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If Ron Paul Does Not Speak Out at the Next Debate I Will Be Very Disappointed - Enough of the "Underdog" Stuff

Ron's campaign is one that is much more interactive with it's supporters. The millions of fervent supporters dole out cash on a whim, like stated in recent news articles, for our guy. But...if there is going to be so much money going in, then I anticipate some of the output of our ideas coming out. One of these ideas is that Ron should be speaking out more at the debates. Here are my thoughts as to why this should be happening:

1. Americans like an underdog, but they like even more a strong president. Ron has done a great job of playing the underdog and getting the "media attention" if you can call it that, of being ignored and being the longshot candidate. People love that narrative. However, I have heard from several would-be supporters that they think Ron is intelligent, honest and principled - but that that doesn't translate to leadership. While I cannot fathom how you can say such nice things and then not support someone, they are right in suggesting that kindness and intelligence does not a leader make. Ron needs to put himself out there. Show the American people that you have these great ideas and that you have the fortitude to take those ideas to the bank when you get in office, no matter who is in your way.

2. LITERALLY every other candidate save perhaps Johnson has interjected at some point to no penalty. If the campaign is afraid of making you seem rash, just keep in mind that all of the rest of them do it, so how can you seem worse? In fact, your interjections would be better because you would actually have strong points. This is the best way to generate buzz and soundbites (rather, have the media generate soundbites from your impressive dialogue) and you are losing a great opportunity.

3. If you wait until others have interjected, see how the hosts respond, and then you interject and are subsequently told you can't by a moderator, that gives you the chance to call them out on their bs and say "So everyone else can throw the rules aside but I can't interject once?" I guarantee you will have the audience clapping at that. Remember Regan's famous "I paid for this time!" quote?

If anyone here is close to the campaign, please tell them this. Ron has shown that he is a courteous gentleman and I know he will remain one. But he can remain one while simultaneously showing the GOP base that he is just a strong in his beliefs as Rick Perry or Herman Cain. Remember, the GOP base is full of bullies. TO expect compassion from theme is a longshot. They respect force and bravado, so lets give them some.

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You don't have to wait...

You can be disappointed right now. Ron Paul's message and delivery haven't changed in 30 years. Don't look for them to change now.

Be Like Water

When I met Ron Paul, he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution." My rEVOLution??? It took me awhile to understand what he was saying, and to be honest, it's taken me years to understand all he is saying. I've had to buy books and, as you say, learn from other supporters.

Ron Paul is like Chinese Water Torture.. drip by drip, it seems so maddening slow doesn't it? But it's not. Don't be fooled. Ron Paul is NOT a flash in the pan, or a bellowing know it all making empty promises. Ron Paul is campaigning on a message Americans AMERICANS need to aborb, hopefully embrace, and put into action. It is really not up to Ron Paul, it is up to us.

"I AM Ron Paul"; Everyday is a campaign day, and everyday more people get the message, FREEDOM IS POPULAR. It really is more up to us, joining the GOP, getting involved, opening our voices, standing for what we have learned from Ron Paul, who makes the difference. It is up to us to educate others instead of depending on debates and straw polls many folks are not interested in anyways.

No Sale!

What you are preaching is just personality politics. Yawn.

You state several opinions as if they were fact. When in fact, they don't even make sense, and they promote no principle.

If people will not stand for principle over personality, then the REVOLution will have failed.

If Ron wants to be as petty and petulant as the other losing candidates, then yes, he should follow your free advice.

Free advice is worth what you pay for it, tis said.

Come back when you have principles to extol.

Free includes debt-free!

Do you want Ron to bring snowballs with him to the podium?

I don't think being "rude" wins anybody over. Instead, it's time to start organizing The Ron Paul Party, and be ready to leave the Republican Party if Ron doesn't win the nomination.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."


You don't win a game by taking your ball and going home when you aren't picked.

He doesn't have to be rude to have a greater presence. All of the people who support Ron SOLELY on his ideas likely already do. To alot of people, presence is important. It;s barbaric but its true.

And we won't beat the system by running from it. We can't win 3rd party anymore. The Dems and Repubs have destroyed that system.

Union, Union County, NJ

Who Is Ron Paul?

When it comes to issues related to the Fed and Monetary Policy, Dr. Paul needs to make it clear that his is not just another "opinion." He has decades of experience in this area, and is the current CHAIRMAN OF THE HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE THAT OVERSEES THE FED AND MONETARY POLICY. YOU know this. I know this. But how many of the people watching the debate know this? I would bet, not many. He needs to toot his own horn a little more and make people aware of his weighty credentials.

Who is Herman Cain?

I agree with you, Ron should toot his horn a little more, but what has Herman Cain done that he should now be in third place? I didn't even know who Herman Cain was until he came into this race. I think this game is so rigged; Ron could brag about himself until the cows come home, and the media and the Republican Party still won't give him the recognition that he deserves.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

dont forget..

They turn mics off.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Interjecting is KEY to winning...

