ID: 310995711
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-30 10:23:31

Can't afford to

but can't afford not to either. Just dropped another $100.


me too!

Onward to 1 Million.

Register as Republican Early and Look Into Becoming a Delegate

Need to get the word out that everyone must be registered Republicans in their states to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries (he must win the Republican nomination or it is over for Ron Paul!!!), and some states require you to be registered well in advance of the primaries!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, please look in to becoming a delegate for Ron Paul in your locality. I don't fully understand it yet, but from what I have heard it can make a huge difference.

Just donated again....

... and made a store purchase.
A friend (blue Republican) just asked me for a large car magnet.
I'm going to give her 3, one for her and two for whoever else she can recruit.

The Virtual Conspiracy

OOOOh, I like that..:)

OOOOh, I like that..:)

Ron Paul bests his 2nd Quarter donations

CNN just released that Ron Paul is the only candidate to raise more funds this quarter than last quarter. The others have maxed out their donors.


to the story? come on you know all of us here are content junkies :)

Update! here is the link.


by the way did Romney raise that much for his Campaign from individual donors? I thought you can only donate 2500.00 a cycle?

And he's only getting warmed up

If all goes well in the next money bomb we could beat this quarters amount in 1 day.

$50-just donated

I would love to see this get to $1.5M

There's a REVOLUTION going on in this country!!!!!

Although financial insecurity looms over most Americans today, the grassroots are very much alive, giving their all to the idea of LIBERTY!! No other candidate can compete without the help of large corporations stuffing millions of federal reserve notes straight into their campaign. WE THE PEOPLE want PRESIDENT RON PAUL!!!!


I believe there is a great awakening going on world wide people are starting to realize these wars and the banksters are ridiculous and without them we can usher in a great area of peace and prosperity for this planet.