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Phone calls from 855-886-9779

I have gotten two phone calls from 855-886-9779 with no message on my answering machine. Checking online it has been reported that this is a number the Ron Paul polling uses. If this is true they need to leave a short message, with apologies for missing the person and for disturbing them!

Un-named caller id, with no message tends to upset some people.
It is not necessary to say they are calling for Ron Paul, just that they were calling for a political survey and extend their apologies.

Personally I do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers, until they start to leave a message and then IF I want to talk to them I'll pick up the phone.

If this number is not from Ron Paul then someone is trying to discredit Ron!!!!!!!

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Thanks, "Rudy"

I got a call from this # and the person identified himself as Rudy, from "The Nat..." then he paused and hung up. Jerk!

just got the call too

yeah it is just a recorded message from Dr Paul soliciting donations for the end of quarter push.

It would be hilarious if it

It would be hilarious if it was a recorded call from herman Cain asking what you were wearing.

I'm so glad you posted this

I have gotten that call several times but have always ignored it. I'll be sure to answer it next time. It was my first time to see an 855 number.

It is from the Ron Paul Campaign

I got a call from that number the other day and I answered. It was a nice gentleman with the campaign asking if I would listen to a short message from Dr. Paul. Long story short, it was about the End of Q3 Push to raise funds.


♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫

chill out, its from the

chill out, its from the campaign for an end of the quarter push.

That's find with me.

But it may be better for them, on answering machine answers, to leave a short message.

Many RP supporters may be like me and not answer calls from unknown numbers.