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10th Amendment Radio

Did you guys know about this site:


They have this radio about 10th amendment that runs every Wednesday at 7PM Central. I never knew about it but just found it now - might wanna check it out.

Also listen to interview with Gary Marbut:


(note - if you go there and it starts playing right away then it's not the interview, but rather live stream of whatever is hapenning now. To listen to his interview there's a little bar right under "Gary Marbut with Michael Boldin and Robert Scott Bell" headline with a small play button)

He's a very smart and well spoken guy - makes some good points on state rights and talks about his firearms freedom act.

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I'm bumping this to make sure enough of you see it. They run every Wed after 7 central - there's a chat room there too so you can chat while radio is on.
When they are not on you can always listen to previous episodes. Again - I suggest checking out the interview with Gary Marbut first - really good points on 10th amendment:


I'll bump this a few times this week (I wish there was a way to see how many people total viewed the thread)

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This is really great, thank you!

I downloaded several to listen to on podcast. I'm really looking forward to hearing Tom Woods, and Prof. Rob Natelson on the General Welfare Clause. I'm sure I'll learn a lot.