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The Campaign's Strategy over the next 30 days

Hey guys,

Just forwarding on this message that was posted over at RonPaulForums.com by Matt Collins:

I wanted to let you all in on what I've heard is a bit of the campaign's strategy.

They are going to spend some money in the next few weeks to move up in the polls and become a serious contender in some specific states. The goal is to put Ron solidly into the #2 position. It's important to do this now before the other campaigns and their PACs begin to unload their warchests. If we can take 2nd place now it will be harder for them to unseat us from that position later on in the race. But starting in November there will be a lot of high-dollar marketing messages which we won't be able to compete with and if we don't move up soon that window may close and the opportunity could be lost forever. This is our chance!

But we need the money NOW if we are going to win this thing!

Rick Perry is teetering on the edge after his lousy performance at the previous debate. Many of his supporters have gone sour on him. To move up to and secure the #2 slot now the campaign must have the funds to do so. Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination by first doing well in Iowa and winning some of the the early states. This will create a snowball effect and as other candidates drop off we'll continue to be in the top tier and offer a choice against big-government Mitt Romney.

If you are going to give, give everything you've got BEFORE the 1st of October for the End of Quarter Push! It's do-or-die time. Step up to the plate and put your money where your mouth is if you want Ron to have a chance at winning this election! If you were holding back or planning to max out, now is the time!

Source: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?319050-IMPORTANT...!

AND don't delay, donate TODAY: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/?sr=dp1

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"Ron Paul was Right"

I hope RP's campaign make "Ron Paul was Right" ads covering his past predictions -- especially concerning the housing crash and the economy but also his prediction concerning Iraq's nonexistent WMDs and his position on defense (that he's for a strong defense but against nation building).

Members of my family told me they'd never vote for him because they think he never would have gone after bin Laden; yet in 2001 he had a bill to do just that. If my relatives don't his record, then I'm sure most registered Republicans don't know either.

bailouts / fraud

Ron Paul, in addition to some of the things already mentioned here in the comments, NEEDS to start talking about jailing people for the all of the fraud in recent history.

Not one person of significance has been indicted let alone convicted.


No more civil settlements for pennies on the dollar (in which they admit no wrongdoing), let's see some CRIMINAL indictments with jury trials... and I'll see ya (to the banksters)

Are you telling me that this message or (locking up the financial thieves) will not resonate with everyone?!??!


I agree 100% with this.

I agree 100% with this. Also, this message will really resonate with the Occupy Wall Street crowd - a group that is growing by the day. Ron Paul's campaign may have hit the perfect moment in history to be successful!

Our forefathers fought for freedom on the battlefield. Our generation will fight for freedom by educating the electorate. I rant on the web. I am a Virtual Soldier.

Please send this message to the campaign!!

I'm not happy with the campaign. at all.

Ron has to be much more agressive. He must bring up the fact that Romney and Perry supported the Bailouts. and he should say that this should automatically disqualify them. He should say let's not take risks; I'm the only one with the solid record and principles. They are just more of the same. Play on the anti-washington sentiment. The fact that their support for the bailouts has not been center stage completely baffles me.

When he talks about the Fed, he should talk about how it hurts the poor and middle class. This is the main source of its evil. He should say he will not be afraid to call out Obama on his phony altruism while he runs up the debt and lets the printing press run amok. He should say he is the only candidate with the record of consistency and vigilance when it comes to the fed, and the only one talking about alternatives.

When he talks about foreign plicy, he should not just defend himself and his positions, but say that Obama and Bush had the same foreign policy, all these other candidates are more of the same--I offer something different, something grounded in the American tradition and based on the Founder's advice; let's return to our roots. My foreign policy is the only one that makes sense given our fincial crisis and the nature of the enemy we face. Then proceed to explain why we need to get out of these wars and alliances. (also it would be nice if he asked the candidates, what would israel have to do in order for them to rethink the benfits of our alliance with them??)

I'm really getting sick of this. Yes the media treats Ron bad, but he has to contextualize everything in order for him to make progress among Republican primary voters. I wish I could talk to Ron myself; I don't know what is wrong with his campaign staff.

100% agree, and I'm going to vent;..

I know some people won't like this, but I am so sick and tired of Ron being a softy (or simply not letting it even cross his mind) about calling out people. It's not going to hurt him to mention Obama and call out Obama and hope we can get him out of office. Its not going to hurt Ron Paul to call out both Romney and Perry and even Cain about how they Supported TARP.

