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End of Quarter Push!

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Broke, put chipped in for the....

Big PUSH anyways! For Liberty!

We Now Have..........

16 Hours To Raise.........$560,164 Dollars........To Reach Ron's Goal Of 1.5 Million!!

Let's go everyone......P-U-S-H!!!!!!!!!

Is it me or are we lagging

Is it me or are we lagging the 2008 campaign enthusiasm? Maybe the money bombs are too frequent... I just dont see the grassroots as in 2008. Like Blimps etc...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

In 2007

In 2007 people still had jobs and money. Wall Street now has all the money.

So far its alot more than the

So far its alot more than the 08' presidential cycle


Just Donated!!!

woo woo!!

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Just put in $150.

Just put in $150.

Just donated

Today is payday for me and a lot of others. I think we might break $1 million.

Donated again!

Donated again!

donated at http://iowaforronpaul.com/projects.php

as I was thinking they still need it (although it routes to the donation on ronpaul2012.com, as always). probably doesn't matter too much but I thought it would be good.

I Heart Ron Paul!

Let's do it!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

POST IMMEDIATELY the $5 Million Push!

we need a $5,000,000 push, Romney is looking at about $14mil for this quarter. please DP get this started!!!

$901,807.78 on the Ticker at Midnight EDT

Our goal for the next 24 hours is therefore to raise $598,192.22.....to meet the Campaign's Goal of raising $1.5 million in the last nine days of the 3rd Quarter. Our past Moneybombs this quarter have surpassed that!!!

Let's make it happen!!!!!

One hour later....

$909,600. A few thousand in just an hour!

Thomas M. Gallion

What about tomorrow?

Will donations for tomorrow go towards this quarter? When is the cut off precisely? Does anyone know?

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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...presumably the "end of the quarter"

which'd be the end of this month, which'd be midnight this Friday.

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This ticker is stuck. The campaign ticker says $891,619.




I don't know if it's hacked, but I did just donate and waited 20 minutes to see my name and it kept replaying the same 10-15 names over and over without the ticker moving.

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Seems to be catching up, but is a little behind the campaign one



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I just went to donate, and when I went to the store page, the

entire page below the ticker is a viagra ad and a bunch of nonsense text. You can't buy a/g from the store. We are hacked again to sabotage our fundraising through the Store.


Try updating your browser.

Try updating your browser.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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Thanks - it seems okay now.



Revolution PAC

You can make unlimited donations to the Revolution PAC if you have already reached the max donation. http://www.revolutionpac.com/

Is official campaign website hacked?

Went to www.ronpaul2012.com and the whole home page has nonsense about some generic drug. Anyone else seeing this??

Make sure that the address in

Make sure that the address in your address bar says ronpaul2012.com after you've loaded the page. If it does not then you may be infected with a hijacker. If that is the case then you will probably have noticed other sites getting redirected as well. I have confirmed that ronpaul2012.com is loading correctly so it must be only specific to you.

Working just fine for me...


Your post is interesting. The

Your post is interesting. The MSM is scrambling to get others in the race because their so-called two top tier front runners are crashing and burning. Panic comes to mind. I am not sure they will settle for JOHN HUNTSMAN -- you never know, it could happen.

Just Curious

I'm just curious if anyone agrees/disagrees with what I posted below?

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excellent observations...

huntsman is "out of the blue" as far as i'm concerned but does look as though he is a "packaged" candidate

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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