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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Looking for feed back and ideas regarding an Idea I had when chatting here on the Daily Paul.

Ron Paul is great in Town Hall Meetings. He gets more than 30 seconds to answer a question and people can see that he is genuine.

So here is the idea.

Set up hundreds of town meetings all around the country and have Ron speak to them via satellite or some other technological video conferencing method. Take questions, have him respond. Collect peoples information and perhaps get them to sign a petition for a bill he has in at the moment that could rally lots of media attention as well as lots of support for the bill.

Ideas are welcome about the format and the technical details it would take to pull this off.

What do you think?

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JustinTV or liveleak

It would be nice to see the campaign try something interactive like that. JustinTV has been used for the wall st. protest and they take questions from time to time. Ron should hold his weekly texas talks this way fielding answers for ten to fifteen mins.

Also in the past Alex Jones has done 24 hr marathons for his fundraisers. I think a similar setup with a radio team the likes of peter schiff, tom woods, dr paul, rand paul, mrs. paul, and more would do alot of good.

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How about skype and a

How about skype and a computer projector? Easy to set up and would have a big picture. Set up for 1 hour "meetings" with campaign

I think

this idea has value, but RP needs to fix his skype setup.

He needs decent lighting, and a new camera. His current setup is horrible. We tried to get the campaign to let us fix it, but never heard back from them. (Benton that is)

A friend has been telling me about this thing called "iwowee" which is a high def video conferencing setup. It's like 20 bucks a month to use it, but is much better than skype.
I realize it is a MLM thing, but you don't have to pay to watch videos. It seems like you could just have 2 accounts. A sending and a receiving, and set up conferences around the country with state campaign coordinators.

I've also heard that the pArry campaign purchased this video software. IDK what they are using it for.

I don't know how potential voters would feel about video conferencing rather than personal contact, but it would sure save a heck of a lot of money and be easier on RP physically.

I like the idea of this! I

I like the idea of this! I think everyone feels detached to Presidential campaigns and if Ron Paul gave a speech about how important each person was to him at a virtual meeting, they would all leave and tell more people. I don't see a downside to this!


this is an awesome idea. he can reach people in the way he teaches - locally!

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