It IS NOT going to hurt Ron to not answer the question he is given at the debates at first so he can say something worth mentioning like the other 3 now "top tier" Supporting those things. He needs to be MORE AGGRESSIVE!! he needs to jab at them! HE doesn't need to insult them, he just needs to CALL THEM OUT!!

I am really tired of Ron not being more aggressive like you said... and yes, it is disappointing. About as disappointing as that RevPAC commercial.. If you want wealthy hardworking business people to donate to your PAC then make a commercial that is presidential and Formal and has authority and makes points. Not a silly cartoon that offends other people who support those candidates it insults and then only appeals to (people like me) Paul's base. You are scaring away the unlimited donations businesses and wealthy Tom!!

The campaign needs to start getting LOUD. And we the people need to be doing a lot MORE too.. We aren't guilty till proven innocent, but I do believe (not COMPLETELY) that it is somewhat our fault until it is fixed. But when the whole world is watching at a debate.. you can go out on a limb and do some of these things that we can't. Newt does it and it works for him as well, and nobody even trusts him to begin with... Imagine what a little spice could do for Paul!

You can disagree with my opinions here, and nobody is saying Ron Paul isn't a wonderful guy who has done a lot of hard work in his life, but the fact of the matter is that the poster I am responding to is correct. We need Ron to be bolder during the large public broadcasted events! And it is the campaign's responsibility to motivate him in these directions!

We're going to win.

I agree with everything you say but one.

The FED thingy must be handled very carefully because the majority voters do not understand the whole of Ron's message. Trying to turn them over now is too confusing for them.
Ron should say what needs to be said on the FED. and let it be; per debate.

Ron has the correct foreign policy, the only one with a change. The status quo on war is not working and we will never have a victory as long as humans exist. Terrorism is just what it says. As our own government claims all humanity is a potential terrorist , so how are we to win that war? We have to have a different strategy and Ron has it.

The tax structure is another big ball of wax. and as with all the candidates, talk is cheap and unproven.
We know they want more revenue so to me a change can only benefit the government at this time. More spending on nothing of substance.

Job creation is the most important right now. Ron needs, first of all, to point out that the other candidates sent our jobs overseas and our own government is paying to retrain and satisfy the unemployment rolls they created by globalization and NAFTA. Jobs can only come to America by way of demand. We need to pick up demand from overseas as they are the people who took our jobs. We gave them freely what we had, our jobs. Now the government want to act like they care.
There needs to be a new approach to satisfying poorer countries where there is demand. The demands first of all have to be defined before we can begin. American infrastructure does not pay the bills. It only circulates money for awhile and robs the coffers to boot. WASTE. Unless it helps satisfy consumer demand.

In my opinion they know they screwed us and that is why they need to get into a sales tax . Because buying and selling is all they left us with. We will be living off of what assets we already have. They are not stupid.

Of course the powers that be know all this already, for it is part of their plan. They certainly like to show a lot of FAKE tears.

Tell that to FakeNews (aka FoxNews) & their FAKE POLLS

and FAKE PROMOTIONS of whichever flavor is the candidate of the moment. How do you compete against liars, cheats, and thought control manipulators? Where is a Cass Sunstein when you really need him, uh huh, nowhere to be found, not that we want to find him...

The HARD RIGHT & HARD LEFT parties know the masses don't have the money to compete with the billionaire pockets they've got--Soros & Buffett, etc. etc. Their smug superiority and snobby ways should leave the masses realing.

I agree. Strike while the iron is hot. But, when you have 24x7 BIG MEDIA ad nauseum, how do the masses compete with the slander, BLATANT ignoring, etc. that they do constantly, especially on FakeNews?

THE CAMPAIGN.........SUES for defamation of character. Improperly comparing Ron Paul to other candidates is morally wrong, but the campaign needs to move on this and get that attorney I mentioned before.

He is a famous attorney who put a STOP to all the bad publicity of Howard K. Stern, remember? His name is L. Lin Wood, as follows:


I know Ron wouldn't want to sue, but this is why we should~~

We should sue the MAJOR NETWORK, FOX NEWS, & maybe others (in some cases) for slander & defamation of political character, because we can prove they hand select their polls to slant the audience towards the candidates THEY have pre-selected. Polls have been taken down after one evening. That's only one example. There are many others, including the nasty remarks that Carl Cameron spoke the last election, the slanderous remarks from many of the pundits, and the preferentially picked STRAW POLLS to pump a candidate (by ignoring Dr. Paul's CALIFORNIA Straw Poll WIN & pumping Herman Cain & his Florida Straw Poll win into the announced "frontrunner" status). Extremely unfair & slanderous!

