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Calling All Polite, Rational Cain Supporters

[Tom Woods]

The other day I wrote about the Florida straw poll that Herman Cain won by a substantial margin. I didn’t call anyone stupid or evil for supporting Cain. I laid out some facts that appear to speak against him to anyone who supports the market economy and a free society. The three I pointed to in the post were his support for TARP, his 2008 endorsement of Mitt Romney (whom Cain supporters claim they despise), and his failure to see the housing collapse coming or even to detect that something might be wrong with the bubble economy. It’s worse than that, actually — he gave the economy a clean bill of health practically until the collapse came. That is a serious problem. How can we want someone in charge at a critical moment like this whose grasp of the economy is evidently so poor?

I did not invent these things. They really happened. They need to be addressed.

Here are the replies I received from Cain supporters:

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Rational Cain supporters?....

They exist?

The Paul campaign will remember Florida.

This was a major setback, no doubt. Just when Ron Paul was starting to grab a little traction, he let Florida spin out of control, re-introducing Cain and even falling behind Newt! What a blow. Now the media will keep these candidates in the limelight at Ron Paul expense, and their money will increase. Plus, they'll join the bandwaggon to squash Ron Paul now, more than ever. I just don't know what the campaign was thinking. When we needed a momentum charge, we fell asleep. All Cain and Newt had to do was show up and speak. I don't think it even mattered what they spoke about. This was a major setback....just watch the news, they're having a lot of fun with the new ammo. All it took was a little crack to open, and Cain and Newt crashed the party. What's Ron Paul to do?

alan laney

I think RP did the best thing...

FL is heavily establishment controlled. Many attendees strongly believed the straw poll was rigged. The establishment is testing the waters to see how things will go with Cain as a front-runner; Romney and Perry have failed the establishment as they cannot garner majority support.

Ron Paul investing time/money in FL would have been a huge crucial waste. I think he did the right thing by avoiding FL.

Also remember, that in 2008-9 many many Ron Paul supporters gained high positions in the GOP establishment, from county Chairman positions to delegate spots and county committeeman spots. They were sadly ALL purged from central control FL state GOP!!! That means they cannot participate in the GOP for probationary period! That's how draconian things are in FL!

Cain is a political strategy

Cain is a political strategy not a candidate he's a puppet so the NoeCons can prove they aren't racist because they don't like Obama. He's total banker puppet typical neocon. They can prove their argument they aren't racists and still maintain their RINO values.

A few weeks ago

Cain was preparing to leave the race and he admitted that on Hannity's show just a few days ago. Cain may have gotten a bump..but it won't last...in a week or two he will come back down to earth.

Cain is NOT going to invest any of his own money to stay in the race..so when the contributions dry up ...and they will, Cain will bail out and wait for the call to be VP. By the end of November the only people left will be Paul, Romney and probably Perry....the guys who have the money.

If you look at the circcumstances that led Cain to win the Florida straw poll it suggest that Cain can't repeat the performance again. Just a temporary bump. nothing to worry about.

Don't forget.....CAin barely

Don't forget.....CAin barely beat Paul in his home state of Georgia....people are waking up....hopefully they aren't buying the LAME STREAM MEDIA propaganda that after ONE straw poll Cain is NOW a front runner.....how naive is that!

Well the article was kinda

Well the article was kinda soft, but maybe Tom sees it as a way of "turning" people. I dislike Cain altogether. My reply:

He is a "high end businessman" who, during his business times, did some pretty rotten things to his employees and their pensions out of loyalty to his "establishment" employers. He also cares NOTHING about small business people, as he wants us to collect and report and send out yet another tax every month. Keep turning small business owners into tax collectors and adding MORE work to their struggles, and see how far they get!! This, as well as NO deductions (will we also pay 9% on total price of gas which includes a huge tax?) for paying a total of 18% to the government. Not only 9% on everything we make even if a bunch is going out to interest payments, but ANOTHER 9% on everything we buy. He can talk a good game, and that is about it. He is a preacher, and used to swaying his "flock" emotionally. Does he have ANY earthly ideas that bear merit on running our messed up (at this time) country? NO he does not.


good article, and I was very interested in what Cain supporters had to say. Unfortunately, about 3/4 of the way down, in the comment sections, the page turns navy blue with light gray wording--I just cannot read it. Anyone else have that problem with the page turning navy blue?

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Ron Paul's campaign should use this one-liner against Romney too

"Government ... doesn’t make profits or losses; it merely seizes what it wants from the public."

When Romney talks about his executive experience, or when Ron is asked about leadership, he can use that. "Leadership for what? To boldly seize what the government wants from the public? I will protect the public! Nobody on this stage has more experience in standing against the government for the public!"

This sentence is just one example, in general - great post!


You're mostly talking to flaky people who don't really know anything about Cain, other than he's black and he speaks really well.

The people who are rushing to support Cain are the same people who rushed to support Perry. Perry was likeable to them on paper, but then he opened his mouth...and damned if he didn't sound a lot like George W Bush.

They'll be off Cain and on to someone else soon. The media should have a field day with Cain.

"based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them" - Herman Cain, when asked why he was uncomfortable being operated on by a Muslim doctor.

He may be able to speak about budget issues and has a smooth delivery, but he's entirely clueless on foreign policy. Expect some Sarah Palin moments in the near future, the left will have a field day with him.

I agree jzneff

I was thinking along the same lines. The race is really fluid. Maybe Cain helps us right now...who knows. It amazes me how much the MSM can so quickly influence the mindless people. The Cain bump in the polls proves again what everyone here talks about, you know the obvious bias against Ron, defamation of character, lack of coverage etc. I went to likester.com and google trends and saw the increase in Cain over the last week, and now he is heading down again.

We must get these fluid people our message quickly.

I've looked into Cain a little

I like what Cain is bringing to the conversation. He's telling the truth...we need to do something drastic with the federal budget and quick.

I think his 999 plan is kinda misguided, but at least it's a plan in the right direction. The more people on that stage we can get throwing up new ideas the better. It makes Romney's slimy "it'll all be ok" crap sound more out of touch.

Cain piqued their interest, but he isn't going to last the scrutiny.

It's worse than that:

The people who are rushing to support Cain are the same people who criticized people who rushed to support Obama because he's black and he speaks really well.

They criticized Obama because he was a first term senator without any experience. Then they jump on the bandwagon of a guy who has never even been elected dogcatcher.

These people are hypocrites of an extreme magnitude.

AMEN...I agree!

AMEN...I agree!

Good polite

rebuttal and discussion, we can all learn from.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."