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Chris Christe Is In - Will Announce on Monday, October 3, 2011

Chris Christe Is In - Will Announce on Monday, October 1, 2011

Chris Christe is a moderate republican, who is for carbon Taxes. He is also considered a gun grabber and will not commit to being for global warming, stating that he is skeptical about the topic. He was schooled at the University of Deleware and Seton Hall. He played some football at Deleware. Prior to winning the governorship of new Jersey, Christe was a U.S. attorney.

The Source of the announcement was AM Radio KSFO in the San Fransciso, Oakland, San Jose Bay Area. The station is a big 50,000 watt station broadcasting all over northern california and is considered a conservative talk show. The host Brian Sussman, is a credible person, having substituted hosted Mark Levins popular talk show many times. Sussman made the announcement was made Thurday, September 29, 2011.


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C'mon down...

Chris Crusty the doctor is in. Who's gonna beat us? Which one of these criminals? No one that's who a peoples revolution. RP2012

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Yea I did hear something

About Hush Bimbo mentioned that Nancy Reagan begged him to run and now he is seriously considered entering the race this will only knock Herman Cain off his highhorse at the moment.As the race seems to change dynamics every single day. Look for Sarah to enter after that and maybe even Rudy. This is getting hilariously ridiculous its like American idle only in reverse.

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Christe is a gun grabber and is for Carbon Taxes

Well know gun grabber and is for carbon taxes. He is considered moderate from New Jersey. He was a U.S. attorney prior to be elected to the governorship. He was schooled at University of Deleware and Seton Hall. Apparently he played some football at Deleware. He is somewhat skeptical about global warming, not wanting to commit to believing it the theory.

October 1st is Saturday.

I'm pretty sure he's not running. But did you mean Saturday October 1st or Monday October 3rd? I guarantee he's not going to announce on Monday October 1st 2011.

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I meant Monday October 3rd..

I heard on my local neocon radio station this am that Christe will announce on Monday, October 3rd that he will enter the GOP race for president.

The channel is KSFO in San Francisco and the radio host is Brian Sussman, former channel 4 weather man, who took over the morning show from Lee Rogers who was fired about 2 years ago.
This is a 50,000 watt station and is heard all over the san jose, oakland, san francisco bay area.

I'll be shocked if he does.

I'll be shocked if he does. However, I'd bet $$ that there are Rep. insiders working him hard, offering deals etc., to get him in. If he does run, at least he could bring Cain down a peg or two, what with Cain's absured generalizations and bigotry towards Islam; I remember Christie coming out and bashing those sentiments.

The Insiders want Romney, but Romney is stuck at about %25 in the primaries and about %45 or so for the general, they think that Christie will be more competetive in the general, but I don't think he'll do any better in the primaries than Romney.

He won't run. He's said this

He won't run. He's said this many, many times.

Where does Christie stand on foreign policy?

Is he for imperialistic empire building, and bombing Iran and starting WW3, or is he against spending money we don't have to fight more wars?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

He Stands Firmly with Israel...

which means he is for imperialistic empire building, bombing Iran and starting WW3.


this is BS. I am 99.9% Chrissy ain't runnin. But I hope this story drove a lot of traffic to someone's website. Forget about it. The field is set.

Christie is my governor and I

Christie is my governor and I think he's been doing a pretty good job. I like him and would vote for him again for governor.

However, Ron Paul is my President!!!

There is absolutely no way that I would support Christie for President over Ron Paul. I would not support anyone for President over RP.

Christie, IMO, would help us more than he hurts us because he will draw support away from the other candidates while Ron Paul's support will only continue to grow.

Ron Paul 2012!!!


I'm on your side.

no one gets my vote but Ron Paul.
The only different voice in town.

His wife got a call from BARBARA BUSH.

And now she's on board. Just like the Stepford wives. See the NY Post article linked below by cactus1010....

Be careful what you wish for.

Be careful what you wish for. The GOP is trying to lure someone into the mix who can poll "similarly" large percentages as the other Neocon candidates. Statistically, this could force Ron Paul's percentage below the threshold needed to get into the debates.

If it's true, it will make

If it's true, it will make Fox News' job easier for picking the top tier candidate that will fill Perry's void. They were having a hard time choosing between Cain and Huntsman.

perry is falling apart, alex

perry is falling apart, alex did a great job exposing him, so will romney, they are clearly just throwing another card in the race because people arent buying the elite pics.

Loving It!!!!!

If this is true, then I'm extremely happy. Adding Christie to the mix will continue to dilute the neo-con vote. The following will take place....just like reading a script....

