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Tennessee and National Action Alert!

Smart meters being installed on homes without consent. In the middle of the Summer without notification the local electric company installed a "smart meter" on our home. We have owned the home for 8 years now and during the Summer months never paid more than $165.00-220.00 for utilities (electric and water) due to conservation and the fact that even though it is a standard split foyer home both children have moved out, one to school and the other to work. Since the smart meter was installed our utility bill has doubled, and not using the AC for a month has only caused a $20,00 reduction in the price? Our bill for the last 7 years during the warm months has ranged from $150.00-$220.00 using our local electrics "smart plan" using their approved bulbs and so on, the last two months since the smart meter was installed our bill has hit $400.00-$420.00 respectively, and after the first $400 bill we have cut off the AC and roasted in our home to conserve. The latest bill with no AC usage and two people living in the dwelling was 385.00, still higher than ever before, even during a period where we were not attempting to conserve. The July water usage was at 10K gallons, August at 4800, and September has gone to 13K gallons, FOR TWO PEOPLE. We called to complain and the electric company told us to get bent, so I am asking that all Tennessee residents who are experiencing the same, or are concerned that these monitoring devices will be added to your home go here:


Sign the petition and contact your representatives in an effort to stop the use of these devices and get back to producing cheaper energy. Please forward the web page to all you know, even out of state to prepare them for this attack on privacy and pocket book. Presently there are 104 signatures to the petition as not many citizens even know about the secretive smart meters being installed, please help turn this around and nip it in the bud. we were told by our electric company that opting out in Tennessee was not an option, but with public awareness and a loud citizenry contacting their reps I bet this can change. I realize this is a non Ron Paul item, but if we cannot relay this message to our DP family for help, then we are alone against the beast that is sucking us dry. Please take the time to help.