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I am starting to dislike my college TA.

So when I had a meeting with my TA (Who is from Texas), and we were talking about politics. Here was the part that pisses me off during the middle of our discussion:
Me-"So I was wondering. What is your political affiliation."
TA-"Oh that is personal, I can't tell you."
Me-"Really can you give me a hint?"
TA-"Well, I'm a flyby independent I tend to switch parties."
Me-"Oh so you tend to vote democrat and republican."
TA-"Ya" (with a sweet smile)
Me-"I am a libertarian"
TA-"Oh that's good. I respect that. I actually would be libertarian in a perfect world. Actually do you know who Ron Paul is? He is from texas."
I smiled and said ", Heck ya. He is awesome. So are you voting for him."
TA-She nodded no and said ", Naaaa. He's too unrealistic."
Me-", How?"
TA-"Think about the Jim Crow Laws, I was old enough to experience them back in Texas. I was a little girl back then. We needed government (the civil rights act) to overturn those laws, in a libertarian society there would be unequal justice for the black people and the Jim Crow laws would spread further."
Me-"Ya but couldn't you just repeal the Jim Crow Laws?"
TA-"Who would repeal them. No one would repeal em. "
Then our conversation stopped from there. How can I counter this argument? I need help. I know shes trying to be realsitic but how can I convince her to vote for Ron Paul? I'm assuming that she is being pessimistic because she is aware of the power hungry people in washington and she thinks that Ron's capability to execute his goal thinking that his libertarian policies would hurt this nation more than it would help.

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In my experience with them the females at least can be somewhat reasoned with. The males were totally on some kind of statist mission and could not give a darn for anything but their viewpoint. They have no sense of objectivity or even any respect for their customers. They are striving so hard to manuever themselves in academia because this is what they are told. ie. to get anywhere you have to tow the line.

I had made several complaints about them to their respective offices and only by these measures I got some leeway. If I did not approach these totally unnecessary channels things would of been much worse imo. ie. the Profs over-rode the TA views but where still reluctant to administer full justice. So goes contemporary education.


Ron Paul is against

Ron Paul is against government enforced segregation. Jim Crow laws are antithetical to libertarianism. He doesn't support mandating that business owners serve anyone, but it's also worthy to point out that many Jim Crow laws banned private businesses from integrating. Why should we expect the federal government to be better protectors of liberty than the states (there are plenty of examples to counter to the Jim Crow one)? Is it logical that centralizing power will increase freedom? How did centralizing power work for Germany and Italy?

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The objections to Paul/libertarianism

fall into 2 basic categories: 1, libertarians wouldn't take strong enough action to block whatever bad situation...Jim Crow laws, pollution, etc. Those are totally dispensed with by pointing out that as RP educates more Americans into a libertarian society instead of the mainstream authoritarian society, violent, aggressive bad action (discriminatory laws, pollution) would be less tolerated since people would be fully accountable and responsible for their actions. This includes government being held to the same high standard of the Nonaggression Principle.

2. libertarians wouldn't take care of the needy whomever: this one takes more time, effort to educate the objector as to the greater efficacy of free, respectful people taking responsibility and with an attitude of good will and tolerance for differences vs the punishment/authoritarian mode of all government action coupled with its fostering of a huge dependent class that keeps them down, never enabled to rise out of dependency. This includes elderly and ill people who are drugged and cut and radiated and tested endlessly but are kept profitably chronically ill as the government persecutes all effective alternatives. It includes the majority impoverished by decades of inflationary debt.