And, another example comes to mind. Slander that Dr. Paul is NOT a PATRIOT. How many times have I heard THAT suggested on the networks?

We have ALL THE DOCUMENTATION. I believe we have a case.

The important thing to relay to Dr. Paul is that this would be a "first", and it would be a MAJOR WAKE-UP call to FakeNews & other networks.

Please pursue this very important claim, for the sake of the people of the United States.

L. Lin Wood, this HIGH PROFILE ATTORNEY, esperienced in defamation litigation, I believe, would consider taking this case, because it would be absolutely riveting nation-wide and a FIRST. With all the proof, he may or may not believe he could win the case, but I do believe he would seriously consider it.

oh, so the new strategy is to raise more money....

kinda sounds exactly like the old strategy..... next please...

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I think one of the biggest

I think one of the biggest reasons they haven't had any breakout moneybombs so far this time is A) it's still early out B) there's no clear polling averages for Paul, but most of his supporters like to place him in the top 3 (when it's really more like top 5), and C) they see the campaign actually doing well with the ads this time that they don't think they need to give money.

The last one is huge. Remember the god awful ad campaign and strategy they had in Iowa and NH last time around? Most people donated to those twin mega moneybombs simply because they thought the campaign could use the infusion to go out and do a better job.

Now they're finally doing it THIS cycle, but they're dropping the ball on some of the littlest things. So yeah, these frequent demands for money are a bit annoying IMO, especially to the people who've already donated several times.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

Or maybe some of us just don't have anything to give.

I'd max out if I had it. But I don't. I'm not holding anything back as I don't have anything to hold back. How many others are in this same situation?

Look, I know Ron prides himself on small grass roots donations, but it is going to take lots of $2500 checks from people who have it to give to win this nomination.

I intended to donate the full $2500 over the course of the campaign. I don't have it all at once or even large chunks. Telling me I they need me to max out with a three day notice is simply absurd.

I know how that is :

We maxed last election, are making roughly 1/3 of what we were. Someone needs to inform the campaign of that. I tried when they called me about donating 500 to campaign, felt bad, but what can I do?

But that man should play the tyrant over God, and find Him a better man than himself, is astonishing drama indeed!~~D. Sayers
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15



Amount: $20.12
Transaction ID: 310767432
Transaction date/time: 2011-09-29 09:34:21

Perry has over 50Million donated by 204 donors

Perromney is going to dump a TON of cash on TV ads soon, so the Paul campaign is correct. They need to get their ads out there and make the other candidates have to compete with him.

Just a reminder, Perry has multiple superpacs and raised over $100 million with roughly half of it coming from just 204 donors. It takes a lot of cash to convince Conservatives to vote for you when you were a Democrat who campaigned for Al Gore...

Remember, what crippled the Paul campaign in '08 was they didn't have the cash early enough to create good ads, hire people, open offices, and get good deals on ad buys. Donate NOW, not later.

He can't use that money in a federal election because the

limit is $2500 per person and non-people can't donate. Those were donations for state office with no limits. Even if he was allowed to use the money that fell below the limit, that puts him with about $510,000 from those 204 donors - chump change.

Ah! thanks for the correction

I went and dug around some more and found that the $51M in donations from those donors was indeed for his Gubernatorial runs. I had read all over the interwebs that the money had gone to his superpacs for his Presidential run.

But.. . he does have at least one superpac for his presidential run, and it isn't limited to the $2,500 per person rule so the same rich donors that Perry has relied on in the past could easily dump millions on him. The Revolution superpac for Ron Paul has the same unlimited donation capability. I wonder where the rich Paul supporters (Peter Schiff?) are?

Note the last paragraph!

If you are going to give, give everything you've got BEFORE the 1st of October for the End of Quarter Push! It's do-or-die time. Step up to the plate and put your money where your mouth is if you want Ron to have a chance at winning this election! If you were holding back or planning to max out, now is the time!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

very important

bump, let's keep this at the top!!!! Sending him some funds right now as we speak!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


Back to the top with you.

Oh Boy..... things are heating up!!

End of Quarter Push....

It's NOW or NEVER again in our lifetimes!!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

More Agressive

I agree.....Ron needs to be more aggressive. Time to take the gloves off!