I would like to see Dr. Paul interject more often during the debates. There's no "rule" against it, there's no "penalty" and quite frankly, every winning politician in history has gotten away with it. Ya just simply interrupt the conversation when two of the blowhards are goin' at it and inject some real common sense into the argument. It's what people wanna see. Don't ask permission from the moderators, don't even say "excuse me", just speak up and make your voice heard. Dr. Paul should speak up ANY time there's an opportunity. If one candidate stops to take a breath in between lies, Dr. Paul should take advantage and call em out! We need Dr. Paul to take off the gloves and become the LION we all know he can be! Let us not forget how mild mannered Jesus Christ transformed into a force to be reckoned with upon finding the money changers in the temple! Dr. Paul can do this as well. It's time to show them your STRONG side! Go get em, Doc!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Take Tom Wood's advice:

What Ron Paul Should Say

“My fellow Americans, this is serious business. We’re not deciding who’s the most smooth or telegenic. We’re deciding who really understands what’s happening to our economy and knows how to put things right. If you want a president with the credibility and the knowledge to lead our country through this very dangerous moment in history, I am your man.”


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Oh come on! That's what Perry said -- and his wife, too.

Oh come on! That's what Perry said -- and his wife, too. Anita said it with an even stronger Texan accent than [p]Rick did.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Ron, Are you listening?

I hope so.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

too bad

too bad that ISN'T ron paul's style.

he could have totally EMBARRASSED wolf blitzer by asking "you're NOT going to ask me the same question about the federal reserve when I wrote the book END THE FED? and that makes sense to you? does that do your audience justice?"

Assert Force

Assert Force.
I agree with you, I would like to see Dr. Paul step forward more during these debates and show a more stronger and forceful presence then just waiting around for a turn to answer. I have recorded all of the debates and Dr. Paul usually gets about 1/3rd the speaking time as the CFR Media picks. There are a lot of people who are slowly moving toward Dr. Paul but we need more and we need them to move faster. Time is not on our side. It has taken years to get to this point and I would hate to fall short at the finish line. His message maybe needs to include a direct but simple example of what inflation really is and how the Federal Reserve profits by keeping the USA in debt. I don’t think the average person really gets it. If they did, they would be mad as hell. I would also like to see him engage some of the other candidates about their stock policy answers and call them out on their BS. With his vast knowledge of money Dr. Paul should be able to make them look pretty stupid in front of the people. He should maybe ask how many of the candidates are CFR members and explain to the public that that means “One World Government” and the demise of the USA. The other candidates talk only on the surface about the issues. Dr. Paul goes so much deeper and his message is deeper than the average person realizes. I have said this to people I know and maybe you can too if you have read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.
Even if you don’t like Ron Paul now…after you read this book I guarantee he will be the only candidate that you will vote for! I have just finished reading it for the third time and am still amazed at its content. If everyone read this book before the election Ron Paul would be President in 2012.
The book was published in 1994 and even as I finished it again yesterday I felt like I was reading the front page of any current Newspaper. It is incredible.

This was the opposition to RON PAUL in 2008 and why the Media tried so hard to ignore him then. They are the same organizations that own the Media and the Banks that are responsible this election season for trying so blatantly to suppress his momentum now

Great Comment!

Keep it up.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

The campaign needs to find some higher ground.

It sure would have been good for him to speak at the straw poll convention in Florida. It hasn't help to let Cain to jump in the front seat. It helps the media build it's case that Ron Paul is not the guy. Seriously, Ron Paul is the elder statesman, I don't know what the campaign did to let Florida slip so badly. All Cain had to do was show up and speak. He's a former Federal Reserve guy for goodness sake's.......and the Ron Paul team can't battle that?

alan laney

The FL Straw Poll was rigged against Ron Paul

Three quarters of the delegates voting in the Florida Straw Poll were hand chosen by the Republican Establishment. That's the way they do it down there. So, Ron Paul basically had NO chance of winning that poll. Ron Paul recognized the fact that this GOP Establishment poll was not his game, and did not attend.

I agree

Ron has to get tougher. His answers are the same every time. He needs to stress that by voting for any of the other candidates you will in effect have no real change in policies, and he needs to explain how his foreign policy does not make this country weak. Also, how people will be able to keep more of their money and explain HOW the govt. will still function. Also, why these unnecessary departments (education, EPA, Homeland Security,CIA, etc.) need to be eliminated. People have to be shown the how and why in simple language. Remember, these people have been (un)educated by America's Corrupt and Godless Public Education System. Proof? Remember how the public reacted to Trump and how they are now reacting to Cain? They like candidates who speak out.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

In the Last Debate

he announced himself as a top-tier candidate. I thought it was a brilliant move. Unfortunately, the media ignored it and that was a shame.

I get frustrated sometimes too though because I want him to say more and be more assertive, but he is rising in the polls using his strategy, so he should stick with it.

Not to add to my wall of text...

But he should also continue to brag about how well he is doing in polls and in fundraising. There are tons of people who still think he has no chance. Show them they are wrong.

Union, Union County, NJ