If and when he announces, the Christie poll numbers will be through the roof....just like Perry when he first announced.

Perry, Romney, Bachmann..Paul(?)...etc....will then begin to attack Christie...debates, ads...etc.....and Christie's poll numbers will begin a slow and steady decline.

And while Romney, Perry, Christie are busy ripping each other to shreds...diluting the neo-con voter base....Paul's numbers will continue to rise!!!!

Loving it!!!!

Be careful...

I would suggest the GOP is encouraging Christie to run to pull support from Paul and Johnson.

They need someone they can trust to carry the "Tea Party favorite" label. They had Palin, then Bachman, but they both dropped the ball. They want Christie to be the guy now.

It's dangerous because he has never run in a federal election, so he's never had to establish foreign policy views. He doesn't have to flip flop to toe the tea party line, he can say he's always believed in dialogue and trading rather than invading.

The people who the media call tea partiers are really people who are fed up and don't know really why. They don't like the economy and want change. It's up to us to convince people that if you want a tea party candidate, th best choice is the guy who was a tea partier before the dot.com bubble popped.

Bring him in by all means

All this will do is allow yet another "vote splitter" and allow Ron to do better. All these establishment chumps won't be able to raise any money now lol. There are just too many of them and the BIG DONORS are all going to have to back one of them soon SO let's see who wins the "most crooked candidate" award which we will see REAL SOON.

The msm is trashing pArry already, mittens is around but then someone will bring up the mormon thing and that will somehow ruin his campaign (not that I like mittens but talk about a sad reason to NOT vote for him lol, there are so many reasons NOT to vote for mittens) and now cain is somehow propped up.

I thought bachmanns BIG LEAD was hilarious. It reminds me of palin last election cycle. She is a maverick people LOL. Just imagine bachmann or palin leading our countries military against other world leaders... No offense to women BUT if we are going to continue our nation building should we have females leading that front when most of the folks we are currently attacking tend to chop off female arms or stone them to death just by looking at a man wrong.

We might have some equality HERE but around the world it changes drastically. Now if one of these female candidates had and were like ron paul then I would say YES because we would bring ALL our troops home and hopefully those we have been messing with will realize that America is now leaving them alone for GOOD. Assuming they leave us alone as well... That will odds are depend on how much foreign aide and free cash we give around the world which needs to STOP.

We will soon have 30 candidates running, there will be 2 so called front runners then Ron Paul (he IS a frontrunner whether they want to tell their audiences or not) and then the rest of the pack who will all end up with 1% of less and just be there to muddy the water and give less talking time to ron (oh no I am a conspiracy theorist LOL).

We will win this,

For Liberty,

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Live and Let Live

A few months ago Christie said he was not ready to be President.

If he gets in this race, lets remind him of that often.

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Christie has already said 'no' twice.

I know the world is upside down these days, but he would have a credibility issue right off the bat, IMO.

If he flip flops on running

If he flip flops on running what else will he flip flop on? If he caves to pressure from a few of the Republican hierarchy what else will they be able to get him to cave on?

No way does he even come close to the character of Ron Paul a statesman who never caves.

Christie is just another empty suit in a long line of empty suits.

How true. He caved to money.

How true. He caved to money. Just lost my confidence in his honesty.

At which point he would be

as unbelievable as all the others except Ron. After categorically stating he will not run for months...he now flip-flops under GOP pressure and runs. Which begs the question: We should believe he won't buckle under pressure when president why?

Another failed GOP-plan-to-derail Dr. Paul.


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Christie seriously

Christie seriously considering presidential bid after GOP prodding
By JOSH MARGOLIN in New York and S.A. MILLER in Washington

Last Updated: 11:41 AM, September 29, 2011

Posted: 12:44 AM, September 29, 2011

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/christie_feels_the_urg...

Also on Drudge

It seems like the deal has been made.

His wife's on board. She got a call from BARBARA BUSH. Hello, people. It sounds like the whole machine is behind him - and that's all he needs. Get ready - we've got our work cut out for us.

If I were you, I would make this article a separate post.

He uses a strange calender!

This is inaccurate and really easy to refute it's claim of authenticity. October 1st is not a Monday it actually falls on a Saturday. Monday is October 3rd.

Ok. So when people post these

Ok. So when people post these drive-by threads and don't answer questions or add sources, could we please kick them to the curb? There have been threads where new users post something that gets everyone stirred up and then we never see that poster again. I think Jefferson is right. We need a mechanism to flush posts and posters too.

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And not funny. He has said NO in every way possible!