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Ron Paul Comes to Chris Christie's House

....Awesome article from Jersey! (nj.com)....:

Lindsey Graham wants to start a war with Pakistan. And they say I’m nuts?

That was the gist of a conversation I had yesterday with Ron Paul in the back of his car as he was returning to the Trenton-Mercer Airport following a campaign rally at the Statehouse.

The reason I had to cram in that interview during the ride to and from the airport is that the Texas congressman is a busy man these days. He was in and out of the Trenton airport in two hours, off to New York for an afternoon appearance. He’s in Iowa today.
You can’t do that flying commercial. But thanks to the fervor and the fund-raising of his youthful supporters, Paul can lease a private jet and travel in the more efficient manner usually reserved for the Beltway elite. That means more funding and more momentum for a campaign calculated to drive the party leaders crazy.

It’s Paul’s foreign policy pronouncements that seem to bother the Beltway crowd the most. Foreign policy was the theme state Sen. Mike Doherty stressed in his introduction to Paul before a crowd of about 200 mostly young people. The Warren County Republican is a graduate of West Point and the father of three sons with military careers, so he knows a thing or two about warfare. He told the crowd the U.S. military should be used only for defensive purposes and only in declared wars.

“Bring our troops home and use that money here in America,” he shouted to a big round of applause. Paul followed up by recounting his experience serving on the House International Affairs Committee in the run-up to the Iraq War.

“A long time before 9/11, they were planning the Iraq War,” he said. “Sept. 11 was just the excuse.” ...

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Saw your title and thought it was the sequel to this:

The Hill satire- Ron Paul Should kidnap Christie


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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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Good article.

Glad Dr. Paul had such a productive day with so much support.

I predict we haven't heard the last about State Senator Mike Doherty.