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Rand Paul on CNN John King

Talking about FEMA and govt shutdown.


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'Can't wait for that super-committee...'

Just had to squeeze that in there didn't he?

King is no friend of freedom imo.


Sen. Rand Paul on CNN with John King

John King is SUCH a pathetic moron, although there's no surprise there. We've already defaulted 4 times before! And while its not good, its not the end of the world. And we don't have to default, the gov still makes enough money to pay the interest and send out all the checks like Social Security. The crisis will happen if we do raise the dept, although since we're bankrupt the crisis is coming either way. It'll just be much worse with an increased dept ceiling

Ron Paul for President 2012!

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Stand your ground, Rand Paul.

To address the comments below, Rand Paul is not so much positioning himself as a mainstream politician. He has already shown that he is not one of them. He is positioning himself with mainstream America as he tells the MSM and the bureaucrats that this mess has got to be fixed.

Thanks for posting

It is interesting to see Rand Paul positioning himself as a more main stream politician.

I have no doubt that he agrees with Ron on almost everything and I think this must be some deliberate strategy on their part.

Maybe the plan is to get Rand more known so he can later take over from Ron?

It just seems like Rand is not supporting Ron's campaign as much as he could right now, but I guess if he did he would not get any interviews.

I don't know, just guessing as i find it interesting. Any ideas?

I don't get it...


I thought this was a great interview by Rand. How do you figure Rand is moving more mainstream from this interview? Maybe I missed it. Did he compromise on any of the positions?

I thought he made a great argument for all our positions especially about simply...balancing the budget. I thought he made the opposition seem silly by taking criticism when he demands balancing the budget. Nothing unreasonable about balancing the budget.

I totally agree

I was more referring to the Obama trip on Air Force One and the balanced budget amendment that Ron Paul voted against as examples.

I just think he is a distances himself from the strong libertarian base in his positioning, I am sure he is still as libertarian as his dad down deep inside.

"It is interesting to see

"It is interesting to see Rand Paul positioning himself as a more main stream politician." That is EXACTLy why I am not a big fan of him. Way too much pandering.... He even backtracked on the Civil Rights Act position because of the media. Ron paul, Stossel, the judge NEVER backtracked on that...

Its really too bad...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I trust him 100%

I just think it's a political strategy and I am curious to see how he and Ron will use it in the future.

What? Yeah, pandering IS a

What? Yeah, pandering IS a political strategy. That is what makes someone political, and that is why Ron Paul is different. If Rand panders, why is he different from the others?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

ive wondered the same thing

Rand is a good guy. From my perspective he is learning from the things he saw Ron do and applying the lessons to work for him. He oughta be campaigning for Ron soon enough.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul