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Freedom-loving Physician Mentions Dr. Paul in interview

Was perusing the internet this morning and came across Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and some natural healing articles. He writes a newsletter called "Nutrition and Healing". Apparently, Dr. Wright is a big supporter of Dr. Paul, even mentions his name and "American Sovereignty Restoration Act". Dr. Wright is for health freedom and isn't afraid to talk about it. "....in 1993, Congress actually had to restate that it should be legal to sell anything that's harmless and natural. You'd think that that right would be covered under the United States Constitution. But, uh-uh, not according to the FDA."...........and this one, "And it's a continual fight, as you know, to maintain our freedom to actually take care of ourselves - and if I had to pick one or the other, and if it got down to it, am I going to fight for freedom (and I do not mean by that, folks, I do not mean by that going over to Iraq, what I mean is reading the documents put out by the founding fathers of our country who talked about freedom and responsibility all at once, and talked abou taking care of ourselves and leaving other people alone, and not having various agencies of various governments trying to micro-manage our lives, that kind of freedom). If we don't have that, then all the health and all the vitamins in the world aren't worth a darn."

This interview was done before the FDA started to do their mischief once again. We ought to all subscribe to his newsletter.



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